A portal to WHAT!?


2 portals appear in front of you, you look through the portals and you see Azeroth
one to Elwynn forest and Durotar. Would you take one of them?

If you take the portal you can choose what race you want to be!

Trust level 5 - the cow level

Unless would be race/character from game hell no, normal person wouldnt stand a chance in azeroth and if you go durotar youd be captured at best or killed at worst basicly imeadtly.


Probably right!
But you could be a knight at stormwind xd

Okay now I have changed it a bit

(Levey) #4

A meanless peasant with no marketable skills, more like. Can you read Common? Wur bar, waldyr bes!

(Moothilda) #5

Nah, I wouldn’t have the guts to enter it…

I would look the other way like I do when I hear someone say “Can I have a moment of your time?”


well for normal perosn most likly not. you need to be able to afford training,equipment and all aswell.

But if can choose what race to be(and thus can understand other races and read it) sing me up lol. Id 100% be a night elf or blood elf then.
Living for thousands of years(if not immortal belfs due sunwell) , be stronger and more agile then would ever be normally as human.
Would look attractive aswel. And aslo would be able to learn magic(stealth is actully being invisible which is handy for alot of things).

Like hell yeah sign me up if can be race i want.


Haha, Nice choice


For a moment i felt like i was having Morpheus from Matrix infront of me asking if i want to take the red or the blue pill.


Also hope would be able to be gender you want for race you choose. (cause i want the long lvies and magic of elfs if they look like game represents them the males usally dont look very good).
Or just be able to choose to be one of your toons would be better? can be any of them or new?)

And you know sword art online or ready player 1 book/movie? such Vr(without whole dying if you die ingame from Sao) is a dream of me for wow.


I was first thinking like sure i would go but then i was thinking how messy it would be to get those 8 boar livers and i wouldn’t have heart for it and no internet and then all the world quests and other daily quests… so definately would go with your strategy and walk away.

Pick night elfs then, belfs don’t live as long as nelfs.


The age is about same , and i believe chronicles said something about immortality via sunwell? id have to refind it though,could be wrong.

And for not having guts for geting livers or so, it wouldnt be exactly like game and would be more like how its in lore. And wouldnt have to do it. And could do other stuff, or stay inside cities for most part.


I would, if i could choose a class as well (why not?). I’d like to try a druid to see how it feels to shapeshift to a cat form, and not to forget how it would feel to fly around in a bird form. Would be awesome for a while


i still wonder what happens to gear when shapeshifting, i assume its game mechanic. and would be anoyying if youd have to go naked to change forms or your clothes rip as bear/cat/stag/moonkin.


Sure, I would like to. I would just build my farm (my actual dream in reality), where I would let grow different species of flowers, seeds, vegetables and fruits. And in back of my house on field I would let grow some cereals you know. Also having and taking care of cow, few pigs (for later eating of course), chickens you know, some goat… Then I would find a worthy wife and having like 3-4 kids with her.

Ye… That would be a perfect life for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

P.S: For the Alliance btw


I was just thinking about the same :joy: Think about it, you fly to a tavern to meet some friends and transform back humanoid form. Oops

(Kaisena) #16

Geralt’s voice : “i hate portals”


Imagine then flying in bar shapeshifting back normal and being naked in bar then. With likly alot of drunk people.
Would be even worse as women/female likly,would prolly have some drunk men trying to flirt and all with you.

Also i wonder how flying then would feel or going through a portal.


That’s the dress code in Goldshire i hear.


Would be worse, evryone would actully be naked, not just underwear on either.
If goldshire would be same as its on rp servers, it wouldnt be best place to go to.


Are we assuming this portal would be one way ticket or usable to return normal life? My answer was based on one way ticket (alltough the way they been removing portals i wouldn’t trust 100% of return anyway).