[A] Jurina'tore - The Great Hunt ☀ (June 19th - 20th)

Date: 19th and 20th of June, 2021
Time: 19:30
Location: Archer Statue outside Astranaar, Ashenvale
Faction: Alliance
Music: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4RaNnSFtGJEsGojqV6dp73?si=60e59d7e5bb34536

We will begin this year’s celebration with an offering ritual to Malorne, in order to gain the Waywatcher’s blessing for the coming hunt. Bring an appropriate offering of your choice and toss it into the flames and pray that the White Stag favours you!

Divided up into teams we will embark on a merry hunt for the White Stag throughout Ashenvale. The hunt will take the form of a riddle race and the first team to answer the stag’s riddles, and find him in his last hiding spot, wins. Mounts, flying and magic of ANY kind is prohibited during the race, and any displays of such will result in immediate disqualification.

The winners will be crowned with Wreaths of Summer and will also be given a small trinket trophy.

The first night of the festival will be ended with a grand feast and a chance to gather and tell stories. Regale us with tales of your grandest hunts, or perhaps the story about the cunning prey that got away, or even the story of how -you- became the hunted. We wish to hear it all! The food served will be traditional kaldorei cuisine and it is our hope that everyone will find something to their liking from what is on offer.

Continuing on the theme of hunting, and carrying on from last year's success, the second day of the festival will begin with a thrilling archery contest! Test your mettle with the kaldorei hunting weapon of choice; the bow! Will you confirm your already existing skill and show us your brilliance, or will you discover a new skill you didn’t know you possessed? Enter the contest to find out!

The winner will be presented with a Wreath of Summer and a trinket prize.

This year's festival will also play host to a Tournament of Lore! The questions will be based around the Festival's theme of hunting, so we encourage you to study up on your lore of Kalimdor's flora and fauna! Spots to enter the tournament will be limited, however, so make sure you sign up in time in order to secure your spot and a chance for the winnings!

The winner will be awarded the title of Jurina’tore Loremaster and will be given a small prize.

The festival will also host a summer market! Come and peruse the selections of food, trinkets, hunting gear and any other items that embraces the festival's theme! There is also a rumour that there will be a petting zoo present that will host a variety of traditional kaldorei companions; not just sabers.

We celebrate the end of this year’s festival with a short ritual before we all gather at the shores of Astranaar lake to witness a spectacular Fireworks Extravaganza! Watch how the brightly coloured sparks bloom all across the sky and reflect in the water. It will truly be a sight to behold!

As this is a celebration of Life, we kindly ask that corruptive and destructive magics, such as void and fel, NOT be wielded at any time during the event.

OOC Information

Schedule Saturday:
19:30 Welcome speech and opening ritual
20:00 The Great Hunt
21:30 Crowning of the winners
22:00 The Grand Feast/Storytelling/Summer Market

Schedule Sunday:
19:30 Time to mingle and to sign up for the two contests!
20:00 Archery Contest
21:00 Crowning of the winners
21:30 Tournament of Lore and Summer Market
22:30 Closing Ritual and Fireworks Extravaganza

If you have any questions in regards to the event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Tínwëtar.

The Great Hunt - Rules

The hunt will take the form of a riddle race. The attendees will divide themselves into teams of 4 - 5 and be given the first riddle and a token. The answer to the riddle will lead them to the next checkpoint where they will hand their token in in exchange for another, and so on and so forth. The first team to find all the checkpoints in the correct order in time, will be the winners.

Upon arriving back you will present the last token you were given to prove that you have found all the stags in the correct order.

If the teams have not found all the checkpoints by the end of the allotted time, the team with the most checkpoints collected wins.

Mounts (flying or ground based) will be BANNED from the race. Anyone spotted using a flying mount will be disqualified, and their team along with them. This includes druid travel and flying forms as well.

Speed potions or magical abilities that give your character a speed boost are also prohibited (such as some druid/hunter/rogue abilities). If your class has a permanent speed boost built in that you can’t toggle off, that’s fine. But any abilities that you can -use- that increases your speed is forbidden. Please respect this.

The teams participating in the Hunt should make sure to have their team name/number in their TRP during the hunt itself, to help us and the stags to keep track. It is important that ALL members of a team has the team name/number in their TRP. Thank you!

Archery Contest Rules

The Jurina’tore archery contest will take place over two rounds, testing the accuracy and precision of contestants.

In the first round, contestants will compete in a challenge of accuracy. Each contestant will be given three arrows to fire at a target at 40 paces. Scoring will be based on how close to the center of the target each arrow lands.

((Each arrow is fired by one /roll 100. The target number is 50, representing the bullseye. For each of the three arrows, players score points equal to the difference between their roll and 50. Lower scores are better!))

The top four contestants in the first round will move on to the second round for a test of precision to determine the final winner!

In the second round, each contestant will be given five arrows to fire at a target at 40 paces. Scoring is based on how tightly together they can land their arrows on the target. The closest cluster of three arrows of the five is judged, and the contestant with the tightest group of three arrows will be crowned the victor of the Jurina’tore Archery contest.

((Each arrow is fired by one /roll 100. The goal this time is to roll numbers close to each other, representing the arrows landing in close proximity on the target. Once all five arrows are fired, the score is evaluated by taking the three closest rolls of the five, and deducting the lowest number from the highest. Again, lower scores are better!))

  • This event is supposed to be a friendly and fun competition and celebration, please do not ruin it for others by going against the rules of the event.

  • We also kindly ask you to keep in mind that this is supposed to be a festive occasion and refrain from disrupting it in ways that might interrupt the activities planned for the event. Unexpected invasions and the likes can be great fun, but we feel that they do not belong during this joyous celebration of life.

Tournament of Lore Rules

One has to posses a great deal of knowledge in order to hunt and live in harmony with the land and this tournament is for those who want to test their wits and sharpness of their mind against the best.
  • The tournament is for up to five contenders and you have to sign up to grab a spot!

  • Each contender has three lives. Upon loosing them all, contender is eliminated from the game. Lives are lost by either providing wrong answer to the question or by failing to give answer within time frame.

  • Contenders have 45 seconds to replay to the question, counted from the moment the question is asked.

  • Contender who successfully answers a question picks who has to answer the next question. If they fail, you can pick again until someone manages to answer a question. You cannot pick same enemy twice.

  • First contender will be selected randomly. Should they fail, the random selection will continue - though without those who failed being in the selection pool.

  • Last person standing will become the winner of the Tournament

Note: If you would like to host a stall during the Summer Market, please get in touch with Tinwëtar!

Note 2: If you would like to donate prizes to the various contests, please get in touch with Tinwëtar!

Calling all stags!

We're looking for some people to help play stags during the hunt! If this is something you'd like to help out with, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Tinwëtar!

Tinwëtar’s discord: Lomenár#2106

Credit for Jurina’tore and the Elunian Calendar goes to the guild “Silvereye” on Argent Dawn.


Sounds great! A pity it overlaps with the Dalaran magic faire, though. But I might find a way to attend both events.

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Seems like good fun! Asking on behalf of my fellow Dwarves:
A) Can Dwarves attend.
B) Can we take guns?

Would also be willing to donate a keg of fine ale as a prize!


Dwarves are certainly allowed to attend! You’re more than welcome to come and participate in the festivities. ^^

I have to ask though, what would the guns be for? >.>

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We’re erm… hunting ‘rabbits’.


Recreational purposes!

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“I’m hunting wabbits”

Looking forward to this festival, and to be back in Ashenvale again!


A little friendly bump from the Isildien Shal’dorei. As with all other years before this looks awesome and I am happy that this tradition keeps going!

Great job Nightblades and I sincerely hope that everyone who helped create this and everyone attending will have a great time :deer: :new_moon:


Can’t wait for it!

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Back in good old Ashenvale! But no festival? Oh, we are early? Still it is Ashenvale!

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Thanks for all the lovely responses everyone! The festival is happening this weekend! We’re currently in full swing trying to get all the last details in place to make this a festival to remember! It’s the 5th year in a row we’re hosting it now, so that’s exciting. I hope to see all of you lovely people there. <3

We’re still in need of more market stall hosts, so if you know someone who would like to host a stall, let me know! See you all on Saturday!


I may show up with some herbs and potions again, but not quite sure yet about my time this weekend :frowning:


Looking forward to it. Brings back the memories of good ole’ Astranaar RP.


As always an exciting event, though will be missed this year as the Cadre campaign alongside the amazing folks at Nightfall Brigade in Gilneas.

I wish NB’s all the best with their hosting and I am sure it will be a success.

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Thank you, Syrune! I hope your campaign will go swimmingly and that we’ll see you guys for the server campaign instead. ^^

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This is utterly amazing and I adore Ashenvale so much. We’re really looking forward to this weekend, as a group of Moonlit Collective will be joining in, in the games too. :grin:


This is happening tomorrow! Hype! :sunflower:
Rules for the Tournament of Lore, as well as a rough event map, has been added to the main post!


This was super fun! Thank you so much for hosting it Tinwetar. And for letting me be one of the stags! I had a lot of fun playing a mischievous woodland animal! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your next event!


This was a fun event! The hunt clues were really creative, referenced fairly obscure lore, and bonus points for making them rhyme. And the archery contest was quite tense. All in all, I enjoyed the opportunity for my character to visit Ashenvale for the first time since the War of Thorns, and to make some new friends in the process.

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Overall it was a great and fun experience. Returning to Ashenvale after many years of it dying out was nostalgic and the events themselves were fun.
The small touch that victors fully drawn custom made medallions is just amazing!
I’m really looking forward to the next year’s festival. Thank you for keeping the spirit of Kaldorei community alive.