[A]-[Outland] The Flat Azeroth Society (AOTC and casual mythic) is looking for believers

Hey boys, i am the leader of The flat Azeroth Society and we are looking for new players to bolster our ranks.

The guild is “active” since 8.3. As a private server player the thing that i disliked the most about retail was not the grind for essences ( altrough the maw might be worse ) but it was the feeling of playing a single player game instead of an mmo. This is why we decided to create a guild out of the blue, to actually make long lasting friendships in a semi hardcore progress enviroment.

What is important for us:

• People looking for a home, not a pushing community. Instead of the number of people online we prefer focusing on the individual, actually getting to know each other and to create a family feeling.

• SJW & co free enviroment. The guild is not racist in any way, nor it will discriminate your because you go have to pray your god 5 times per day. But, If you are Ukranian you must be able to handle a joke about vodka, if you are italian you must be able to handle a joke on pizza. Funny thing, i am both of them. This is the thing we care the most since i had a woman leave the guild because a guildmate posted a pic on discord. " If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of my garden"

• Archievements and mogs: Old content can still be fun, create guild identity, cohesion between the members and give some cool armor and mounts. We run old raids pretty much every week.

• Semi hadrcore progression: As guild we aim for KSM every single patch to get that sweet recolor of the elemental that you never saw in Oribos, and Ahead of the Curve each raid tier. We are mostly focused on mythic plus, and looking for more reliable players to come in our mythics <3 Recently the interest to go higher than KSM sparked, so we are trying to push keys ah high as we can, but always with the guild and a chill enviroment as priority

• A glimpse in mythic raiding: When we started playing in Shadowlands we would have never expected to go higher than AOTC, but people wanted to try mythic castle nathria and here we are, with a half guild group we managed to get 2/10 M. Its definetly a good start, and folks are willing to give mythic raiding a more serious shot next tier. Its important to specify that the guild doesn’t have the goal of getting CE, just to see how far we can go.

Said this, everyone is welcome. We often run mythics to help people with gearing, so don’t be afraid, item level is not a requisite. Just be a decent human being

Socials, and pvpers are welcomed as well :smiley:

Add me on battlenet: Unikron#21873 or Discord: Unix#6953

Or just write down here

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