Uncrowned Covert Accord [A/N-RP Guild]

The Covert Accord: A Continued Story

"Once one of the primary units within the Stormwind Intelligence agency (SI:7) with function to handle severe matters within and outside of the Alliance’s territories, acting on behalf of the Kingdom of Stormwind to perform unspeakable and shady deeds for the Crown — from key members of riots, dismemberment of cults, conspires against the Crown, and counter espionage.

One missions ensured that the govern embodiment of the Crown itself worked against the unit’s operations. This lead to their exile, and the unit relieved from service. Those who remained loyal to their cause follow suit of their commander, and left their relieved of their service to the agency, Crown, kingdom, and the Alliance. The now remnants of Unit 17 struck a deal with Jorach Ravenholdt, the leader of the Uncrowned, to share any information they learned within the SI:7 when served, in return of granted membership of the Uncrowned, serving beneath the Shadow Council.

The group, now known to be dissolved to the public and the Crown, is still in operation, acting on the orders of the Uncrowned to protect the world against severe threats."

Who are we?

We are formally known as the Stormwind Covert Accord which was originally launched during the Cataclysm expansion, and is one of Argent Dawn’s oldest SI:7 guilds who played a role as one of the intelligence guilds in Stormwind City, and functioned as battlefield intelligence during cross-faction RPPVP and RPPVE campaigns. Today we have changed course due to a series of in-character (IC) interactions, we saw that it was time for us to do the unspeakable, and act against the Crown to protect it from its own corruption. This lead to a long IC trial with the leadership exiled from the kingdom — this is where we continue our story serving under the Uncrowned, with the difference of not serving the Alliance directly.

"We are the slayers of kings, the downfall of empires, the unseen blades that write the true history of this world."
– Lord Jorach Ravenholdt

What do we offer?

We offer travel-, DMed events, as well as social roleplay — either planned or spontaneous, and tailored to fit the characters attending:

  • Travel events:

    Our travel events are planned prior to DMed events where we travel from our headquarter (or wherever we may be at the moment) to our next DMed events. These mainly consist of social roleplay scenarios where spontaneous discoveries or encounters may occur, be it players or DMed NPCs.
  • DMed events:

    Our DMed events are what the guild’s primary focus with focus on character development. These are mainly combat or puzzle oriented, and also where our character sheets and event system comes into play. They can vary from information gathering, rescue operations, infiltration scenarios, or training events to prepare the guild IC to a larger upcoming DMed event or campaign.
  • Social events:

    We do welcome and attend social events, either due to said event having an attraction for the Uncrowned to be present, or simply because we see reason to enjoy a bit of casual roleplay.

Member Restrictions

We do not restrict any of our members to roleplay wherever they wish, but do inform them that they represent the guild IC and out-of-character (OOC). However, during larger events and campaigns, we do ask the members to remain near where the event or campaign is on-going to keep the roleplay as immersive as possible.

Activity wise we ask our members to at least attend one or two event a month, or otherwise notify us if they are unable to be active during a certain amount of time — we wholeheartedly follow the motto: “Communication is key,” and respect that real life comes before a nerdy hobby.

Rank Hierarchy

Primary ranks:

The primary ranked members are the clockwork of the guild. These are the ones which shows the guild’s concept in action.

  • Commander:

    The commander is the de facto leader of the Covert Accord. It handles the financials of the group, and ensures that the group has the right equipment for their operations. It leads the group together with the instructors, serving as the spokesperson between the group and the Uncrowned.

  • Instructor:

    The instructors are secondary leaders of the Covert Accord, and advisors for the commander. They speak for the group when the commander is not present, and ensures that their members are trained and equipped proper. In addition, they also function as mentors for the peacekeepers in order to guide them towards their indvidual specialization.

  • Revered:

    Revered members of the Covert Accord are the elite who has not only proven their loyalty to the group and the Uncrowned, but also proven leadership. They are the personal guards of the commander and the instructors.

  • Specialist:

    Specialists are specialized peacekeepers who has proven themselves in a specific line of work, serving the Covert Accord and the Uncrowned with their individual expertise and merit.

  • Peacekeeper:

    Peacekeepers are proven members of the Covert Accord. They stand ready to deploy by the orders from the group and are to be train towards their individual specialization.

  • Footpad:

    Footpads are the fresh members of the Covert Accord. They are usually in need of basic training and guidance, and are not a member of the Uncrowned before becoming a peacekeeper.

Secondary ranks:

The secondary ranked members are the oil and grease of the guild. These are the more casual members who provide with immersive roleplay outside the main events.

  • Bruiser:

    Bruisers are the muscle and heavy duty members of the Covert Accord. They either serve at their headquarter, Dampwick Tower, or ensures protection of the Uncrowned’s safe-houses within major cities.

  • Researcher:

    Researchers are the knowledge and broad-minded individuals of the Covert Accord. They undergo research for the group’s findings which can aid them in their operations.

  • Subsidiary:

    The subsidiaries are members of the Covert Accord who assist with other matters, such as blacksmiths, alchemists, or messengers.

Mandatory Addons

We primarily use Total Roleplay 3 (TRP) for our roleplay, as majority of the roleplay community uses, where the only thing we ask for our members is to add the guild’s IC cover somewhere within their TRP. Furthermore, we use Character Sheets (CS); an in-game addon, created by the player named Kumodatsu, originally created for the Motley Drifters. It displays a simplistic character sheet with health and stats, which can post roles based on the chosen stats within raid chats, and display your character’s stats within TRP if one choses to. We have taken their addon to our guild’s use to have a more clean and easy (and new player friendly) way of a simple DnD system.

How do you join?

Simple! Be a roleplayer with the basic knowledge of the Uncrowned, and whisper us in-game. From there we will plan a mini-event together with you, from where we will welcome you into the guild IC and OOC. Walk-ups are however appreciated as well, should the scenario be fitting.


It’s a good idea.


It is certainly nice to see an actual Uncrowned guild.


We want to thank the Fair Trade Ltd for some amazing roleplay scenarios of us spying on them in-character, break entry to their shop, and uncover possible shady dealings behind their storefront. This has created great development for our guild, and hopefully for theirs too, with more to come. The roleplay was fair, great, and we are looking forward to more of this!

If you are looking for a possible shady guild with a genuine well-organized shop as a front, we advice you to check this guild out.

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I would like to thank you as well for this organic and natural RP that started just because you saw us once dealing with some troubles in Stormwind :slight_smile:

We had some nice rp dealing with the aftermath of the breaking in, lots of stress for our characters and some troubles around it. So I would say a very nice story and plot :smiley:

We are very much looking forward to future encounters and some shady rp full of suspicions :wink:

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