[A - RP:] An Evening at the Forge

It seems I can edit this post, so I’ll clarify:
The last Friday of the month is the date for An Evening At The Forge - at 8pm realm time in Ironforge’s Military Ward, by the circle of Hot Coals.

I’ve heard sumthin’ said ‘bout the definition of insanitey; doin’ the same theng several times an’ expectin’ dif’rent results.

Anywae, the upcomin’ Friday is the last one o’ this month, an’ I plan tae show up again by the big ol’ pile o’ hot coals in Ironforge at 8 horns in the evenin’.

I reckon I’ll be cookin’ sumthin’ (simple), an’ my lovely Alterac Brew-Pup will offer free drinks, so if ye’r hungry and/or thirsty on Friday - or just want tae “hang out”…


IRL travel willing, I will try to make it. :slight_smile:


This month I am dedicated to finally make it to Ironforge! Not even a head-splitting headache can stop my gnome from making an appearance tonight.


Aaah, bloody troggs on a string! I’ll be (10-15 minutes) delayed, but I’ll go there as soon as I can.


It was great to meet ye at the Forge tonight!
Thanks Mardyn for organising. Had a blast.


I finally made it to the Forge and I’m so happy about it! It was awesome to meet some folks I don’t get to see at the Greenhouse (and introduce a new RP character).
Thank you for hosting, Mardyn!


Thank ye all for coming!
Ah really ‘preciate yer patience while ah was, uh, gatherin’ cooking ingredients…

(Let’s go with that IC… :slight_smile:

It was also nice tae hear ‘bout them other social gatherin’s. Sadly, ah dun thenk ah can make it tae those, as I’m very busy with me paladin trainin’ (bit of a slow lerner, I am…)

(But I have alts engaged in the Moonrise - unfortunately I can’t attend Botany Mondays due to another weekly commitment that day. Kinda makes me wish there were two Mondays in a week…)


There is a note on the notice boards of various Alliance and neutral cities and settlements:

An Evening at the Forge
:poultry_leg: :beers:

Friday the 28th of February is the last Friday of this month, and thereby the date of the Evening at the Forge this month.

I won be attendin meself, and Mardyn Anvilseat of the Mithril Guard is also unavailable at that time, unfortunately.

Still we do hope that the pile o Hot Coals will see adventurers socializin’ from around 8 horns that evenin.

The war is over, but “they” say something wicked is brewin’ - an’ I don’ mean ale! -
so we all need ta be prepared, and keep our spirits up.

Now, the preparin’ we can do any other time o the month, but I say nothin’ keeps spirits up like sharin’ stories, news, food, drink, an’ whatnot.

of the Mithril Guard,
Miina Moonmine.

(Ironforge, The Military Ward, 8pm realm time)


I hope to make this one. Life has been throwing me a lot of problems lately though so hopefully nothing more comes up this week.


So, the next Friday is the last of the month.

I hope everyone is well these days.

If you are so inclined, and have the time;
how about meeting up
around the big, circular Pile of Hot Coals
in the Ironforge Military Ward,
Friday March 27th 8pm realm time.

Dwarf or not, if you can come, I’m sure we’ll have a good time :bearded_person:

There’ll probably be drinking, chatting, eating - maybe we’ll barbecue something right on those Hot Coals…

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Sounds like a wonderful plan. I will be there.

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Had a nice turnout all in all :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you all for coming, and contributing to the entertainment of the evening!

Oh! Already in six days, it is the last Friday o’ the month again. Time sure does pass quickly…

Well, like mentioned above,

  • Friday April 24th, 8pm realm time,
  • Ironforge Military Ward,
  • The big, circular Pile o’ Hot Coals.

Chat, drink, eat…

P. S. : NOT the 27th!

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Pssssst, the 27th is a Monday!

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this Friday is the last one,which means forge night,so a bump up :slight_smile:

last one of the month*

Ahahahah! :laughing: Right ye are, elf, thank ye!

Just fer that, ah should git ye a drink sometime :grinning:
Not in Ironforge, though, ah think… :wink:

I’ll try tae correct that in me post.

An Evening At The Forge is tae be had on the last Friday o’ the month, an’ this time around, that means

  • Friday April 24th.

Light bless yer heart, lass, an’ yer keen eyes, an’ yer sharp wit!

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tommorow at the forge!!!

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When is the meeting?

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:slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

  • 8pm realm time,
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