[A-RP] Shal'dorei Defector is looking for Guild

It’s a long thread and probably this has been said already but, have you considered going Neutral instead? I find it hard to believe the Kaldorei would open their arms to a former Horde member, so that’s something to consider.

Anyways, good luck.

Have been mostly around Feralas so far and other forests. Though I made a more public appearance in Stormwind with the ghoul outbreak hoping I could help and earn some favor. It went smooth but got injured in an event and thus now she is recovering IC.

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I wish you best of luck with this concept, perhaps I will run into you myself sometime but I don’t really frequent Kalimdor haha.

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Your character has thus far only spoken to a handful of night elves; I’m being generous, as your stories thus far only mention two - I don’t count your NPC, but you are already RPing in Stormwind. Without ties to any of the larger, neutral organisations that are forced by circumstance to send races of the opposite faction to major cities.

You could say that. With the ghoul situation I have not faced much trouble. Trying to earn the trust of the guards and others around the city. Yes some eyebrows perked but nothing major. As for the Night elves I met also a druid who really contributed to Alis’s current mentality towards the Night Warriors.

I can see our guild having an interest in a Shal’Dorei as a way of expanding their knowledge. Though, little in the way of developing her druidism at the moment.


Offering some place to start in the Alliance while she in exchange share information about the Shal’dorei is not a bad idea.

Her druidism I can still slowly go on with using the NPC until a better choice appears. I thank you and will consider your suggestion!

Feel free to contact me if you ever fancy some RP then whether you join or not. It’ll be an interesting contact either way!


Happened with paladin in fact. I met Alisande in Stormwind and thought she was a night elf.

Only just now learned she was actually a Nightborne. Now, I’m not sure if that knowledge had phased him much - he may have just thought of her as a rather strange looking night elf.

As Kump mentioned above it is usually good to be subtle about it. Yet I have information on her TRP (Race & First glance) that clearly state she is Nightborne. Even if she dress like a Night Elf. I do that because her facial features could be recognized by characters.

My understanding of how TRP profiles work is that you should note down the feel and what the others can see about your character. So I would not brand her a Night elf while she can be recognized visually as a Nightborne.

I think what I mean is that OOCly people probably never reacted much IC because they thought it was a Night Elf character without looking properly at the TRP profile

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Void elves says hello.

As for the concept. Country 1 is burning down country 2. Some ppl in country 3 which was allied with country 1 think “this is crazy” and go to support the victim country 2. Why is that a far stretch? That ppl want to switch sides is something that happens irl as well.
That said, it doesn’t mean they would receive a warm welcome, but surely some would be ready to forgive and welcome more to fight the enemy.


Not all of them, there are plenty of high elf mages, but a nightborne living thousands of years with the nightwell probably won’t “turn back” in some thousands years if at all. Those high elves that did quit magic and the sunwell don’t seem to suddenly grow larger again.

come now, they’ve swapped sides much more than just 2 times

give us some recognition won’t ya? :pensive:


That misses the post I made above, which in context puts that quote in direct reference to the high elves of Quel’Danil in the Hinterlands. All of whom have rejected magic to the point of where a human living amongst them had to learn magic from a wandering human wizard.

A Nightborne will never turn back to looking like a night elf, they’ve been changed by millennia of living in connection to the Nightwell; they relied on it far more than the Thalassian elves ever have the Sunwell, since the Nightwell provides them with all the nourishment they require to live.

Is it :sweat_smile: thought high elves alliance, blood elves and joined the horde, void elves and back to the alliance. And before that either the humans or themselves? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :smile:

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Ah sorry I missed that one, then nvm that try at correction :slight_smile:

Its important to include our cousins, the Sunfury and Illidari and their great strides in the traditional elven art of treachery

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:joy: :joy: time to resurrect my traitor elven characters

It’d make sense, if there was still a war. Yes, Tyrande and the Night Elves have no intention of honouring the treaty but as far as anyone is concerned, there is a treaty being arranged.