(A) Looking for a guild on doomhammer


Long story short, im a new player. Well not really, im kind of a returner (last time i played wow was TBC exp). I would love to join an active social guild. I don’t really care much about raiding (altho if the occasion presents itself i won’t shy away from it) what i care is that is that has to be somewhat social. Wow has already become antisocial in its gameplay, i would love to have a guild just to chill and “talk some sh*t” together having fun while playing the game.

Im currently a lvl 73 priest that could be 110 with the boost but it’s not since i want to play the damn game and learn my class properly. Currently on the grind of levelling up but i don’t mind, as i said, it’s a chance to learn the class.

I hope to hear from some of you soon enough… have fun boys and girls. That’s all that matters.


Hey - We’re on Doomhammer/Turalyon but horde side. Again, appreciate that might not be ideal, but please have a look and perhaps we might be right for you?