A bug makes DOTs OP in PVP - PLEASE FIX

Immolate, i realised i had it on me and popped a totem out while i healed myself. 0 resists from all ticks.

Would need more samples to be sure about your find
but anyways, im pretty sure immolation is non binary and thus should get partial resists too

Appearently it does affect flame shock DOT damage, and had a warrior partially resist 4/5 hits.

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Not sure how high res brackets work to resist spells, but remember locks often have 5/5 suppression (10% red.chance to resist spells). Afaik you only need 6% to be hit capped against players of the same level.

200 res is 50%, 300 is 75%

As far as I remember the “chance to resist” modifiers apply to the hit/miss roll, which is the first of two rolls. First it is checked whether the spell “hits” based on level difference (and +hit gear etc), and if it does there is a second roll against resistances. If the spell fails the first or the second one it is reported as “resisted” all the same. Because of this, you can be “hit capped” and still get resisted due to magic resistance.

Magic resistance has some strange mechanics but basically there’s “binary effects”, which either work or don’t, and damage, which can be partially mitigated. A DoT, once applied, should roll for damage mitigation on every tick.

This feels like an unintended problem as res should increase your chance to resist spells etc

To sum it up, any spell whatsoever first has to get through the hit chance roll, which indeed is what the Suppression talent affects. If it fails, it says resist.

If it’s a binary spell - meaning pretty much any spell that causes some form of CC (even if also damage; Frost Nova, Mind Flay) - it then has to pass the resistance roll. If it fails, it says resist.

If it’s a non-binary spell that only has an immediate, upfront effect (like Wrath), it also has to pass the resistance roll right away. If the target manages to roll a 100% resist, it will say resist and you won’t know if it was resistances or hit chance that screwed you over.

If it’s a non-binary spell that deals its effects over time (a DoT), it does not fight the resistances for its initial application; it fights them for each individual damage instance. Otherwise what averages out as 50% damage resistance for straight nukes becomes 75% damage resistance for DoT’s, because there’d be a 50% chance to outright deny the DoT and then even if it lands it only deals half damage.

And, for those who still don’t see the problem: According to OP, these DoT’s seemingly aren’t rolling against resistances neither on application (as binary should) nor on tick (as non-binary should).

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So close post its confirmed its just mumbo jumbo dots not bugged just lucky dotter in who start post i shouldnt cry im just happy and dotting it up

Because i dont speak english, i still dont understand, frost res aura works good vs blizzard spell (it is not dot, i see resist in combat log).
But i never seen resist on dot dmg (so its ok or bug?)

Well I guess that message didn’t get through the EU forums, do whatever you want with that info

Kalgan post-2.0 dot nerf: “Previously, dots in general were 1/10th as likely to be resisted as normal spells.”

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We dont know that for sure tho. 75% could be the average mitigation from the initial application + the partial resist.
The few resistances values given by blizzard were always very limited and lacking.
The only thing we know is that in 1.12, DOTs had partial resists.

Btw I did more tests and what I eventually got some partial resistances. But guess what? When partial resistance happens, it happens for ALL THE TICKS of the same DOT (and at the same value).
ht tps://imgur.com/a/5wqKzcg
Whereas in Vanilla, each tick a seperate chance to partially resist (check video sources listed above, you can see just 1 or 2 ticks resisted from a full corruption DOT)

Because of that, the chance for partial resistance to happen has to be very low, because that single time it happens, all the ticks will be mitigated.

So, once more, Blizzard changed the original formulas without saying :frowning: Hard to figure things out now.

followed up by " That has been fixed, they’re now as likely to be resisted as other spells." that might indicate it was unintended. I wonder if Blizzard willingly recreated this meta (since they didnt recreate all bugs for Classic)

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Warlocks have +10% to hit in spec, does that matter?

hit is unrelated to magical resistance, even tho misses show as “resisted” in the combat log

So post on him and give us all a wave.

Fix this please,locks are already op enough

Correct me if i’m wrong here, this is just based on my own experience so far:

When someone partially resist my flame shock, the dot damage from it will also be resisted the same percentage.

Perhaps because warlock dots (except immolation) don’t have any initial hit damage, could it be that they will either be fully resisted, or not at all?

Updated OP

My dots resist vs people with shadow resistance a lot.

What are you talking about?

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