A profile website for the Waterlords!

Ok… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m not trying to convince you that your feelings are wrong, I’m just presenting you with my personal take as someone who has been part of that community and been using the platform(s).

I personally like the vaguely in-universe approach because I think it gives it a charm and personality that a simple wiki never manages to do, but all I was trying was to alleviate worries and clarify some things in your posts, that’s all.


You’re welcome to your opinion. I personally hate any unnecessary mixing of ic and ooc, and I do think it is totally possible to have an ic-flair to your posts without creating it. You can even have an Argent Archive doing exactly what it does, without making the site the Argent Archives.


Personally I always saw the IC element of the Archives as an extra tool you could use. Just like you could say your entry was a notice on the wall of the inn, or a newspaper sold for 15c, you could also state that it was available in the Archives which made more sense IC for some things. Just a nice way for some people to get more personal writing into the world.

Options are great in my opinion. If someone doesn’t want to use that option, that is great but I see no reason to remove it.


(sorry I was rambling on and felt my post pretty much said exactly the same thing as some others :see_no_evil:)

People have the option to post IC things on noticeboards and the like even on an OOC profile website. You could even create some archive for IC use without basing the whole site around it. I do not see why Hydraxian Waterlords needs to go about it the same way as Argent Dawn did. Hydraxian Archives does not work as an IC organisation as mentioned already (they’re water elementals), and connecting it to the Kirin Tor just seems forced.


Unless we headcanon the Hydraxian Waterlords as some sort of omniscient organisation that’s keeping track of everyone, I think forcing in an in-character organisation to a platform that is predominantly an OOC resource, muddies the water(lords) more than it really helps.

If people wanted to have an in-character section of the website (potentially just the ability to categorize/tag certain articles as part of a specific in-character archive?) I don’t see the harm in that either and I can see how that might enhance someone’s roleplay. But if the base assumption is never that the website is in-character, I don’t think it needs to have one single organisation attached to it.


Would be glad for an archive! Perhaps we can introduce the guild map glaive star made on AD into the same website? Allows you to see where folks are roleplaying.

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You know what mister orc! You and your buddies just make exactly the site you want!
Argent Archives is awesome if thats what you’re aiming to do dont change a thing!
Remember were the old folks that does’nt like changes. :smiley:

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I’m not one of the developers myself. :sweat_smile:

I only wish. It’s from 2007 :sob:
(Though the OS and system software are patched up to the latest available security patches, and the software modified to run on those.)

Anymore news on the site? :slight_smile:

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We shall see, I suppose.

This sounds awesome! Looking forward to this!

The Hydraxion Waterlords High-action Waterboard

Is my choice, along with some painstakingly contrived theme featuring water bubbles, fish, Naga, coral and the concept of drowning under a barrage of so much cool stuff to do.

There should also be octopi, but no sharks.

The Hydrated Home.
Since Argent Archive can be shortened with AA it seems fitting we find a way to shorten this one with HH.

  • The Hydraxian Chronicles

  • The Hydraxian Vault

  • The Hydraxian Archives

  • The Hydraxian Treasury

  • The Hydraxian Halls / The Halls of the Hydraxian (HotH ?)

Just a few suggestions!

The Hydro Homies.

Wonderful Waterlords Website.


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Do any of the creators frequent the forums? Would be dc great to know whether or not this project is even still happening, after a month or two of silence!