[A] RANGED DPS for hc & mythic raiding

Revolution is a fun and friendly social & raiding guild! Come and join us for fun and giggles, mythics & raids! We are located on the Quel’Thalas/ Azjol-Nerub EU servers

Recruiting potential raiders so we can attempt Ny’alotha MYTHIC after we complete Heroic.

We need…

RANGED DPS 435+ and have your cloak ranked up as much as possible :slight_smile:

& finally we need people who would be able to tank as an off-spec or to fill in our Reserve tank slots (We have main tanks but in some cases a tank slot may be open, especially on Wednesday raids)

Our raid days/ times are…

Friday/ Saturday: 8:45pm-Midnight (game time, HC Ny’alotha)
Wednesday/ Thursdays: 7:45pm onwards (game time, Normal Ny’alotha)

NOTE: We provide Feasts, Cauldrons & personal food(s)!

We also run other events throughout the week, these are mostly m+ but we also have some casual, social nights playing Cards Against Humanity, Random BG’s, and we even plan and arrange IRL Guild Meetups! We actually have a guild meetup this weekend!

If Revolution sounds like the guild for you, or you would like more information then please respond to this message, whisper me or another council member in-game (GM), or add me on battlenet/ discord :slight_smile:

My battlenet: Mortemxdraco#2845
My discord: Ilneth the Kobold#2684

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Still on the hunt for potential raiders to join the guild!

We provide all personal food(s), feasts & cauldrons :slight_smile:

No more time wasters please!

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Revolution is still on the hunt for ranged DPS & potential healers!

Currently we have 5/12 Normal & 4/12 HC Ny’alotha!

We raid HC Ny’alotha on Friday & Saturdays 8:45pm-Midnight (gametime)
& Normal Ny’alotha Wednesdays 7:45pm onwards (gametime)

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Still looking for ranged DPS to fill in our raider slots!

We have a Normal Ny’alotha run tomorrow evening, Wednesday 5th Feb 7:45pm onwards (game time)

We also have our irl guild meetup this weekend (Friday - Monday) so this weekend DOESN’T have any raid nights but our raid schedule will resume as usual next week.