[A-PvE] RaidPlay - Raiding Community back for Shadowlands

What is RaidPlay?

RaidPlay is a simple raiding community. We’re a group using Discord that comes together to raid independent of guilds. This simply allows you to join or stay with any guild, separate from your raiding activities. As we are on an RP server, this is naturally intended with Roleplayers in mind who want to experience the content, but we will happily accommodate players of all dispositions whom this raiding arrangement may benefit.

Our core team has experience Raiding during Legion where we succeeded in acquiring a heroic curve for each tier. We’re happy and pretty excited to dive back into Shadowlands with the same goal. If you’ve always wanted to give Raiding a proper try or get involved again, the start of a new expansion is a good time!

What are our Goals?

The primary goal of the raiding community is to complete the heroic mode of each Shadowlands raid tier, while it is current, raiding only 1 night a week. Put another way: To earn the Curve achievement for each raid tier. We like our raids to be comfortable, fun, relatively relaxed but still efficient.

What are our Expectations from Raiders?

To facilitate this goal while on a 1-day/week schedule, without trying to be super hardcore, we have a few expectations of members:

  • We expect that each raider can attend raids, Tuesdays, 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Obviously, Life™ will sometimes happen and we’re understanding of that but least 80% reliable attendance is desired.

  • We naturally expect each raider to focus on the raid, and to try your best while raiding. Of course, we enjoy some banter between pulls and like to keep things fun, but we also aim to progress and bring some of the Shadowland’s most villainous to justice!

  • You will be asked to keep up to date with how to efficiently play your class/spec. There will be plenty of guides available regarding your rotation and abilities. And if you have any questions or need advice, we’re always happy to help!

  • Given we’re not a full guild, we expect our individual raiders to each take care of gear and consumable needs. Enchantments, gems, food, flasks, potions, repair money, and so on. The group will try to provide feasts and cauldrons, but these should not be counted on.

How does RaidPlay communicate?

Like most, we use a Discord server that we use for communication, as well as voice chat during raids.

Being in voice chat during raids is mandatory to listen to the raid leading and callouts, though talking is not. This comes with the exception of certain central roles in the raid, even if they are not officers, should be comfortable with talking. For example, tanks are expected to have a working microphone, and to be able to use it if a boss requires it.

Good natured chit-chat is generally welcome during trash in raids and we love meeting new people, but voice is expected to be kept to brief messages relevant to the fight during any boss encounter.

How will I attend?

We use the in-game calendar to keep track of sign-ups and who we can expect to turn up at a raid. On raid nights, the night’s raid will be made around 15 minutes before official raid starts. People are expected to sign for each raid and be ready at the entrance or inside the raid at the official raid start (20:00). Those who sign as accepted earlier than 15 minutes before raid start and show up at raid invite time are 1st priority. People signed as tentative will have 2nd priority on any free raid spots, and late-comers 3rd.

What Loot system is used?

Personal Loot is used during raids to keep loot management to a minimum. Drops that you have no need for yourself should be whispered to the raid leader, so that a roll-off by interested raiders can be held. We encourage people to follow the same policy for BoE drops, but this is not required.

Community rules and guidelines?

To ensure a friendly, welcoming raiding atmosphere without any toxicity or interruption we simply ask the following:

  • Please listen to and respect the wishes of the officers if you’re asked something. If you have any discrepancies or would like to raise any issues this can please wait until after the raid. We’re always happy to address any concerns directly but this should not disrupt the raid.

  • Treat others nicely and be respectful. There’s a real human being behind (almost) every character.

  • Religious or political discussions should please be avoided. Feel free to take them elsewhere.

  • Needless to say, harassing others, whether inside or outside the community, is not acceptable and anyone exhibiting that behaviour will be kicked. This includes In-Game Chat, Roleplaying/Roleplaying Events, and media connected to the game, such as the realm forums and our Discord.

How do I join?

Edit: We are now looking only for DPS. Here is our Discord Server: https:// discord.gg/SUccYD6jxq

Please feel welcome to drop by to express your interest! You’ll initially see the #public and #information channels. Once you’re in, one of our officers will be in touch for a brief talk.

Please also feel free to whisper Maldore or Thornshade in-game if you have any questions.

Thank you.


Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh, the memories.


Very cool!


We have a full team ready for raiding in Shadowlands, but also people who are flexible on what roles they’ll play. That means that we’re mostly recruiting DPS of any kind, but can also welcome 1 tank and 1 healer.

Also, both Maldore and me have jobs, so we can’t process people outside regular evening hours. Join the Discord if you’re interested, but give us a bit of time to get to you. :slight_smile:

We don’t have any room for more healers as of right now, but DPS are still very welcome. Any tank that joins would need to be okay DPSing a considerable amount of the time, as well.

Hope everyone’s looking forward to raids starting. :slight_smile:

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Denathrius has a cool floating sword but will it be enough to save him?! :crossed_swords: :vampire:

We’re still looking to bolster our roster with a few more ranged DPS characters, if you’re interested please feel welcome to pop into our discord. :+1:

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We continue to be looking for DPS, both melee and ranged.

Hey there I just wanted to ask if you are still in need for a DPS?! I’ll be more than glad to raid with you folks.

We’ve all been in a rush of preparation for the first raid on Tuesday. We remain open for DPS applicants for now, though.

We killed 3 bosses, and got so very close to getting Lady Inerva down as well. More to come next Tuesday! Though, of course, holiday season is upon us.

As ever, we’re recruiting DPS. Ranged and melee both.

Another raid done. Inerva is now down as well, and we rescued Kael’thas just before the raid ended. We continue to be on the lookout for DPS of all kinds. A DPS with a healer offspec may also be nice.

Artificer Xy’mox was conquered as we then made a good start on The Council! Looking forward to Tuesday again. As mentioned if ur DPS come on by!

We don’t have a great need for any specific role at the moment, but DPS with a healer offspec would be nice to hear from!

With Sire Denathrius defeated this evening we’ll be turning our attention to progressing through Heroic in a couple of weeks. Currently we’re open for a few more DPS to join us!

Hello. I’ve joined your discord and sent a message but I am unsure how the process works.

Heya. In general, the process is quite simple. Either Maldore or me (but 95% of the time, Maldore) will message you and ask a few simple questions. It can take up to 24 hours, mostly because it’s generally something we have time for in the evenings. :slight_smile:

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Another clear of normal done, and heroic Shriekwing also taken down with the time we had left over. We’ll be focusing our efforts on heroic from this point on. We have a solid team, but as ever, remain open to a DPS or two.

Happy 2121! Still looking for some more DPS to flesh out our team :slight_smile:

We continue to look for a couple DPS!

Bump, bump. We’re still looking for DPS. Melee, ranged, all are welcome. Even Survival Hunters, despite my fellow raiders insisting they don’t exist.