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Survivors of Lordaeron

Here lies King Terenas Menethil II – Last True King of Lordaeron
Great were his deeds – Long was his reign – Unthinkable was his death
“May the Father lie blameless for the deeds of the son.
May the bloodied crown stay lost and forgotten.”

– Introduction: A Time for Fear –
– The Year 25 (617 by the King’s Calendar) –

The days of the Year 25, 617 by the King’s Calendar, were begun, and three years were passed since the dark queen of the Forsaken stretched out her hand from the labyrinthal maze, whose dark halls and evil delves dug all across the Tirisfal Glades. As this sleeping giant marshals black-garbed legions beneath the crumbling City of Men, preparing to emerge, hungry wolves contend for dominion over the ill-fated kingdom: zealous Scarlet Crusaders, whose emblems of blood and fire distinguish not friend from foe fight the numberless hosts of the Scourge, whose undead armies threaten to consume the world. A numbing fear grips all survivors of the Plague; fear of corpse, and fear of fever, fear of the uncanny portents that surface at night. Those who survive Lordaeron are forever haunted by the experience. It is a time for fear.

The Survivors of Lordaeron is a roleplaying initiative meant to facilitate the strife of the scattered remnants of Lordaeron, and the trauma of its displaced human population as it engages in a struggle to survive. Largely, this initiative caters to surviving humans from the kingless realm, as well as other characters whose stories connect with the ongoing tale. The initiative will be accessible through mainly a discord server to help mediate the shared experience of the concepts.

– Southshore: A Haven –

When the Orcs drove the Humans of Stormwind from their homes, the small coastal port was their haven, their beacon of hope into the Menethils’ land. When the war raged a second time, it was razed and burnt with the soil; only to rise, rebuilt. To this day, the hard-working people of Southshore celebrate Hordefall, in memory of when the Alliance of Lordaeron triumphed over its orcish enemies.

Once more in the Year 25, this bright township holds out the torch of hope for the beleaguered Realms of Men. As the survivors of Lordaeron flee the drudgery of enslaved Undead, help arrives from Stormwind, whose marshal power has come into the hamlet, to return the favour due, and stave off the darkness of Tarren Mill.

Southshore is the mercantile center of Hillsbrad, with its small privateer fleet keeping the waterways safe, allowing merchant ships to dock, and trade to flourish. Good governance plays an active part in success and survival alike, with the town council taking an active role in all things, under the guidance and wisdom of its Magistrate Henry Maleb. The Commander of the Alliance Forces, Marshal Redpath, fields what few troops the town has efficiently, so that the nearby farms can thrive.

In relation to the rest of Lordaeron, Southshore is without a doubt, the safest settlement for the human survivors, being one of the very last relics of the old kingdom, and being under the protection of the new Alliance. It is a natural location in which to create and sustain a hub for recurring roleplay to flourish.

– Concepts & Guilds –

The initiative enters the RP with a multitude of core concepts and guilds brought into the community.

Lordaeron Sentries

They have pledged to serve the stone-wrought memory of the Last True King of Lordaeron, to ward over his lands and protect his surviving people from unliving and red usurpers, to carry on the memory of King Terenas Menethil II from one great Alliance to another.

These are the Ninth Lordaeron Sentries, whose name echoed amongst conscriptions of the old days, and later served in the army of Othmar Garithos before he entered the Doomed City, never to return. Led by an enigmatic Knight-Champion known to Men as the “Blackstripe”, the sentries of the Ninth work tirelessly to patrol and make safe the lands of old, and have found that they owe to serve and safeguard the people of Southshore, against the horrors that took the kingdom. When not bearing warfare down upon their enemies elsewhere, the Sentries’ main duty is to protect Southshore from erelong its belt of watchtowers positioned around the town

The Lordaeron Sentries is a concept that is a part of the Southshore guild made and ran by roman#4526, as sentry guards and knights protecting the coastal town of Southshore from its enemies. They work from the tower defenses, to serve the local authorities. Message cowboy clown#0001 for further information.

Lordamere Rangers

There, in the forlorn divide of east and west lay two great bodies of water, one of which, was Lordamere, the vast freshwater lake with whom several of the kingless realms had once aligned. South-and-west; the silver pines, North; the lament of Lordaeron, surrounded by great walls of stone.

Out of the dangerous wildlands of the Silverpine Forest come the rangers of the lice and the arrow. Once, these wayfarers and journeyers would guide the Men of the Fenris Isle through the deep woods of Lordaeron. They hunted wild beasts, and foraged for the King’s men, to whom they lent bow, bodkin, and sword, in time of great need. As rangers of a kingless realm, these guardians and wardens of old hold vigil over the last of Lordaeron, where they owe heritage to the splendour of its greatest freshwater lake, and the dream of a new tomorrow. Since the capture of the Fenris Keep, and the loss of Lordamere at the hands of the necromancer Thule Ravenclaw, and his Rot Hide Gnolls, its rangers have found worth in aiding the human survivors in Southshore against the cold hands that seek to eradicate the coastal town.

The Lordamere Rangers is a guild of rangers in Lordaeron, consisting of wayfaring bowmen who have pledged themselves to help protect and range for the town of Southshore. Message Kråksmörgås#9210 for further information.


Enduring through the dark times, Southshore stands as a low-lit flame of hope for the Alliance in wilted and war-torn Lordaeron. Survivors of the Third War, as well as bold adventurers, and staunch farmers, call this coastal port-town home, and with bold hearts and willing hands, it may stand the test of time.

Southshore is a guild, made and ran by roman#4526, for the self-driven hub to be made out of the endeared coastal town.

The Lazy Oak

In the coastal hamlet known to Men as Southshore, locals and travellers from afar come together at the inn of ‘The Lazy Oak’, for lodgings, fare, and for the bounty board. A rivulet of life, respite, and room junctures in this center of Lordaeron’s last haven.

The Lazy Oak is a guild made and ran by mudkip#9121 to provide RP centered around the Southshore inn, from the day-to-day inn RP to local bounty contracts in the region.

Guild Documents

Lordamere Rangers:


Lordaeron Sentries:

The Lazy Oak:

Survivors of Lordaeron: (Fancier looking version of this post)

Discord Contacts:
Kråksmörgås#9210 = Lordamere Rangers
roman#4526 = Southshore
cowboy clown#0001 = Lordaeron Sentries
mudkip#9121 = The Lazy Oak

Hi just a small brief note at the end to thank you for reading through!

This project itself is a discord community featuring Lordamere Rangers & the Southshore guild. Lordaeron Sentries is a separate concept but functions within the Southshire guild tag.

If you have any questions about any of the guilds or concepts, or just want to chat about the potential of joining. Hit any of the discord names up above and we would be happy to chat and see how we can help!

The initiative itself it to breathe life into the Hillsbrad region of the Eastern Kingdoms in Classic RP.

Hope to see you on Classic. :wave:

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I said it before and will say again, that i really love this concept, and will be sure to join on my Human Character. :heart:


Will be there! From the start, to the end! I have waited this for so long!


Stay hydrated, fellas :muscle:

(Lóras) #5

Sounds great. I’ll aim to pass through on my character once things are up and running (and once I’m able to make it there without being butchered by crocolisks in the Wetlands or raptors in Arathi).


Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken . Always and forever. :sunglasses:


Is this the server motto now :sweat_smile:


Looking forward to interacting with the groups around Southshore. There may be some light propagating in the name of the just cause.

It is very nice that there will be people up north and not only all the way down south.


Visisted Southshore twice on my leveling adventures on my hunter - very much looking forward to RP around the town bros.

(Elyza) #10

Starring Omass, our very own Journey


Oh boy, you must have us over for tea some time!


god bless blizzard for giving us vanilla char access finally


Looking forwards to making some great roleplay here! The doctor is in. :slight_smile:


Make sure to stop by your friendly neighbourhood warlock once the roleplay begins.


Really looking forward to everything kicking off with this group. Watch this space for more info on the rp arrival… solid bunch of people, would recommend.


“To new adventures with even newer friends! Happy Brewfest, everyone!”

Had a brilliant night of RP with everyone last night in the Lazy Oak, what a great way to kick Southshore off with the September tapping of the keg. I’d 100% recommend popping along to get a taste of this community after the fun we had yesterday.


With this being said, it’s that time of year again, people back to uni and work after the summer and all the rest of it. As can be expected, so too comes some more absence from the game, however, as stated in the original full post, ALL officers can be contacted via Discord. To reiterate:

Kråksmörgås#9210 = Lordamere Rangers
roman#4526 = Southshore
cowboy clown#0001 = Lordaeron Sentries
mudkip#9121 = The Lazy Oak


Last night, Southshore was brought to life as the men of the Lordamere Rangers, bounty hunters and staff of The Lazy Oak, and the citizens and sentries of Southshore all took to the streets to learn more about their fellow Survivors of Lordaeron and do business among each other.

We even saw a few new faces in town, with rumors of RP activity turning the night from two members of the Survivors chatting in the street to around 10 or so RPers having various conversations and interactions about town.
All in all, Southshore became a bustling hub of RP activity for 3-4 hours. And to my knowledge, all but one of the participants were not level 60, so everyone took time out of their levelling to come and have a bit of fun. That’s very promising if you ask me.


And it looked AWESOME! Sadly I was to tired to join in so just walked and watched :stuck_out_tongue: