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Since the Horde’s coming to Azeroth, the Frostwolf Clan has always stood apart from the rest of the Horde. Nestled within the frigid valleys of Alterac, the clan ekes out an existence in a land not too different to their ancestral home of Frostfire Ridge - but an orc of Frostwolf blood holds the mantle of Warchief, and with it the clan’s doors open to the world. So it is that even in this distant corner of the world that all races of the Horde stand side by side not only to defend the home of the Frostwolves, but also represent the Horde’s best and brightest on the myriad of battlefields across Azeroth. The Frostwolf Legion embarks on a mission to restore the ancient honour of kin and clan through reverence of their ancestors and shedding the blood of the foe, be they Alliance, demon or otherwise.

The Frostwolf Legion is a subsidiary of the clan that hosts men and women of all races of the Horde - even the Forsaken - should they be able to adhere to the principles and tenets of honour set in stone by clan during its incarnation on Draenor. We are a roleplay guild centred around the traditions and values upheld by Warchief Thrall’s very own clan, from which we take our namesake.

As the name suggests, the Frostwolf Legion is a military guild that hopes to provide a roleplaying experience playing on the principles of honour that have been severely lacking from the Horde during BFA. As such, the guild is ranked in a manner befitting a military organisation and progression is based on an individual member’s contribution to the war effort as well as how they carry themselves in doing so.

The guild endeavours to provide a mixture of roleplay ranging from clan-based roleplay focused around traditional campfire roleplay such as storytelling and sparring matches, RP-PvP events with Alliance guilds in the areas we might find ourselves in and classic DM-based events taking place in the open world.
It is also our plan to touch on organised PvP (how could we not, being named for one of the three PvP factions in Classic) and embark upon end-game raiding either by ourselves if the guild grows large enough or as part of the wider Horde community. To this end, for the sake of roleplay, PvP and PvE we will be working closely alongside the good people of Tarren Mill and (against) the Alliance in Southshore to build up a strong community in the northern Eastern Kingdoms.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this quick run-down. For more information, please check out the guild’s comprehensive info document or give me a poke on Discord, my tag can be found in said document.

For the Warchief! For the Horde!


Considering rolling Horde
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frostwolves are good bois


I’ll be checking this out!


Love Frostwolf clan, as this char of mine from retail is one too!



We’re the goodest bois, really.

Glad to hear it! We’re always looking for more pups to add to the proverbial litter. We’ll make wolves of you yet…

Lok’tar Ogar!

I’ve played various on Horde, but I’m looking forward to playing a more aggressive Frostwolf character. Bloody dwarven imperialists…


Frost and wolves… :nauseated_face:

I mean… Yeah! Lok’tar! Lit guild


Into the doghouse with you…


We are growing steadily each day, both in numbers and in levels. So don’t be shy, and give our great leader a poke if you are interested in joining our merry troupe!


How do one go about contacting regarding recruitment?


Give either Behemoth, the guild leader, a poke in-game or if they are offline contact any other member so they can in turn contact Behemoth out of game.


Hi there! You can also contact me on Discord via the tag that’s in the handy Google Doc! =)

I took a little break from the game for work and stuff after getting Arena Grand Master and now all my minions are higher level than me =(


Last night, the guild gained its first level 60s, and with a bunch of other members in the level 50+ range, we have lots of plans for organising PvE content in addition to our RP!


And a big congrats to those sixties as well!

Not only are we organising us some tasty PvE content, but the guild officially launches In-Character this Saturday! If you’re interested in the guild and fancy coming along for the social roleplay if not the guild itself, pay us a visit at the Hall of the Brave at 20:00!

I have it on good authority that our very own Arinnya will be serving cocktails.


added to the guild index!


You might wanna specify the timezone there, since we’ve got players from all over the EU playing here. I assume UK time? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up! Realm time is the timezone we’re using, since most if not all people on the server should be at that. =)


Riding along the road that led to from the Valley of Strength to the Valley of Wisdom on her trusted riding raptor Tethys, Ze’tiki let the day pass in thought, going through all that had happened again just for herself. Soon she’d reached the valley, the elaborate wooden huts of Darkspear origin coming into her view. Reaching the entrance stairs to the gathering hall of the Horde’s mages, she sled off Tethys’ back and proceeded to leash her raptor to one of the wooden posts next to the stairs. Then she made her way up to the very top of the building, finding a place to rest all the way up there at the railing fence, where she was undisturbed.

Letting her feet dangle and getting comfortable against the fence and its corner post, Zeze’s hand reached down to her shoulder bag stuffed with books about the arcane and related topics. She snapped out of her thoughts for a moment, the act of grabbing something to read from the bag having become second nature to her, as she was usually found buried into books to gain new insights and to expand her knowledge on her powers and the magic that she’d dedicated herself to. After a moment of being torn on it, she decided against opening a tome just this one time. Her thoughts lingered and then returned to the recruitment drive the Frostwolf Legion had held in the Valley of Honor this very 'eve. She’d been recruited by Aggreka Irondrake, the legion’s Centurio, prior to this gathering, though today she’d taken her place in the orderly row among the other fresh recruits to officially recite the vows that bound her to the ranks now.

To her left Dranosh, the former Barrens guard, had done the same, and to her right Renata Richter, a tough forsaken warrior had taken her place in the row. Further down in rank and file others had partaken, her new sisters and brothers in arms from today. Forang, wise and calm-blooded, knowledgeable in the lore on the elements and yet with a hidden other side that Ze’tiki couldn’t wrap her head around quite yet. Fhuma, another shaman that she’d accompanied on the way from the Barrens back to Orgrimmar the day prior. Then there was Chlorr, a forsaken that was of possibly twisted mind, though wielding the power to make demons to her bidding. The Centurio’s sister, Reilgra, who had arrived late and taken her place first at the chief’s side, and then with the other recruits. Arinnaya, the legionnaire that had taken the recruits’ vows, and renewed her own first. Lastly, the Centurio, Aggreka, had mustered the recruits and welcomed them into the ranks of the Frostwolf Legion herself.

Zetiki would find herself in different circumstances now than she’d known before. She had signed up for military service to ease her fears of losing home, her sorrow that the heartlands of the Horde weren’t save from external threats. Being a scout of the legion calmed her mind, as now she would do her part in defending home. There’d be less time to study and develop her own abilities, but new opportunities to learn other things would surely arise with her new position and duties. Her fellow soldiers would become a new family to her and be at her side with whatever danger would find her. “For the Horde…for the ones to our left and to our right…”, she repeated what she’d shouted from the bottom of her heart earlier.

A smile drew the corners of her mouth up, and she relaxed back against the fencepost where she sat, legs still dangling from the fence, and from the upper story of the hut. Below she could faintly hear the ‘purring’ of Tethys, of her raptor companion. Slowly she, Ze’tiki, mage of the Darkspear tribe and of the Frostwolf legion, laid her thoughts to rest, and slowly her hand slipped back down to her bag. Soon, she was sunken into a tome again, seeking for new magical insights. She wasn’t on duty yet. The day of battle would come…


The one that they began to call Steelbreaker, thanks to his skills in blacksmithing, is in fact a survivor. Ironically, considering his current state of Undeath. However even then, despite it all, he did not give up. It has not been easy and he doubt it will ever be. Forsaken have been called like that for a reason and he already meet many hostile looks or unpleasant encounters every since he moved to Orgrimmar. He was someone in between, not quite dead but not alive either. In fact he wasn’t yet entirely sure who he even is or where is his place. The Horde have been strange for him, being now on the other side of the line but they were the ones that took them in as allies when none else wanted. Despite spending quite long time now in the Orgrimmar smithies he never considered that anyone would treat him more than just muscles to use. Yet they have given him a name. A name he even liked. Perhaps even one day that name will be remembered.

At first he considered idea of being recruited into Horde military as something rather abstract. Despite having military training in the past he has been blacksmith first and foremost. He knew much about weapons but he prefered to protect than kill. Yet they have taken him in, without snarky comments, belittling or otherwise. He has repeated words of oath, not very keen on it as he did not know those people yet but he wanted to move forward even if it will not be easy in any way.

The perfectly cut surcoat he received fitted his form well, it was blue of all colours with frame of wolf embroidered with white stitching. Steelbreaker was now part of something and he did not want to waste given chance.


Wise-Ears, to the top!


Oh god, your guild name…