[A] [RP] Join The Mithril Guard today!

(Finna) #1
The Mithril Guard is one of the oldest guilds of Moonglade (started in 2005).

We're a dwarven only RP guild, a good place for dwarves to stay and serving as militia when needed.

After a period of lesser activity we're in need of more people!

Do you have a dwarven character and do you RP? (silly question on a RP server but yeah ;)) Join The Mithril Guard today!

Website: https://mithrilguard.wordpress.com/

Send me a message or talk to me ingame (Finna-Moonglade).

(Freyasson) #2
I'll keep a look out for you online. Feel free to do likewise.

Looking to find a good RP guild at the moment, not had one since Vanilla.

(Navrah) #3
Looking to start a fresh experience an alliance side (first time since 2006 :) ). I have children now and only play late (20h+) and not every day. Plan also to sim a bit classic experience by leveling without heirlooms and do quest reading. If you are interested in this kind of casual playing nostalgist, I would like to join :)


My Dark Iron Dwarf is a little further down the list of characters I want to level. Will you mind keeping him around idle before I get there?