[A] or [H] Returning player looking for a guild


Hello everyone,

I’m hoping someone out there can help me out a little. I’ve recently returned to WoW for the WoW Classic experience, however, I would like to start playing retail again. A little about me: I’m a 20yo guy who lives in the UK. I speak English (of course) and Russian (for my comrades). I am a chill guy and I can spend quite a bit of time in the game since I’m a student and I have free time.

I started playing wow really casually with my friends a year ago, we played for 3-4 months and then stopped. They didn’t enjoy the game, but apparently, I did and that’s why I’m here searching for a group to play with. I used to play as Blood/Unholy DK and I tried playing shaman; hunter; monk; DH; Druid. I enjoyed Raiding; Dungeons; Mythic+; World PVP (Was not good at it) and PVE/World Events.

I would love to come back to the game and play as a healer/dd (Preferably Druid or Paladin). I have no preference whether I play Alliance or Horde. It would be amazing if the server would be highly populated. If anyone thinks they know where I could fit it, please send me a message on Discord (Le Pig #6676); Battlenet: LuckyTiger (Destiny Avatar) or here :slight_smile:



Hey man, I can’t seem to add your Discord so I’ll share our post - [H][Draenor][8/8H] Ineffable

we’re on Draenor, Horde.

(Beckmiester) #3

Please add me, Beckmiester#2563


@Beckmiester Can’t find you for some reason. Let’s try battlenet. Mine is: LuckyTiger (with destiny avatar on it). Sorry for the inconvenience ;/


Heya! You’re welcome to join Alliance guild Solanum Tuberosum on Doomhammer/Turalyon :slight_smile:
We’re a chatty, active guild always happy to help whomever. Anyone of us can invite, so if you’re on the server just do /who Solanum Tuberosum and message any one of us :slight_smile:

(Maxshocks) #6

Hi m8.

We’re a guild who’ve just restarted on Alliance, Quel’thalas EU. It’s a pretty well populated server and we are currently doing M+ stuff while we finish the roster for raiding. Idk what level of raiding you’re looking for but we are aiming to clear HC every tier (which we did in Uldir and BFD). We are a friendly group who get on well with most people.

I tried adding you on Discord but it doesn’t seem to work. Feel free to add me on Bnet Dodger#2127 or Discord Maxi#0222 if you’re up for a chat :slight_smile: