A profile website for the Waterlords!


Hello there fellow Waterlords!

This would be the first thread I’ll make here, and wanted to infrom that a website for uploading Character profiles and Roleplay content is being made for Hydraxian Waterlords!

Soon we shall get more updates. :slight_smile:

Stay hydrated!


This is the best news I have heard in a long time! I hope the RP community sticks for classic! Less of the high tech and more fantasy RP!

(Steelbreaker) #3

Oh when I asked AA if there are plans on having rp section with profiles for classic I got negative answer so I just accepted idea. However now you give such info, wonderful!

(Kíngston) #4


Wrall and I are indeed working on something similar with an ETA completely unknown. The page will be completely independent from the existing Argent Archives, sharing only its design and the host of the original site is lending a helping hand to get started and navigate some hurdles.

I cannot stress enough that we do not know when we will be able to roll this out, and will likely need to do a whole lot of more testing before we can present anything at all.

Thanks for the shown interest.

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This is great! Supporting the initiative.


Awesome, feel free to poke me if you need a hand (ui/ux design)
Malinfiev is the undead name here!


Hopefully the UI is better designed than Argent Archives. I know we’re playing on servers as if it’s 2005, but the fan websites don’t have to look as if they were made in 2005.


@guineveer /hug


Like the AA? Oh boy! It’s getting real :heart_eyes:


Good work to all involved.

(Kíngston) #11

We are intending to stay true to the essence of the Argent Archives to make it familiar for users, and so that Starstone can help us set things up. But also quite simply because there is no need to fix something that is not broken. We are using the same basic platform as the Argent Archives do, although a much newer version as the original site runs on a platform which is from 2011 (?). Using a new update will hopefully make some things smoother.

We will take all offers of help into account, but right now our two-man team works rather well. Thank you!


Awesome, keep us posted :smiley:



So super grateful for the Archives.

I understand if you have a small team you are most comfortable working with, but if there’s ever anything you guys need to outsource don’t hesitate to post up and ask – I am sure a ton of old ADers feel the same way.

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Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


I really look forward to this! Hopefully it happens! :crossed_fingers:t5:


Kingston here on my Hydraxian character, it will definitely happen! The site is almost done but we will need to do some small scale testing before we can launch anything once we have finalised the last details.


I wonder what it would be called… “Hydrated Archives”?
Anyways, hopefully it will happen!


Hydration Nation.

Or, on a more serious note, the Hydraxian Herald.


I vote for this :laughing:


The Hydraxian Watervault. Hydraxian History. Stay Hydrated. The Wet Website. The Moist Museum.