[A] HPriest LF active LGBT/female guild


hello! i’ve been in a few guilds but i haven’t really found one i like. i’d like to know if there are any active LGBT guilds or guilds with a high population of female players (or both!) on EU alliance. i’m fairly casual, i mostly stick to normal/heroic raiding and some mythic+ dungeons every now and then. realm doesn’t really matter, i wouldn’t mind transferring or just leveling a new toon.


Hey Alathiel! We have a friendly, chilled out guild on Magtheridon server (horde side) where we run raids (normal/heroic, 2 nights a week), dungeons and have fun social events. We welcome any and all friendly people! :smiley:

If any of that sounds good to you, hit me up on Discord (Tea003#8087) or in game (Tea003#2501) for a chat and I can answer any questions you have about the guild!

(Lisse) #3

Hi~ I’m not sure if you’re still looking but If you prefer alliance Alliance to Horde, there’s Prismatic Society on Argent Dawn. As with Not Dead Yet, we’re normal/heroic 2 nights a week and are usually pretty active on discord.

You can reach me on discord (Keylime#4530) or Bnet (Keylime#1374) for more info :>


Hi there! I’m GM of a LGBT+ friendly guild, also being female and LGBT+ myself.

We’re alliance side on Argent Dawn.

Here’s our recruit post: [A][Argent Dawn] <The Scarlet Service> Perfect for New/Returning Raiders!