A guild that values the journey, kinship and offers a community true to Classic WoW [A]

Do you reminisce about all the great adventures, we players once shared together under the banner of a guild, that felt like a second home?

Do you seek to rekindle that shared need for a community of adults, which above all else stands for respect, patience, and family values, that once made World of Warcraft such a great experience? :butterfly:

Then our Nighthaven might be the place for you. :four_leaf_clover:

We play on the PvE realm Pyrewood Village, we are a social guild and our finest goal is creating a welcoming atmosphere, committed to extending the hand of friendship to all those whom seek it.

Our social activities involves a plethora of dungeon runs as well as cozy get-togethers such as our Brewfest celebration. :beer:

…And our Christmas Mystery :christmas_tree:

Do you like what you see, then we encourage you to pay us a visit, as we offer you a chance to be part of this great endeavor. :fireworks:

You will find our forum with already gathered members as well as the friendly leadership staff to answer all your questions and needs under the following link, where we also eagerly await your application:

We have a Discord server as well as the private forum, where you can join and participate, once you get invited.

Furthermore, we also use the planning tool Doodle to help us organize Endgame Dungeons.

Whatever your decision might be, we hope you are having a great experience with WoW Classic and wish you all the best! :crescent_moon:

Your friendly leadership staff of Nighthaven


:fireworks: We wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2020 :fireworks:

Our dear little thread, worry not. You are not getting locked, we got you covered!

And, just taking the opportunity to wish all of Pyrewood Village a very happy Lunar Festival :slight_smile: