[A] [RP] The Silverbrand Cohort


The Silverbrand Cohort is back. Originally on Darkmoon Faire (EU) 2006-2008, we are now in WoW Classic, on the EU RP Server “Hydraxian Waterlords.”

We are …

…a pack of misfits, troublemakers, screwballs and cockups, cast out of polite society, left to fend for ourselves in a turbulent and violent world, coming together and finding strength in and shared purpose with each other, to survive and prosper, to make our unique mark on the Realm, to be bold – fierce – drunk! And to become soldiers, a fighting force to reckon with, to defend truth, justice and the Alliance way of life.

Our vision: an RP guild that plays the damn game.

If you’d like to know more, come visit us at sbcohort dot enjin dot com.


Thalei wanders into the guildhall. After her stalks a large, ghostly white saber, and a small playful black cat prances after it while swatting at the sabers’ tail. If one looked closely its clear that the large saber holds something in its’ maw. Something still wriggling, trying to get free. Thalei seems oblivious to it however, and slumps with a sigh into a chair
“I’m hungry! When is lunch?!”


Will snorts loudly in a nearby chair and immediately falls over with a thud, as he is jerked awake from his nap.

Wh… What’s going on!? Oh, Thalei!

He mumbles to himself as he rubs the sleep out of his eyes and gets to his feet.

You startled me. I was just… resting my eyes, I swear.

Will chuckles heartily, but his face goes abruptly blank as he realizes his lapse of guard duty.

Don’t tell Livius…


Rheyana peeks her head in and notices Thalei and Will. In her arms she holds a basket full of muffins, delicious little treats with all kinds of flavour; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla. She looks around the guild hall and spends a minute trying to decide if she should take the chance to enter or not. Rhey bites her lip, then slowly walks into the room, hugging the wall, eyes peeled on the two already there.

“Ok, so I am going to put this basket down in the corner here, nice and easy, but you two… seriously, do NOT eat the muffins! I promised Gerby that I would keep them safe until we were all together, she worked really hard all morning making these.”

Rheyana glares at Thaleis pets and nods in their direction.

“Same goes for your animals there, if I see any paw prints on the frosting so help me Elune…”

Rhey pushes some books off a table with her knee and places the basket down on it. She ponders for a moment, looks at the basket, then Will, over to Thalei, then back at the basket. She closes her eyes briefly and waves her hand in a soft motion, a flicker of light embracing the basket as a protective shield appears around it. Rhey nods satisfied.

“OK. I am going to get the second batch. DO NOT TOUCH THEM.”

She drags two chairs across the room and places them protective in front of the table before quickly dashing out the door towards the Inn where Gerby is busy conjuring up various pastries.


Nevi stumbles in, seemingly being dragged into the room by his nose. His direction changes with each deep sniff, apparently blindly triangulating towards the muffins.

“What is this that I smell? This isn’t like the gamey boar meat and stinky raptor eggs I’ve been havin’ on the road.”

Another series of sniffs follow.

“This smells divine! Whose are they? Surely they’re for all of us?”

Nevi looks over at Thalei and Will questioningly.

“These can’t be left out here all alone to go dry. Should we… can we… y’know… have a bite?”


Thalei gets up from her chair, inhaling deeply as she makes her way to the basket

They DO smell, and look, very delicious!
But I think Rhey put some sort of protective magic around it. And we’d make Gerby sad if we’d eat them now.

in the meantime Thalei’s saber, Silverleaf, has been playing with the critter it had in her jaws. A rat, as it now can be seen. Toying with it like any cat would play with their food, until Silverleaf gets distracted for a short moment when Thalei stands up and walks to the basket. The rat, in surprisingly good condition after having been toyed with, quickly scurries off, hiding underneath a nearby bookcase.


Soggy footsteps can be heard approaching the door, which opens to reveal a dripping robed dwarf, Brodil Bronzehammer. His robe and beard are totally soaked, and some pieces of seaweeds have lodged themselves in his beard.

“G’d day all! I’ve been gatherin’ a bit of stranglekelp, so I thought it’d be a nice time to see y’all and dry a bit by the fire. An’ of course this time I’ll wring out my beard in the…” he suddenly stops, eyes lighting up.

“Ah, lemme wager: Gerby’s been bakin’ again! But…” -the dwarf furrows his brow- “muffins protected by the Light? Has someone been takin’ some unlicensed bites? Well, such enchantments may expire in a minute or a day or so, but it’s better if the person enchanting them dispels them too for good measure, you never know whether muffins with holy energy residues cause indigestion to our guild warlocks and the like…”

The dwarf stops speaking and shivers.

“But I trust that the muffins will find their way into the stomachs of the most needy. I’ll probably first visit a drain access point to get rid of this water surplus. See y’all later!” - he disappears sloshingly through another door.


Will stares at the basket for a few seconds, obviously captivated in a daydream by the muffins’ delicious odour. He snaps back, blinks and looks to Nevi.

“We… We shouldn’t. Poor Gerby would be so disappointed we started without her. Then again… There are quite many. Would she notice if we took just one each, you think? Or maybe if we just took one and split it three ways?” he smirks slyly.

“How would we break the spell though? And once the spell is gone, they would clearly know we got one, so we would need to reapply a similar one to make sure no one is the wiser.”

Will goes wide-eyed and jerks up straight.

“I have an idea! I’ll be right back!”

He runs for the exit but immediately slips on the water drippings left by the soggy dwarf. His head hits the doorframe with a loud thunk, and he drops unconscious to the floor.


Meanwhile, Row Greybird is passing by on the street outside. He stops and looks quite surprised at the building next to him. Wasn’t it vacant for nearly a decade? But it seems like someone had cleaned the entrance and fixed the formerly crooked guild sign.

“The Silverbrand Cohort” repeat his lips in silence.

Warm light is flooding out of the slightly opened doorway.

Row mumbles “Whoever is back after such a long time really deserves a good wish for a well start…”

Suddenly the front door flies open, and at the same time a loud “thunk” can be heard from inside, like if skull hit wood, and skull lost. The sound is followed by an unconscious human warrior, sliding through the doorframe in a puddle of water.


Thalei sucks in her breath, making a hissing noise as she watches Will go down and quite unelegantly flop to the ground
“By Elune!”
she rushes after Will, careful to avoid the wet puddles. Just past the doorframe she looks up, momentarily locking eyes with the unfamiliar nightelf on the street. He’s looking somewhat bewildered
“ah! Hi there!”
she looks down at the unconcious Will
“uhm… Just ignore this please. Nothing to see here! Would you, ngh” Thalei grunts as she tries to hoist Will up under his armpits
“would you like to join us inside? We’ve got cupcakes! Just ehr… Mind the puddles”

Thalei looks back over her shoulder inside and shouts “hey, come give me a hand here, Nevi!”


Row stares with raised eyebrows for a moment, his gaze going back and forth between the nightelf who came running and the still unconscious human. Then he suddenly grabs the warrior’s armpits from behind and lifts him on his feet in one fluid motion, right in front of Thalei. For a short moment Row observes the balance of the now standing man, who rocks back and forth like tree in a fresh breeze, before removing his hands completely.

“Ah, cupcakes?”

Row nods at Thalei, smiles, and steps into the building, while the warrior next to the two looks like he will tumble over any second again.


For a moment Thalei looks after Row as he makes his way inside, a grin forming on her face
“I like him!”

she turns her attention back to the wobbling human next to her, supporting him with one arm “come on Will, you need to sit down inside. Maybe have a healer look at that head of yours.”


Will lets out a deep groan and leans on Thalei as they hobble back into the hall. He slumps into a chair and passes out again, with a huge red bump now visible on his forehead.


Serena comes running down the stairs after hearing the loud noise.

“Ohh, honey, are you okay?” she exclaims in a worried voice while running towards Will. She places her hands on his head, and a faint glow envelops the two. “I’ll make it better, darling.”

“This is so like him, the klutz! Not the first time he gets a bit silly… i wonder if he does it so I’ll lay my hands on him more often” she says with a little smile, and gives Will a small kiss.

Serena turns around and gives Thalei a hug.

“Thanks for helping him, Thalei. No wonder I wanna bless you everytime I see you.”

She spots the strange elf in the hall.

“Ooh, hello there! Would you like some home-made cherry-brew? Or… muffins?”


Row nods and slightly smiles at Serena.

“Cup-cakes? Muffins? Cherry-brew?? Well, yes… I would try one of those cakes inside a cup.”

The Elf takes one of them and twists and turns it in front of his one glowing eye, observing every detail of it. Then finally…he takes a bite. A raised eyebrow follows. And then a wide grin.

“Well, well, well. Delicious!”. His eye wanders across every person in the room. “What are you people actually doing here? Some… kind of ‘re-opening’?”


Rhey pushes the door to the main hall open with her shoulder and walks in with both her arms filled to the brim with muffins. She halts on the doorstep as she notices the puddles on the floor, and her eyes are drawn towards Wills now pale figure in the chair and Serenas gentle hands on a bump on his forehead.

“What the…”

Rheyana tries to take in the scenery, but before her brain manages to conjure up a possible explanation she sees the elf that are leaning against the wall, slowly eating one of the muffins she had left behind earlier. Rhey looks at the basket in horror. The glow around it is gone, and the guild hall is slowly filling up with the delicious smell of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

“Oh boy…”

Knowing her friends fierce and relentless stance towards liquor and sweets she decides that the muffins in the basket is a lost cause and quickly backs out towards the door to save the ones she is still carrying. For a brief moment she felt relieved that at least this batch would be alright, but as Rhey turns around to open the door with her foot a whirl of emerald hair tumbles into the guild hall and a slender figure falls into her arms with a delightful laughter.

“Whoopsi! These floors are slippery!”

In a short moment of forgetfulness chaos erupts as Rhey opens her arms to catch the druidess Silverain. All the muffins she was carrying quickly rolls out and covers the entire floor in a sweet, gooey mess.

“Oh no…”


Strolling down an alley towards the Guildhall, Arthara was in a bad mood. She was not a fan of cities to begin with, but after a heated argument with a human about how her wolf should be kept on a leash within city limits all she wanted to do was to relax inside the Guildhall.
As Arthara walked along side the building, she glanced inside through a window…

“Oh for Elune’s sake.”

Seeing the pandemonium around the entrance, Arthara vaulted through the next open window, her wolf jumping in after her, landing on the sticky floor.

“By the light of the Moon, what happened here?! Is this some Gnomish prank?”


Leaning onto a wall, licking his fingers clean after enjoying the cup-cake, Row seems to quite enjoy watching the chaos which unfolds in front of him. At least non-stopping smile could suggest that.

His turns to the Elven huntress.

“No Gnomish prank. Just a combination of over-enthusiasm, imprudence and quite some baked goods.”

Then he looks at Rhey and the laughing druidess.

“Those cakes-in-a-cup are…” a short glance to towards the floor “were… excellent! I am sorry for your loss. Does your now properly re-inaugurated establishment also provide a shovel, a cleaning rag and a bucket of warm water? If we don’t act fast, that wonderful wolf will surely have a sore tummy tonight.”


Nevi looks in horror at the fresh muffins, now spread out on the floor.

“But… I was gonna’ eat those. Warm, fluffy, tasty muffins. I don’t want to go back to boar meat, ye hear? We’ve got to save the treats!”

His focus shifts from the muffins on the floor to the wolf recently having jumped through the window.

“NO! Bad! They aren’t for pets!”

With his arms stretched out as far as his dwarven stature will allow, he runs towards the wolf, shouting nothing but gibberish.

“New guy! Tall guy! Save the muffins and I’ll keep the beast at bay!”


Rani and Aleister walk in, deep in conversation about some business they have. As usual when he’s in thought, Aleister is stroking and tugging his goatee while staring at the ground, but oblivious to his surroundings. His companion, however, is more observant.

“Ah’m sure, dat’ll wo… What da? Aleister! Ye’r about ta STEP ONTA A…”

As if it happens in slow motion, Rani sees the warlock step onto a muffin and start sliding, the glazing acting as a lubricant. Aleister snaps out of his thoughts and furiously flails his arms in a desperate attempt to stay upright, only to propelling him across the room and crashing through a window onto the street.
Rani buries her face in the palm of her hand and mutters a muffled:

“… cake.”

The rogue sighs, drops her arm and looks at the scene around her. There’s a stranger in the guild hall, the floor is a mess of (remainders of) cake and puddles, one officer is down while another rushes a wolf and a shard of glass in the window Aleister slid through gives up it’s battle with gravity.

“For da love of Gnomeregan! Wud is 'appening 'ere?”

From outside a wail starts to rise, one which indicates Aleisters mysophobia has been triggered.

“Troggs balls! Now DAT 'as to be dealt with as well!”