A new Hope


Hi there good wow community it is me Halicos and this is my new Horde alt I made to try out the story and gameplay of the Horde side of things.And I have to say I am having so much fun right now on Dreanor realm.

  • So many people everywhere
  • Horde actually communicate with people just yesterday I met a new Finish guy he already friended me :grin::+1:
  • Ques are fast and reliable

What I am trying to say is I may have finally found a new home in wow and fun and I thank Puny for helping me out get settled in and helping me find a reason to play wow again who knew changing factions was the answer all along.

Thank you Punyelf with all my heart you truly are the MVP of my :heart: :grin::+1:.

(Nagrash) #2

Welcome to Draenor :partying_face:


Thank you it’s the best decision of my life.

(Looksmaxxed) #4

Welcome to the blight side. :biohazard:


You got me convinced, I’ll be rolling there too with my brand new Zandalari :grin:

(Uvireath) #6

I dont understand. Why would you change to Horde and then roll a Bloodelf instead of one of the cool Races? Thats just weird.

(Fluxache) #7

Welcome to Draenor, welcome to the Horde.
The one true Realm and the one true Faction.


The Horde are like bodybuilders. Portrayed as dicks but they’re actually pretty cool.

Except for Blood Elves I hate them.


Well my reasoning might be dumb to you it’s because I love belfs I love all the elvish races of wow and I don’t find other Horde races attractive that much well besides Nightborne and Zandalari.


Welcome to the red side! Good to see you wen’t with the race that appeals to you the most by design rather than the one that has the best racials as a lot of moaners would have us believe is how people make that choice.

I have a noob confession. I had always thought a realm listed as “full” couldn’t be joined. I looked at Draenor ages back as a high Horde pop realm to see what that that was like but thought that tag meant that you couldn’t. I may have to take another look at that given this thread made me try to create a char there to see what would happen so tyvm!


Betrayer. *spits*


Not a traitor I just like seeing things from both perspectives and I’m enjoying Horde at the moment that doesant mean I gave up on the alliance you are quick to judge I don’t play the game for faction war couldn’t care less about It play for the community aspect.


by the power of light, burn traitor! :woman_factory_worker:


You nitpicked my post without reading what I said.I dont care about faction war I play for community and lore and story.


Theramore & Teldrassil & Gilneas remembers.
hope to cya ya in WM, you banshees puppet!


I don’t support Sylvanas I am with thrall she can burn as far I am concerned she’s a teroririst.Also I don’t use WM not a fan of being ganked and PvP.


Welcome to our realm!! Hope the fun continues!! :smiley:


Thank you I will as long as people know straight up that I am not a Sylvanas loyalist I play both factions and I don’t care about faction war :laughing:.


I read the title and for a moment i thought we were getting PvP vendors back…

You are traitor now.
Good luck with the peasant faction , old friend …

At least, now you can freerun with Moothilda in the fields of Thunder Bluff.



Why are you like this I can play both factions whenever I want to how am I a traitor?.It was even a mistake making this thread now since you focus on faction war instead of community :scream:.Didn’t know people hate it when you try new things you never said anything about Puny and now I am the bad guy.