[A] Epiphany - Casual Raiding/Social

Were you once a Mythic Raider, but now have a job to think about?
Have you swapped Grinding Rep with lots of factions to Grind Rep with the Missus?
Do your evenings sometimes involve small kids wanting to “help” you play?

And do you miss the time when you could actually raid and enjoy the game?

Then Epiphany might well be the home for you. Most of us are old school raiders who have been around since vanilla. But we’ve now got jobs and family and other real life commitments to think about, or we just don’t want to be that harcore anymore.

We are a casual raiding guild with a friendly active player base. We raid two to three times a week on heroic difficulty. During non raid nights we run Mythic/Mythic Plus dungeons, old content raids on for achievements/mounts/transmog, level alts, farm etc….. You know the usual thing. We also have a decent number of players on during the day time. We are currently using Discrod for both voice comms and out of game communications.

Raid Nights

All raids start at 20.30 Server Time and end 23.00

Currently recruiting
DPS with healing OS

If you play another role please get in touch and have a chat.
Socials always welcome!

Battle for Azeroth
*Uldir Heroic 8/8

*Antorus the Burning Throne Heroic 11/11
*Tomb of Sargeras Heroic 9/9
*Nighthold Heroic 10/10
*Trial of Valor Heroic 3/3
*Emerald Nightmare Heroic 7/7

Other guild activities currently
*Social/alt raid - every tuesday!
*Fun run - on hiatus until further notice! :)
*Mythic+ key runs every week.

Officer Team
*Vainzki - Btag: Vainzki#2950

Thank you for your time!
Progress update bump post thingy ^^
Another progress update bump thingy magicy
Now 9/9 heroic ToS! :)
We try, we wipe, we try again until the job is done. We're a consistent heroic raiding team in need of adaptable healing offspecs (preferably DPS mains, but there is room for a flexible druid/pala tank). If you're clued up with basic 'don't stand in !@#$' tactics, then we could be the guild for you.

Just bare in mind, we don't need '100% parsing' wannabe mythic raiders, drama queens or creeps looking for love and attention, these kind of people don't last long with us.

Message one of the officers listed in the first post for a hug and coffee.
Need healers! :)
Going for heroic progress on Antorus!
Oh man, 7 bosses down on Antorus heroic. In need of an elemental shaman with resto OS who doesn't mind switching around! :)
8/11 now on heroic and in need of more cannon fod...*cough* I mean, DPS, to fill out the raid group.
This sounds like a guild that would fit me. If you need a pala I'm currently holy Ms and ret OS but I can swap that. I used to tank mythic on my monk so Dont think it would be to hard to tank on my paladin if needed.
Bump for 9/11 progress.
Heya, im a returning player on ED was wondering if you have any social spots?
Progress bump 10/11 :)
Progress bump 11/11 AtBT HC
Bump for the future :P

Epiphany is a medium sized guild, currently sitting at 11/11 heroic Antorus and planning for the release of BfA. We are a tight-knit community of mostly older players who have family, work and other commitments, but who still want to raid. We have achieved Ahead of the Curve on all raid tiers in Legion, and while not groundbreaking or particularly fast, we get there :)

We have a solid core and officer team, and a well stocked guildbank which offers gems, enchants, potions, flasks/ cauldrons and feasts on raid nights, for mains.

We are mostly looking for either ranged or melee dps at the moment, even with os healing.

Our raid nights are fun and friendly - with plenty of chat during trash and whilst running - however, once the bosses are pulled, we are focussed and ready. We raid at the moment Friday and Sunday from 20.30 st to 23.00 st. Once BfA is released, we may also raid Wednesday nights, to be arranged.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please whisper one of our officers:-
Vainzki (GM)
Still looking for more Ranged and Melee DPS. Please whisper an officer ingame for further information or an invite :)
Looking for more Ranged and Melee DPS for BFA and Antorus. Please whisper an officer ingame for further information or an invite :)
Still looking for more Ranged/Melee DPS in preparation for BFA. Please whisper an officer ingame for more information or an invite.
Looking for dps classes, preferably with healing offspec - for dungeons and mythics :)
Progress update :) 2/8 on HC after first week!