(A) (Aerie Peak) <TOGETHER> Casual Guild


We are a small group of friends who have known each other in WoW for 9 years and all met in the original name of this guild which was Zero Tolerance, we have recently got back together, transfered the guild back to Aerie Peak for a fresh start and re named the guild to “Together”.

We are looking for people with the same ethos as us, which is just to play the game to have fun.

We do all sorts of events from Dungeons/raids/old content to pet battles/races and anything else we can think of to amuse ourselves.

Nobody is required to attend anything all is optional and this includes raiding (raiding we do truly casual, if a boss goes down, great if not, we had fun along the way).

Our main aim is the fun aspect, we do stuff together for this reason alone, no curves or whatever its called nowadays, just simple stress free fun.

send me a message on bnet (Sorf#21837) for more info and link to our discord server

Stay Safe



We plan on staying small and keep the personal feel of our group and because of this we are only really looking to recruit few more people.

Mostly looking for 1-2 healers and a couple of DPS. But if someone is simply looking for a friendly and social place that they can call home, give us a shout, we don’t turn socials away. We also run pure social events.

If you are interested, please check out gow.gg/together (simply add the https).
There, you can find more info about us, watch some events vids, and get in touch with us (access to our discord is on there).

Take care everyone and don’t forget to have fun!


I really wanted to join your guild, but got declined. Now i see you writing “we don’t turn socials away”. That hurt a lot. :cry:

We are looking for a handful of new people to complete our group.
Currently we are running a lot of dungeons, mythic or heroic, depending on our friends’ needs, but we raid too and we are starting our first raid this xpac on Sat 20.02.
We are going to raid only once per week at 8PM GMT. We are mostly interested in completing normal, but may try out heroic.

We also run social events such as transmog runs, races, pet battles, the list goes on.

New players/pure socials are always welcome as we have a great deal of experience in this field.

I’ve played WoW with Megie and Sorf over the last 9 years since I started WoW, we’ve moved server a few times, gone quiet over expansions and always gotten back together because we enjoy playing and sharing what the game has to offer.

In the guild we don’t look at dps meters or wipe counts, we get together to have fun and see how we can improve and build each other up as people and as characters in game. We all work or are busy in some way, we have real lives, WoW is just another means to enjoy each others company and see what the game has to offer. We don’t pressure people to participate and we will always strive to help those who are unsure how things work or just want to try a new class with some dungeon runs. We’ve got some new tanks and healers so they are learning the ropes after doing deeps for ages! Some of us do achievement runs, others are mount collectors, others just like to level 60,000 alts! (Weirdos!). Some of us oldies just can’t work out boss mechanics, Drel and I are proud to hold the flag here! :yum:

We have recently started some low key mythic runs to help people gear up (me included as I’ve been away from WoW for 2 expansions) , and we’re looking at Normal raid events on the weekend.

While not ‘formal’ founding principles, I’ve always found the guild and its members to act with Respect, Tolerance, Patience and Encouragement. We’re playing to have FUN afterall!

So welcome to the newest members who have recently settled in, we’d love to hear from others who are looking to join a laid back yet active bunch of people and who will have some laughs with us.

Folks are active on our Discord server as well (Please don’t mention marmite…Or pineapple on pizza! :rofl: ) We all come from different walks of life, we live in different countries and live under different circumstances, this makes everybody a special snowflake in my view!

Happy to have a chat with anybody if they want to know more…gimme a poke in game.

Stay safe, game on, see ya! :vulcan_salute:


Well I 100% agree with Syroux we have known each other for long time and although we all took breaks did other things we always manage to find the route home, and that’s I love about all these guys and gals Megie :wink: yes we all have our own lives now and jobs and families but we share one common interest WOW and pc gaming in general,
There nothing better than finishing a day off with a good bunch of friends in wow, recently myself I’ve re specd healer and I’m loving every minute here with these fantastic bunch and what some laughs we have, so if any of you out there are looking for an awesome place to enjoy wow just the way we do look no further trust me it will be best decision you make, no we are not Meter people and you have to play this or that we don’t push people aside for learning something different we are just not that sort of place so those of you like us just hoping something exists it does right here
Stay safe all :metal:

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UPDATE: We are progressing into CN and mythic+ steadily. Still looking for a few DPS to join the experience.