(A) 203 Ele (potential resto) Shaman & 202 Holy Priest LF raiding guild (we are server and faction changing to Horde on Draenor)

Hi to everyone who will read this message! :slight_smile:

My husband and I are looking for a new proper raiding guild. About a year ago we joined our current one, but there’s just too much drama and they’re not raiding as much as we’d expected. It didn’t help that a number of raiders left the guild yesterday. We really want to experience everything this expansion has to offer, so we want to do normal/heroic/maybe even mythic raids and there’s very little hope that will ever happen in our current guild.

So…who are we?

  • Husband is a Holy priest with item level 202/203. Disc as off-spec. An experienced raider. Mained priest from the moment he began playing the game. So there’s lots of experience. Would often end up as the number 1 healer in the last few normal raids we joined.

  • I’m an Elemental shaman with an item level of 203. One of the core dps’ers in our current guild; often even number 1 or 2. Playing Elemental has my preference, but if a guild is only looking for a Resto shaman I’d be up to go Resto.
    Played Shaman for years aswell. My main often switched between Shaman and Druid. My druid has an item level of 183 (so a bit slower), but if you’d prefer a Balance/Resto druid I’d be willing to make that my raid main.

We’re two guys from the Netherlands. I’ve played the game since it launched; my husband started with Pandaria. We’re relative quiet players, but when we get to know more people it becomes easier for us to talk a bit more. That said; we’re focussed, we want to progress and we love to joke in between serious pulls, etc. Also a big fan of doing mythic+, so it would be even better if the guild would offer mythic+ aswell as raiding. We’re also ready to help other players whenever they need help when we’re online.

We’ll often be available to raid 2 times a week. Some weeks even 3 times. But there will also be the occasional week where we want to focus on our alts for a bit. Raiding is fun and we always take it seriously, but we also love our alts and other aspects of the game.

We have discord installed, could also get TS. We often exit the game around 23.00 server/time in Netherlands, so we’d prefer a guild that start raids around 19.30/20.00.

We realise our item level may be a bit lower than raiders in serious guilds, but we can catch up if we get the chance.

I really hope that we’ll be able to find a guild that fits us. So please feel free to leave a message. Or just contact us ingame. Online often. Our battlenet tags:

  • Alwayshappy #2978 (me)
  • Gossef #2339 (my husband)

So yeah, we’re looking for a raiding guild, but also a nice community. Serious raiding? Consistent raiding? Yes, please. But joke around? Help one another? Do some fun dungeons? Also, yes please!

Have a nice day y’all!

je hebt een lekkere reet! (Ok that’s all I know how to say in dutch). :see_no_evil:
But regardless, I know it says Alliance but maybe we are what you guys are looking for if you would be open to server xfer and faction change! :hear_no_evil:
We are a very friendly bunch looking for the last few (1 healer & 1-2 DPS) to be able to start mythic if you guys would be interested in that.
We do however expect the core raiders to show up consistantly to the raiddays so maybe you guys are looking for something more relaxed then that!
But check us out if it does sound interesting and take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your reply Marblecakes!

While the guild itself looks nice and promising it’ll just be too expensive for us to move (and faction change!) all of our characters. I know we would just need to move one character, but we would like to have all of our alts on the same server, so that would bankrupt us, lol :smiley:

Oh I feel you on that! Shame it’s so hella expensive <_<
I hope you guys will find a home over there on the other side though!
Good luck in your search :slight_smile:

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Hi, like the sound of you guys!
AnV on Silvermoon is looking for more players, we need more DPS (an ele shaman would be amazing!) and one more healer, having clear Castle Natharia are looking for more to start Mythic!
However, not sure if our raid times will suit?
We raid Mon/Weds/Thurs from 22.00 - 0.00 server time, so maybe a bit on the late side.
If not and you’d like more info, add my battle tag: hellykins#2114
Hope you have a great day!

Thanks for responding! At the moment we are not really thinking about a server change, but even if we wanted to move your raid times would be a bit too late for us. Wishing you the best though; thank you for taking your time to respond! I hope you will find a great ele shaman, they’re so strong this expansion.

Hi Ancester,

Happy Friday! I know you both aren’t looking to server transfer due to alts, but if you dont find anywhere on your current server cluster I’d like you to check us out. We already have several couples playing with us and we have an active social presence in the Guild throughout the day and on non-raid evenings we get together for some M+ action.

Have a read, but wish you luck finding a new home even if it isnt us :slight_smile:


If you feel like coming to Draenor and join the Mighty Horde then we will be here for you :slight_smile: Part Time Legends 9/10HC (H) Draenor LFM

Thank you both! We’re considering all of our options, but you both raid on wednesdays, which is the only night that’s a bit hard for us (husband sports that evening; usually when there’s no covid anyway).

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Hey you two :slight_smile:
Feel free to check this out;
[EU] [H] [Draenor] 10/10 HC Guild recruiting DPS & Healers - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Your guild seems really interesting and we’d be interested for sure if we didn’t just (about 10 days ago) joined another guild. Two of our ingame friends from our previous guild decided to start their own guild and it’s currently going quite well. That said; it’s still a very quiet server, so it’ll be the last guild we’ll try on this server. We’ll keep your guild in mind if things change! If that is okay :slight_smile:


Come check us out! hope to speak soon :smiley:

Hi there madam happy, (Love you battlenet name btw).

Would love to speak with you more.
Please have a read of our post below and if it interests you, please do add me on battle.net


Look forward to hearing from you.