[A-RP] The Melorian Circle 📖

The Circle finally set up their tower’s defenses! We also have a kitchen - Christmas baking at the tower?!

The lockdown is over (our personal lockdown!) … and Jeraiel will say goodbye to her couch as she can finally pester people in the name of the Arcane again!

Our event schedule is getting a bit clustered, but our rule remains the same:

  • you only join the event that suits your character - no one is forced to attend everything! Variety and choice are the key! :woman_mage:

Our event hiatus is done and we’re going to back in action! Ready and roaring! Some very good story lines on the way, inquire if you’re interested!


This certainly seems like an interesting guild! Problem will be deciding who I’d join with! Dark iron or draenei shaman perhaps. I’ll poke you further at some point, wish the best!

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Feel free to message and discuss! I look forward to chatting to you!


A really lovely guild for anyone looking to do storylines for their character or be part of others’ storylines! The events hosted by the guild have been really great and varied and I have enjoyed my time so far a great deal~ :sparkles:


We have a new trailer made by one of our lovely guild members!

Assisted by these three great voice actors



Does anyone ever feel like there’s not enough swoosh to the woosh? Worry no longer because the circle has you covered. :triumph:

Always enjoying setting up plots with other guilds, too! You need magical support? We’re here to help!

You want a magical plot or something totally unrelated to magic but a curious adventure nonetheless? Befriend us and together we will witness the world!

Shamelessly pointing to my side-project, the magical inn called The Nocturne!

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I approve this message

As usual, we are still looking for:

  • students
  • teachers
  • freelancers (“those who do not teach”)
  • 1 - 2 non-magic fighters or Spellblades
  • non-magic wielding characters who wish to study, work together with mages and/or explore the world together (any non-magic focused character)

Had a great series of events last week and expect to see many more on the horizon. Including some quite big ones. :eyes:

Jeraiel would really enjoy seeing some more:

  • non-spellcasting curious people
  • people who know how to fight without magic

On the other hand, spellcasters are always welcome!

What better time to be part of the guild than now! After all, I will soon be hosting part two of the missing artefact trilogy!

That’s pretty sexy.


So, the Circle will be seen more around as we go on our adventures! Feel free to interact with us and see what may come from the RP!


When we are not saving damsels in distress in Stormwind City we banter about in our private little tower.
Many secrets are still to be found and told, so join us in our adventure to do so!


The Circle is currently out and about as one of our guild narratives has begun:

  • The Melorian Chronology: Chapter 1
    Danger? Check.
    Bonding? Check.
    Adventure? Check.
    Magic? Do you even have to ask?!

If you’re curious about a very peculiar set of individuals who all have their own stories and events which are loosely tied together, then feel free to message any of us or message Aurosen on discord/ingame if you want to talk to our boss! :blush:

Jeraiel’s side-project, the magical inn called ‘The Nocturne’: [RP-A/H] "The Nocturne" 🌌 - The Inn Between Worlds! - "Underwater World" (1. May) - New flyer!


Jera has been hosting an absolutely amazing event and there is even more to come! Very much props to her and her efforts to provide excellent roleplay opportunities.


As our latest adventures come to an end and the circle reunites to meet at The Nocturne on March 13, I wanted to inform people of what we have been up to!

We recently embarked with the dwarves of Clan Stormheart on a delightful, yet really painful adventure (ouch, ouch, ouch)! :fire: Jera hopes to return north some day to learn more of dwarven culture and baby gryphons. :heart:

Additionally, The Melorian Chronology - Episode 1 came to an end last week, kicking off our third guild narrative. Many more stories are yet to come and force the circle to travel the world, to seek out wonders and mysteries alike.

In regards to the story of this guild, I would just like to say that this mixture of adventure, casual/social, learning and expeditions is becoming more and more fruitful as our individual narratives interwine with each other, leaving a story that arcs into more and more branches but with one root at its heart: the Melorian Circle’s members.

If you like storytelling, interacting with other amazing individuals or guilds s.a. Clan Stormheart, then please, seek us out! We’re currently recruiting various roles and offer special positions to members!

We are always open for new students, teachers, or adventurers with an affinity for magic!

Current "paid job positions to aid with our research":
                       Vault Warden
                    Temporary Librarian
                 Seneschal of the Tower
                     Medical Officer (doctor, alchemist, healer)
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Our recruitment is open for all kinds of characters, with an affinity for magic or not :sparkles: Please consider joining us if you enjoy meaningful, magical narratives~

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These folks definitely have a friend in Clan Stormheart, lovely bunch - can’t wait to bump in to them again at some point!


Thank you! I’m sure you will!