[A] Legalize from Bloodfang are recruiting

Hello there fellow alliance player from Dreadmist

Legalize from the realm Bloodfang are looking for motivated players to join our raiding roster, especially healers.
If consider a free transfer to Bloodfang and you feel the desire to greet Ragnaros and Onyxia with a hearty hello, then Legalize is the right guild for you. Our current raiding times are Wednesday and Sunday evening.

We have a good community within our guild, with over 400 guild members and do a lot of dungeons together. Many of us are also PvP affine. So if you’re tired of being ganked by the horde outside of dungeons, Legalize might just be the right place for you:-)

If we caught your interest /w canusmokeit ingame to learn more.


When you read the whole discussion it becomes obvious that the player who issued the post seems the one being mouch more “toxic” than any members of the guild. I didn’t witness what happened but It’s possible that out of nearly 500 guild members there is a possibility not everyone plays with the attitude of Ghandi. However from my personal experience whith many members of our guild I haven’t had any incidents with ninja looting.