[A] <PRAWNS> one-day-HC-curve and m+ guild recruiting (6/10H)

What’s up you tasty future seafood snack!

We’re a group of friends and fiends who’ve played together for a long time, looking for a few more tasty fish people to join our heroic raiding stew.

Looking to get curve in a chill but focused environment of one fixed raid day a week (Tuesday 20:00-23:00-ish CET at the moment). We’ve done it before, no worries. :slight_smile:

  • not looking for any specific classes or roles (or gear scores) at the moment, can accomodate anything and anyone who’s willing to put in some effort while being a decent human being capable of taking a joke from our snappy brits from Huddersfield every now and then
  • there’s no room for drama, plenty room for memes
  • we’re trying hard when it makes sense, but cracking jokes 90% of the time
  • english speaking international guild
  • most things are done via our Discord, so to be part of the guild you don’t need to actually transfer server unless we decide to go mythic at some point (maybe next raid tier, depending on how many regulars we can muster)

If you’re interested, join discord.gg/V2y3THNHMV and talk to one of the “String Emil” people. Google Emil at your own peril.