[A] Bronzebeard/Eonar <Chimera> 10/10 HC 2/10M LF Raiders to join our Core Mythic Raid Team

About Us:
Chimera formed in 2005 and has a great community of players who love all aspects of the game. We have an active social player base that play throughout the day then a group of players who are more into M+ and Raids, this strikes a nice balance and the Guild is busy at all hours. We have players from various countries including Holland, Finland, Croatia, Italy as well as 2 from Australia but we are mostly UK based.

We are now part of the EU-Connected Eonar realms (AeriePeak, Bronzebeard, BladesEdge, Eonar, Vek’nilash)

As we only have 2 progress raids per week were looking for individuals who can learn/adapt quickly to boss encounters and that can make our Weds/Fri Progress schedule. We are looking for solid timely progress without sacrificing everything to get there! If your a quick learner and love to raid you can thrive with us.
If this speaks to you, get in touch, your new online home awaits!

What we are looking for:

  • Experienced / keen raiders who can play their class well and are looking to raid Mythics in a long lasting community
  • DPS/Heal Flex
  • All candidates of any class will be considered but have room for some quality DPSers
  • Also open for Social Players. As mentioned we have a busy Guild throughout the day

What we expect from you:

  • To be on time ready for raid 10mins before raid start time with correct talents, and consumables. Codex are provided before bosses to swap talents during raid
  • To be non toxic, theres no room for that in our Guild
  • Have high attendance on Progress Raids. These will be 3 raids start of expansions which simmer down to 2 after we have HC on farm. We appreciate people will miss raids to RL, we are human not robots after all :slight_smile:
  • We also expect you to play your class & chosen spec well
  • Expect and accept wipes. Mythic progression = lots of wipes!

Raiding Schedule:
2 Progress Raids: Weds & Fri at 20:00 Server Time for 2.5/3 hours
1 Farm Raid: Sat at 1430 Server Time for 3 hours.
1 Alt/Social Raid: Sundays at 1430 as we all have alts we love to play!

Contact Danray or an Officer in game for a chat, visit our Discord Recruitment Page: https:// discord.gg/kM3g6Uw or contact me directly on Battle.net: Danray#2466 or Discord: Danray#0657