[A-RP Guild] The Royal Expedition - Explorer's Guild

Take heart, citizens of the Alliance, the City of Stormwind is in need of your skills and abilities, knowledge and strength to make further progress on the fields of explorations, science and archaeology. Stalwart men and women alike of the Alliance are heeded to join this noble cause to further our knowledge, our lands, to explore the unknown and discover wondrous mysteries that fall on our or faraway lands.

The Royally Commissioned Outfit of Academics, Adventurers and Explorers, seek to enlist your aid to our noble cause. Be it surveying mineral deposits, discovering and studying ancient artefacts or areas of interest, or traveling across snowy peaks, swamps, deserts and other treacherous landscapes, our thirst for adventure, knowledge and the mysteries of our world will never be quenched.

Seek out the officers of the Royal Expedition and enlist for work today!

About the guild:

The Royal Expedition is a guild based around the theme of exploration and adventure, since we loosely follow the steps of the Explorers League, though the whole concept is not limited to that alone.The guild is an organization that seeks out many things in the name of the Alliance, or more directly, Stormwind.

As a guild to members, we offer random RP, ‘DMed’ events, short and long expeditions across Azeroth, giving out assistance with other guilds, both IC’ly and OOC’ly. World RP-PvP events are also something we tend to join as well. Dungeon runs, scenarios and levelling are naturally a big part of the guild at the moment too as we are all on the same journey here.

We have a set hierarchy in the guild, with the Director (GM) directing the guild, officers to keep their assignment in check, the three paths people can advance in and then the fresh recruits. Even though our guild members are free to explore, search the world for themselves and bringing new information, skills and more for themselves and the guild as a whole, it is advised to let the officers or the Director know, as it often avoids confusion.

Guild paths:

Academic - The scholarly type. With a sharp mind and the willingness to learn, they are tasked to unravel the mysteries that surround us on the field or off of it.

Explorer - An adventurer, traveller and scout at heart who goes into the world to find artefacts, discover new lands and mysteries that the world has to offer.

Guardian - Adventure is highly dangerous, the explorer will have his handy ice axe if anyone slips, the academic will solve the deadly puzzle yet the guardian hits adventure in the face and keeps an eye out on the members overall.

Our current base at the moment is in SW Keep, and you can find us having weekly briefings before we set off on our first expedition (Set to launch at the end of September)

Hope to see you all out in the wild!

Alexander Radke.


The Dwarven Excavation Co would love to cooperate with you guys! Contact us ingame!

DrBergenbour grand Archaeologist of The Dwarven Excavation Co

100% yo, will add you and we can discuss further.

Awesome guild, awesome folks, very active and friendly.
glad to have been recruited!

Just an update on our progress so far:

We have just reached the 50 member threshold, we have gathered new and old role-players alike and have to say we are really forming a solid community in-guild.

We just had our largest in-game event with approx. 30 role-players from 4 different guilds (Quick shout out to the Disciples of Light, Dwarves Excavation Co. & New Alterac) at our briefing in SW Keep and subsequent party in the Pig & Whistle.

First Expedition:

Location: Duskwood

Days: Thursday - Sunday

Basic Premise: The Royal Expedition are undertaking the first assignment with the Royal Commission and moving our outfit to Duskwood for a number of days.

Our scouts will explore farmland and make reports re: which ones have been abandoned and which may be in need of further assistance.

Our academics will research tomes and peer over local reports to further our knowledge of the area and inform ourselves on the latest incidents that have occured.

Our guardians will excavate small local digs to research the taint throughout Duskwood and also explore the mines no longer in use.

The other guilds attending will assist with the above while also undertaking some objectives of their own. Looking forward to being joined by the Disciples of Light, Dwarves Excavation Co. & New Alterac.

If anyone wants to talk further just contact me, Iseult or Amelrika in game! :slight_smile:


Our next Expedition begins on the 30th of January.
This time we will visit Kalimdor.

Looking forward to that trip. It is going to be so much fun.

Time for some Jolly Co-operation!

Praise the sun!
cough cough
I mean Light.

Hail Sir Radke - I wish you good fortune in spreading the Kingdom’s influence!

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What you describe about your guild sounds delicious, awesome, and just what my character needs right now!

But a few questions:

Do you communicate IC in game, or use OOC chats and stuf like discord? (I had to leave my previous guild, cause couldnt participate in anything, as I never do OOC)

How friendly are you to the noobs? (By noobs I mean total beginners, who are playing wow and mmorpg for the first time and literally know nothing. The reason why your guild is so curious for me in the first place)

Is it possible to participate in your stuf without technically joining the guild? (Don’t want to lose my full black tabard for which i registered a solo guild)

Thanx for the answers in advance,
And may you walk on warm sands!

Just an update on our progress as we go forward into 2020:

We have now reached the 120 member threshold, making us the largest dedicated RP guild on the server. There is currently an amazing atmosphere in guild with a fantastic mix of role-players both new and old!

Consistently we organise both weekly and monthly RP events, these can be anything from a weekly street faire to our monthly expeditions to a new land in search of allies, assets and adventures!

  • OOC: We have many groups levelling through the 20s, 30s and 40s brackets, which is amazing to see, and guild dungeon groups are daily also)

We consistently engage in RP nightly alongside the other main guilds on the server - The Bold Company (GM - Grayse), The Disciples of Light (GM - Ceanna), Alliance Free Company (GM - Trovakt) and Lions Sword (Wulfric) also. These guys are some of the best in the business and we wouldn’t be a community without each other!

Finally The Royal Expedition wouldn’t be the success it is without some very noticeable officers / senior members…

  • I want to thank each of Iseult, Alistrina, Aardsche and Seliciu for always being there to support the guild. -
    From welcoming recruits to showing people new to RP the ropes, or simply helping veterans with their backstory…none of it goes unnoticed!

Come join The Royal Expedition today!
(Where you will be rewarded with new best friends, amazing adventures and the most entertaining RP)


I just got to say, I’ve never roleplayed before and these people are really encouraging and its very little pressure to do anything really which is very nice!

The best part though is between dungeons/RPing where you can just talk with all these amazing people! They all live very interesting lives outside of Wow and honestly think it would be amazing to drink a beer with every single one of them.

On to the next adventure!



I role-played for the first time with these guys. They 're a really welcoming group of people; they offer really good advice on how to RP probably and won’t mind if you mess up now and then. Chill guild : )

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I am very glad to join TRE. The guildmates are very welcoming, friendly and helpful, and the whole atmosphere is just splendid. Can’t wait to level and take part in guild’s activities full-time.

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Is this guild still as active as ever? I used to play with you guys trough the entire duskwood campaign, that was loads of fun ( cant remember my character name… I used to RP a human warrior with a very shiny sword. ). thinking of returning :slight_smile:

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Yes we’re still around and bigger + more active than ever. We have been on many more expeditions since with locations including Loch Modan, Darkshore, the Barrens, Hillsbrad & Tirisfal. You’re more than welcome to rejoin if you are thinking of returning. More active officers than myself include Alistrina and Aardsche.

Hey Jay,

As Iseult said above, we’re here, bigger and better than ever :slight_smile:

Duskwood was literally our first ever campaign! (I even have a suspicion into your characters name! But won’t call it out here :stuck_out_tongue: haha)

Since then the guild has only grown more and more. We are the largest dedicated RP guild on the server, surpassing 330 role-players in TRE now :slight_smile:

Some of our activities in brief:

  • Expeditions to Darkshore, Loch Modan, The Barrens, Hillsbrad & Tirisfal.

  • We run a server newspaper called The Lions Roar (Available via discord)

  • We run the Gurbashi Fight Nights (A fighting tournament with a grand prize of 500G) which has both IC and OOC divisions. (RP and Non-RP combat)

  • Scouting Missives to Stranglethorn & Dustwallow

  • Guild storylines that provide progression to your character & story. These guild storylines include a Trading Company, a Reliquary Society and more. (These storylines will soon be open to non guild members also)

  • RP classes & training nights for those new to RP.

If you want to find me on discord Jay, or anyone else, feel free to hit me up


Wow you guys seem serious, i love the sound of all this, do you use the roll system?

We do indeed! :smiley:

We’re also in the midst of a week long series of events to celebrate being on the ZT server for a year, this week…and we just passed 400 members, always feel free to hit us up in game, here or on discord :slight_smile:

TRE continues to expand!

Our latest expedition is through the Dark Portal itself!

With more adventurers alongside us as move into the The Burning Crusade, our RP events are becoming larger and more ambitious than ever before, and will continue to excite in Outland itself.

Outside of RP, we are also planning to progress through TBC raid content.

As we reach the end of Classic, we have cultivated a lovely group of friendly and welcoming players to take with us into the next world!