[A-Boralus RP] Fair Trade Ltd - shady/mafia rp, recruiting

Thank you! We are open to any OOC cooperation with other guilds and the rest is then on roleplay :slight_smile:

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This guild has revitalized my love for RP in wow, it would be great to have more people to join us :heart:

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We added a list of possible positions within the company in the main post.
The story of the guild was updated with the recent events as well.

We are still hiring, offering many ways for a roleplay!

I will always support low-fantasy guilds in AD. Because I myself RP a character concept of “Ordinary man in extraordinary world” and such guilds are quite rare to come by. It is great to see this guild still active and flourishing.
Good luck in future endevours!

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Hey, thank you very much for your support.
We are as well always happy for any low fantasy guild and roleplayer :slight_smile: See you around the Stormwind!

Some time ago, someone broke in our shop. It had and has many consequences, the smallest of it was the fact, that the shop was closed all next day for necessary repairs.
This all happened because a member of Uncrowned Covert Accord was a witness of the small incident and then start to spy on Fair Trade, getting some hints about possible fishy things going on around the shop.

It was an amazing rp each time. If you are looking for an Uncrowned rp, you surely need to check that guild :slight_smile:

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Today I would like to mention another guild with which we have nice rp.

It is Melorian Circle. We started a very careful trade together which ended up in regular and long-term business connection with few personal hooks for our character’s stories.

They were very nice, their characters interesting and the approach was pretty believable :slight_smile:
We are looking for future rp and development of our plots and stories together :slight_smile:

We have great news!

Our guild is now expanding to Boralus!

We are so much looking forward to enjoying great graphic, darker surroundings, new contacts and rp stories.
Our office in Stormwind will remain, and we will see how often we will be on both places.
Let’s enjoy some whiskey bars, ships and pirates! And the law of course, always the law <3

If you want to keep up with our events and rp opportunities, take a look at our guild webpage!

You will find there our shop, casino, auctions and a noticeboard! Three latter will be added today, for now, enjoy our goods in the shop!

Yesterday we run a first public auction in Boralus, and it was a blast!
Others will come each month, always following a certain topic. For more information, check our website, which is now added to the main post!

A great guild of RPers with lots of RP opportunities offered, very active discord channel, they hold public events too which is incredible fun to attend and have their own homepage which among other things also has an IC noticeboard of coming events. Very dedicated towards RP and OOCly very friendly too and helpful with teaching about lore if you ask. I can highly recommend Fair Trade Ltd for some entertaining and skilled RP. :+1:


Thank you very much for your words! I am looking forward to more rp stories together :slight_smile: We will rock it!

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Small update on the guild.
We are building a strong base of IC contacts in Boralus, planning few public events and participating in few social rp campaigns.
If anyone is looking for trade, smuggling, gang or mafia rp, we are a great choice :slight_smile:

From public events it is Boralus Market and public auction. We are lightly involved in bar nights in Boralus as well.


With the days in Boralus, we are enjoying the low fantasy stories and plots. Keeping it all down to the ground with our deals with local criminals, making trades with the decent citizens and keeping good relations with the law representatives.

Something is cooking in the Boralus underground.

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Bunch of great folk!

Thank you! <3

Joined this guild almost a week ago now after being in a similar style guild before and liking the concept.

I gotta say, IC and OOC the people are lovely and the Boralus community they helped build and are a part of… Amazing.

10/10 I have recommended this guild to friends already <3


Our story in Boralus continues. And with the growing plot with pirates from Freehold and opening the trading route between Boralus and Freehold, we will enjoy some pirate themed rp as well.

Another update for the guild.
We moved a little south from Boralus to have our base of operations more calm, out of the commotion of the city and farther from the eyes of the Admiralty.

The place is Bridgeport. A small town, formerly full of the Ashvane company. Now, with the ‘recent’ discovery of a traitor in Lady Ashvane and lesser appearance of azerite, the place got open for the Fair Trade to move there and make it into a nice and cozy place of smuggling, trades and deals. We also plan it as a neutral ground for criminal meetings, where the security of the Fair Trade Limited will guarantee calm meetings and options for operating of the Boralus Underground.

We plan public, semi-public and guild events there soon.

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The Bridgeport seems to be very nice place for the base.
We have a tavern across the bridge and some public events were already organized on the side area of the town.
Close to Boralus, that allows very easy access to the city.
Overall, very good move for our guild when we can easily decide what kind of rp we want and how public we want to make it.
More updates will come later as when our story develops.