[A: RP] An Evening At The Forge

It is an old tradition of the realm, that the Mithril Guard invites any Alliance aligned individual to Ironforge, where drinks and meals can be had

The last Friday of the month

8 P.M., realm time

in Ironforge, the Military Ward, by the big circle of Hot Coals.

Take some time off adventuring, work, fighting, saving the world… Come and hang out, share some news, stories, drinks, food, and whatnot.

Friday August 26th.

(The Mithril Guard is not as visible in Ironforge and elsewhere as it once was, but we want to keep traditions - and social events - alive as much as possible.)


Sounds really cool, I’ll see if I have a suitable character to swing by. See you there.

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I’ve been called to another gathering on Friday, so I might be unable to go to Ironforge…

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I wonder if fried fish might be a good idea for the next Evening At The Forge… :thinking:

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I hope no one got their evenin’ ruined waitin’ fer ye…

But at least we have a few weeks intil the next first Friday of the month.

Oh, dang it, we missed the last Friday of the month! Perhaps because we drank so much beer…

I’ll drink t that!

Neither the first nor the last Friday o the month is very soon, but seein my schedule the next few weeks, I’m not sure I’ll be in or near Ironforge for the next Evening At The Forge…

I had a few tasty drinks and a good time with some lovely people the other day, and it made me think of those Evening At The Forge. I’ll look into it, and maybe try to attend one in the future.

Ah, the last Friday of the month is … this week!

The last Friday of this month
is next week!

Och, I can’t come to the Evening At The Forge on Friday, for I am going to see (and hear) a performance by a band of traveling troubadours - the Metallicatz.

I look forward to a concert with a spectacular blend of music and engineering, and I hope ye all have a good time, whether ye be in Ironforge or anywhere else!


Mardyn, ye daft casserole! That concert is tomorrow!

And besides that, I see ye grumblin’ o’er those battle plans… No way ye will be present at eight this evenin’!

Oi, the last Friday of the month… was two days ago.

So the next one is… next week.

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Think there will be some party dwarves around on friday? :slight_smile:
(nov 25)

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I dunno what happened on the last Friday of the last month, but the next one will be the 30th. I know some people have holiday plans - myself included, so I’m not sure how much At The Forge that Evening will be.

Och! I spent that Evening preparing for a long, wintery journey, and having a nice dinner, so I was not able to be in Ironforge.
The preparation paid off, though - the journey went smoothly and nicely.

I gotta say, Mardyn, our attendance at An Evening At The Forge over the last several months, is … not good.

I do think, though, that we should at least keep posting reminders so there’s a chance that someone might go, meet, and enjoy it.

And some day in the future, hopefully, our own schedules will allow us to parttake as well.

Oh, and happy new year, by the way!

Oh lard!
The last Friday of the month is this week!

I wonder if any of my favorite dwarves - and perhaps other (potential future) favorite people - can be found in Ironforge on that Evening.

A boyishly handsome female dwarf looks up from the bronzy depth of a pint of beer, clearly confused.

“Huh? Eh?”

She gasps!

Then she launches into a durable string of obscenities and profanities, though it is unclear at whom the tirade is directed.

When her murky vocabulary is expended, she sighs dejectedly, and mutters,

“Maybe next time.”