[A] Clandestine - Ravencrest. LF players for M+ and raids in Shadowlands

:warning: We are currently full on healer role in SL raiding :warning:

Are you a new or returning player, who wants to try out raiding, maybe for the first time?
Do you want to get in to M+ and maybe even Arena?
Or maybe you are a social player, who look for other’s to game with in general.

Clandestine offers a good starting point, and a laid back atmosphere with room for trial and error. We have a good laugh when there’s a mess up sometimes and are in general a place of fun and banter - And everybody is very social.
We have an active Gchat and very active Discord as well,

We are currently on break when it comes to raiding, but if there’s enough guildies who wishes for it, we will run it ofc.

We also run M+ on a daily basis - again notice that we are mostly in the low end, as we are having a lot of new/returning players. But everybody wish to practise and get better and get to the higher keys.
-Discord listen-in at least, is mandatory for keys above +6

Typical Guild calender looks like this:

  • Monday: HC Nya - On break for now We run raids if enough wants it.
  • Tuesday: M+ low keys
  • Wednesday: HC Nya - On break for now We run raids if enough wants it.
  • Thursday: M+ 10 and up
  • Sundays: Social activity and games.

You are welcome with any class/spec (We need a Main tank)

If this sounds appealing to you. Either let me know in comments below, or hit me up @ Btag-> MissHøjriis#2152

Still looking for more active players of all roles to fill our ranks for M+ and Raids.
If you are new and/or returning, Clandestine is a good place to start, if you wanna get the feeling of raiding etc before heading in towards Shadowlands. We are patient and willing to teach.

Hey, can we contact in discord? :slight_smile: Vesh#5944

I sent you friend request :smiley: Sure you can join us on Discord ^^

Don’t see your request :frowning:
I’m just at work now, don’t have bnet here :slight_smile:

Otherwise add my Btag and we will figure out tomorrow. Its getting late here :sleeping_bed:

People here really nice, happy to know them :slight_smile:

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We are now on break when it comes to raiding, but we are still looking for more players, also for social aspects :smile:

Also we are still looking for active players for Shadowlands, especially main Tanks and healers :star_struck: And it doesn’t matter if you are new and need to learn the aspects of raiding and M+ ^^

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Joined Clandestine about a month ago and it’s been a great environment for someone like me who’s been out of the loop with WoW for awhile and needed to get back up to speed again.

If you’re looking for a place to hang your hat that’s friendly, laid back, devoid of toxicity or arrogance, but yet still serious about seeing and doing the content than this is the guild for you. Great group of people.

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Are you guys still looking for new people?

I have not raided for over a decade, and have never done a mythic dungeon, (Not even fully clear on what they are) but shadowlands seems like a fun starting point to try to get into the game again.

Been playing horde for 95% of my WoW “Career” and i’m looking to make the switch to alliance. I consider myself a complete newb at this point, and your selling points are exactly what i’m looking for.

As a disclaimer, i am not planning on starting until the pre-patch drops, and at that point i will be starting fresh.

If you’re still recruiting and will have me, i’d love to join up while i do my leveling so we can determine if we’ll be a good fit for eachother. :slight_smile:

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Hi Exentenzed :smiley:

You shall be most welcome in our guild! regardless if you join now or later ^^
We are a lot of new or returning players as said, and naturally we will help teach what you might not all ready know. Also on our discord there will be guides suggested etc.
When we run M+ with people who are new to affixes etc, we are always looking to go full guildgroup, to reduce stress and create positive experiences ^^

With the prepatch downloading in the background, the majority of our guild took a break. But there is at least 3-5 ppl minimum online usually, and everybody can be reached through Discord. I think everybody is just really done with BFA and wait for prepatch to hit :stuck_out_tongue:
Feel free to add my btag when the time comes


Hey, possible to reach out on discord?


Are you guys currently active in running mythic+ atm?

I have a resto druid and resto shaman that i would be interested in joining with.

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We are almost daily running M+, however if you aim for 15+ ^ it is a bit more limited and depending on when some of us are online, as a LOT of our members are very new. But we are growing rather fast atm, so My hope is that we will indeed get more people capable of running the higher keys :slight_smile:

Thank for reaching out on discord, and for the nice talk! Hope to see you with us in the guild :hugs:

Thats fine! is there any way i can get hold of you on discord to discuss?

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Sure thing :smiley: Hit me up at Azyriell#2868 (discord) or MissHøjriis#2152 (Btag)

I like the sound of this guild :slight_smile: have sent you a friend request on discord

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Thank you for adding me ^^ will be looking forward to see you in the guild :smiley: