[A + H] Paranoid, for those with Social Anxiety

Founded in June 2011, Paranoid is a guild for the socially awkward, the shy, the people who'd like to raid, but get a headache just thinking about all the things they could screw up. The people who type a message to someone who's LFM in trade, then backspace, then type, backspace, type, stare at what they've written, backspace again and go quest on their own. And if they do press enter, they're relieved if they get the reply: "Sorry, full."

Paranoid is a no-pressure guild. We don't care if you make a mistake that wipes the raid (seriously, we're too busy worrying about our own mistakes) and we won't think badly of you if you suddenly need a break if you can't take it anymore. We brought a bunch of people together who get this. Really get it. We know exactly what you mean when you say: "I'm out of social energy. I have to go" or "I need to turn off gchat for a while."

We started out as an Alliance guild, but some of us decided to branch out and explore the Horde side as well! Although our Horde guild is still rather small, we're slowly building a safe and friendly home there as well.

If you'd like to be a part of either our Alliance or our Horde guild (or both!), please visit our website www.paranoid-ed.com.

While everyone with SA or similar issues is welcome, we're looking for DPS and tanks in particular, so we can continue our raids! :)
Shameless bump for this awesome guild! Great initiative that has to be kept alive!
Any room on Horde side? :P
Always room :) Please visit our website to apply.
Paranoid is still recruiting :)

If LFM groups scare you, but you've always wanted to experience dungeons, raids and all the content of WoW without pressure, stress or ever being judged for mistakes, then we'd love you to be a part of our guild. Whether you like to chat and run content with friendly players at your own pace, or whether you have days where your social energy runs out and you'd prefer to quietly do your own thing, Paranoid is a guild that understands this.

Our Alliance guild is currently starting raids in HFC, we are 5/13 so far. Raid days are Wednesday and Monday. While we could do with extra healers and an offspec tank, we welcome all classes and specs. No experience is required to raid with us. The primary focus in Paranoid raiding is having fun. If you've always wanted to try tanking or healing, but the thought of it has scared you too much, Paranoid will help provide an environment where you can do so without any stress or pressure.

We also run dungeons, old raids and content, bonus weekend dungeons and other events. If you need help with any ingame content, we are happy to help :)

If you would like to apply either to our Alliance or our Horde guild (or both!), please visit our website www.paranoid-ed.com.
Greetings from the darker side of Paranoid!

...Well as dark as Horde gets really, but I digress!

Friend above pretty much mentioned everything essential, so I won't be repeating them like a broken record.

There are some things you should know though.(eek!)

At the moment, while our Horde guild is still small, it is also a very tight-knit group of friendly people. While we don't exactly raid, we enjoy our time with other guildies doing dungeons in safe & stress-free environment. Or whatever crosses our minds really. You are of course welcome to enjoy the game at your own pace, too. :)

I believe we can prosper and do better, which means there's always more room for new Horde recruits!

Applying and more information at: www.paranoid-ed.com :)
Shameless bump, amazing initiative that has to be kept alive. Join these amazing people if you're looking for a safe haven where being shy and not talking someone's ears off is just okay.
Recruitment has been going well with lots of nice new members. If you'd like to be a part of Paranoid there's always room for more and we'd be more than happy to have you :)

Raiding has been going forward nicely with several new bosses down. We could do with an offspec healer or two and some ranged, but as always absolutely anyone regardless of class or spec is welcome to join. If you'd like to join our growing army of warriors in taking over the guild for example, feel free to send an application in :D
Our raids are friendly, pressure free and our sole focus is having fun, so if you've always wanted to dip into raiding but have been too nervous of messing something up, then we're the guild for you.

If you aren't into raiding, we currently run plenty of other events ingame, including dungeons, timewalk, old raid achievements and much more. Or if you're just looking for somewhere you can quietly do your own thing and join in, if and when you feel like it, that's absolutely fine :)

If you're interested in joining Paranoid feel free to check our website at www.paranoid-ed.com or give me a poke ingame :)
Friendly Gnome Bump :)

We're still around and there's always room for any socially anxious (or non-socially anxious) players who would like to join us.
Currently we're digging into heroic HFC and there's always plenty of guild activities in dungeons, timewalks, alt raids, old raids and more. Or alternatively if you're looking for a friendly guild where you can quietly do your own thing without any stress or pressure then Paranoid is for you :)

For more information or to apply check out our website at www.paranoid-ed.com or give me a poke ingame :)
Could you use a tank/healer? Also in (I think also part of this) the FFXIV guild :) Would love to do some raiding and having fun before the next expansion drops.
Members are generally welcome to play whichever class/spec they enjoy most. We've occasionally been short a healer so having more certainly wouldn't hurt :)
Bumping as the guild is still open for new recruits who would like to join a no pressure guild for those with Social Anxiety.

www.paranoid-ed.com to apply.

Sorry for forcing a form on people (it's not too intimidating, promise!) but it helps to protect the awesome community we've built!.
Still here, looking forward to Legion :)
Just a note, our Horde side guild is temporarily not accepting applications. We'll update when things are back up and running.

Our Alliance side guild however is active and recruiting for more fun in Legion. If you're looking for a no-pressure, safe, relaxed environment then feel free to check out our website to apply :)

Just a bit of a bump.
We're still here and still awkward.
Just a shameless bump.

We're making good raid progress and still recruiting, any class and spec is welcome :)
Hello, Cis Scum here, you wouldn't possibly have room for a mage in your raids would you?

If so, feel free to add me on addict#2353, thank you!
Bump for BFA!
Still here and somewhat active!