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Unity of Righteous is a social Alliance guild on Silvermoon looking to recruit active like-minded members. We have members who are interested in most aspects of the game (raiding, achievement hunters, altaholics, mythics/+ and pvp) and most of our members are happy to play alternate specs or alts, therefore we are open to all roles.

We have a range of experience within our playerbase, from brand new players to players with 10+ years experience. Do you find that in pugs you’re worried about the group attacking you for bad play, or rage at each other? Our goal within the guild is to bring players with less experience up to a better standard, with close coaching and assistance while running different content and most of all - having fun.

Our guild is mixed and comes from all over Europe. All of us are adults (jobs, families etc) - so we naturally understand if real-life calls. We’re a bunch of laid back people so if you are looking for a guild where you can meet people that are chatty, active, caring, funny, and helpfull then we are the guild for you.

We want to start a regular raid night and raid where we can, usually Normal and HC. Current times are: WEDS 19:30 - 22.30 (Realm Time). When raiding we will be happy for any members who want to try it to come along. We believe this will allow progression to come naturally without having to aim or stress for it and makes for a much more relaxed and fun game experience for all.

If you want to know more about this guild, feel free to respond here, join us on discord at discord.gg/kmBf4bw or contact one of the officers (Wendy (Battletag: Wendy#2302) or Harry (guy#2138)) for a chat!

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[A] Active social guild unity of righteous is recruiting for raidroster last spots! Non raiders and newcomers welcome too!
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HI all!

Just an update we are looking for a couple of classes just to fill out our raiding roster, once again we want to stress we are not a heavily focused raiding guild, but we do want to see the current content.

So just if you are a warlock, or a tank any melee dps or a healer then feel free to come and have a chat!

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