[A-Boralus RP] Fair Trade Ltd - shady/mafia rp, recruiting

Who We Are

Fair Trade Ltd is a role-play guild themed in business, mafia-like deals, smuggling and things connected to the criminal trade.
Our main focus is for long-term plots and hooks, a consistency of stories and credibility of characters. With this, we want to build it together and enjoy strong and dramatic tales.

We prefer quality over quantity, so there will never be hundreds of members with tons of events every night nor spoon-feeding plots where players are more a treasured heroes.
With each player being able to find his own game, to grow it together with others, we will create a web of stories that will open more ways for rp than single-focused DMed events with small input from all participants.

Story of the Fair Trade Ltd.

The company, same as the guild, is on the start of its journey.
Its future highly depends on the actions of all members. Starting as the small hunting company licensed to sell furs, hides and meat as other parts of animals in the Stormwind City, and it’s territories.
Behind the company is the noble lord. Standing in the shadow with the plan to profit. And sometimes, when it is too convenient, to use the company employees for some dirty work or just fix a few things, deliver a message, get some information…
In the leadership, there is Ven Rivers. Young huntress who was running with a mercenary group until she got enough money to stand on her own feet and start her own company.
Her relationship with the noble is unknown.
Shortly after getting the license for hunting in the Kingdom of Stormwind, employees were hired, a warehouse and a shop was rented and the business started. Contracts on various places were made and in few weeks, the company was so successful, that it had to find bigger place to process all deliveries.
On top of that, miss Rivers is taking over a big corporation Topwells Trading Company. Expanding the area of trading to all known world except Boralus and Pandaria.
Among latest news, there was an entitlement of miss Rivers, changing her name to Lady Veneviell Topwells.

The course of actions we expect and will be slowly moving to, is the expanding trading company with an increasing list of contacts and deals behind the scene.
Favor here and favor there, solving troubles for others and using their gratitude for achieving various small goals that will, in the bigger picture, make better base for building the name and the influence.

RP Style

We prefer natural and organic role-play with focus on realism and almost ‘living’ our characters.
There will most likely be no epic and heroic stories, it is more about playing slightly normal characters in definitely not normal world which will lead to various interesting stories.
The best example can be seen in books, movies and actually any story. Main characters solve troubles on their journey to some goal. And as it can be the story of Shrek - to save the princess from a dragon, get the true love and the kingdom, it can be also much less epic. Like the story of John Wick, who just wanted to revenge his dog. Or the story of Pulp Fiction, where it is actually capturing just a few days of a life of local criminal underground.

Realism and immersion

We love playing realism as it is the best way to fall deep in the immersion.
Realistic role-play doesn’t mean we are planning to focus only or mostly on dark themes as they are not the only thing that fills lives of our characters. It also doesn’t mean we will play each and every step of our characters as it can be very boring. And it also doesn’t mean we count each single coin for the full economic plan on a daily basis.
Once again, the example can be taken from existing stories. Where the movie or the book capture only those parts, which are interesting and filled with some thrill. The regular visit of the toilet is often not even mentioned. Unless there is some message or a person who moves the story forward.

IC drama

Drama is an important part of any story. It is the reason why characters are not sitting at home, walking just to their jobs and back to their house, doing nothing, aiming for nothing.
Drama means any obstacle or problem, which is preventing the character from living the life as he wishes. It can be the fact, that his family is not in a favor of the king, so he can’t marry his love, or it can also mean that some kids vandalized his stall, and he needs to repair it before the market starts.
Options are unlimited and plenty of them are not epic by any means. Such as a broken nail an hour before the date.
Better than troubles with NPC, we prefer playing such things between players. As it always open much more role-play, than writing a stand-alone story about our character and some no name citizen of the city.
Because of this, we put a lot of emphasis on keeping IC information separated from OOC part.


Motivation is what is driving our characters forward.
As in real life, there are always many bigger or smaller needs we want to fulfill. From getting the job of our dreams to buy a one specific hamburger at our favorite shop.
They can usually be divided into two groups.
Long-term goals. Which are far away in the future. Something not easy, that needs a lot of effort and time to be achieved. We might not even plan for our character to get them in their lifetime, but they will be here. Such as being a noble, having his own shop, see the highest mountain of the Pandaria, find the murderers of his parents or start a family.
The second group are short-term goals. Most of them are. It is the reason while our characters will never be just walking the street, bored, finding any kind of distraction that will wake him from his lethargy. They might be simple, as going to his job each day, finding new wines to taste, meeting new people when he is new to the town, buying some groceries to have something for the dinner or to feed his child. Or more complicated and dangerous, like finding some way how to get his friend from the jail, impress the lady of a noble house, prove his worth to his boss.

Criminality and legality

We are not a criminal guild. We may touch illegal things, and we will, but all of that will be done with the knowledge of the fact, that we are part of the world, where criminal behavior leads to penalties. So all our actions will be focused more in the legal part of the business and a quasilegal if convenient.
Fair Trade Ltd. values its reputation, so all inappropriate deals, trades and actions are kept hidden from the public eye. And if a member is caught red-handed, we expect them to accept the consequences and play with it.


Consistency is an important part of a long-term role-play we aim for. Actions of characters have impact on their future and the world around. They are also affected by the past they experienced which changes them over time.
In the same way, the world is influencing our characters every day and whether it is a war between Alliance a Horde or the Love is in the Air festival, it will have the effect, that characters will be exposed to.

Character development

Character is the foundation stone when we are talking about good role-play. Our goal is to live our characters and feel like them, enjoying the immersion, to experience it as a second life where we can encounter a dangerous and adventurous situations while sitting at home in a warm chair.
With having a strong idea about our characters, we can find many small motivations and things that drives them forward. Things, which gives them reasons to interact with other character players, be driven towards their plans and goals and actually move forward rather than being bored in the city with long walks.
And this all leads us to the situations where we don’t need prepared plots and plot masters, because our characters are active on their own.

Events, Plots and Stories

We are nor providing regular DMed events as many other guilds.
Instead, we are putting together all mentioned above. History of our characters, their motivations and needs, their plans and personal dramas.
When put together, it all makes strong plots, which will not be revealed and solved during one night, but will be slow-cooked for a bigger picture and a web of smaller stories woven together.

Cooperation with Others

We believe that the best stories are experienced with others when they are shared and fabricated by many people. That means we do not like bubbled role-play.
Our guild is open to any cooperation between guilds, being it regular rp without any danger, finding partners on the trade field or finding foes on our journey.

We are operating in Stormwind and close territories at the moment with a plan to expand to the rest of the world when the time and deals will be in our favor.


What are we looking for
We do not aim to have a guild with hundreds of people. Quality over quantity, always.
We will welcome people who want to role-play daily.
Who love immersion and are willing to build it with others.
Who are taking role-play seriously (not excluding funny situations).
Who enjoy building strong stories.
Who has sense for details and love to use it in role-play.
Who understand, that consistency is important and will not maintain itself.
Who are willing to fit in the guild theme and story.

We want people that can both receive and give rp. We would like for everyone to eventually start generating role-play themselves.

Positions within the company that can be filled:

  • Accountant
  • Lawyer
  • Merchant
  • Warehouseman
  • Hunter
  • Alchemist
  • Leatherworker
  • Tailor
  • Security

What do we offer
A family-like guild who will gladly welcome new friends
Strong and long-term stories and plots
Each member and his actions matter - especially in those early stages
Active discord server
You will definitely not be bored :smiley:

Hiring process

The hiring process is done in two stages.
First one is contacting the leadership and then OOC talk about your character, rp style and your expectations.
Second one is IC meeting if the application goes through.

If you are interested, contact any of our members online or pm a gm on discord Perino#8740

Also check our web page or AA page!


Good luck you guys! Always nice to see concepts like these :slight_smile: It seems to be very well fleshed out <3

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I actually really hope there will be a good base of players who like and share this view on rp as my guild :slight_smile:

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:heart_eyes: Friendly bump :heart_eyes:

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Encountered one of these fine folk yesterday, and definatly looking forward to a profitable exchange in the future, if you like of course.

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Hey! Oh, I am glad we’ve been seen already :smiley: There is so much work with starting whole guild :smiley:
We are definitely open to any interaction so if you have anything in mind or just want to fabricate something together, send a message in game or on discord :slight_smile:

Looking forward to our future partnership, I’m sure it will benefit us both.
(edit: In all seriouness, will be in contact soon.)

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Crashes his motorcycle into a signpost OK… What did I Just cr… Oh… Oh no. quickly goes to fix the sign then turns back while whistling and slowly walks away
“If looking for merchant rp, this is the place to be. For real, great folk.”

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Thanks for a bump. And I can only agree, that our rp is interesting, and I love how it is not just some one-evening thing, but it is forming more plots for the future, bringing many side jobs.

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This looks really cool, I love Criminal and more “casual” down to earth RP. So I wish u guys all the best.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: So far, it is running extra well. Actually even too much rp for our numbers right now to cover all options :smiley:

Plus some more effort to keep it low, as things are moving fast when a good group of players is active a lot :smiley:

Time flies and Fair Trade Limited is running fast and wild.

The company story was updated with recent important events!

Friendly!! fun!! is great here!! :purple_heart: definitely not being held at gunpoint :00

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:eyes: :sweat_drops:
considering his next contract.


considering his next contract.

No need to worry :slight_smile: Nice and easy.

we have cookies :cookie:

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Quality guild with an active player base. Would definitely recommend checking these folk out! All my interactions have been great fun!

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Thanks Freddie! And the same goes to you. Great interactions and rp :slight_smile:

We are still hiring!

Fair Trade has now open the following positions:

  • accountant
  • lawyer
  • warehouseman
  • merchant
  • leatherworker
  • tailor
  • alchemist

Note, that we do not focus on crafting rp. It serves mostly as a background for the character. Our main rp is in deals, shady things, social interactions and trade.


Sounds fun and interesting! :smile:
Glad to see more shady rp around!

Wish you good luck and perhaps in future interesting encounters and business deals might occur! :wink:

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