[A] [RP] The Silverbrand Cohort


Thalei watches the pandemonium around unfold, struck with horror and frozen into place. Without realising it she had picked up her small black cat, holding it close in her arms. The slender black cat stares with wide-eyed curiosity at the scene surrounding them
"Livius is going to kill us. And worse: Gerby will be so disappointed! Look at these poor cupcakes! We have to fix this! "

the white saber meanwhile has turned its head to follow Aleister as he slid through the room, and out the window where he now seems to be wailing. Something so small sure can make a whole lot of noise, the saber considers.


Row had already picked up one of the former and now soacked cup-cakes with his fingertips and mumbled the words “You still want to eat… THAT?” when the dwarf starts yelling at him.

He jumps into action, rushes into a side room where he presumes the kitchen to be found and soon you can hear some clanking and rattling. Shortly after that Row returns with two giant cooking pods to rescue at least some of the baked goods, but immediately stops in his tracks because a Gnome just slides past him through the room and out of the window, reducing the amount of the edible cakes into another fraction.

The tall elf looks at Thalei and shrugs. “I fear these bits are beyond any possible rescue now.”

Then he suddenly grins again. “How fast can you bake? And how long till this Livius and Gerby you mentioned are showing up?” Pointing towards the door he just emerged from he mentions “There is a quite nicely equipped kitchen, and in this room are enough hands to help cleaning up this mess.”

Looking at the broken window he adds “…but maybe someone should look after that poor little fella. There seems some kind of ruckus starting outside.”


The Druid sits at his desk, writing swiftly on a piece of parchment. Other pieces are strewn all over said desk and there’s barely a free spot on it. His expression is focused and concentrated, but the eyebrows slant downward and the shape of his mouth in no way resembles a smile.

A gentle rap at the door interrupts his thoughts and his writing. His scowl deepens as he looks up to see who disturbs him this time – and immediately softens.

“Gerbs!” he exclaims with a smile. “Is it time, then?”

The Gnome Lady nods her head happily. She’s still wearing her pastry smock and hoodie and there’s flour dabbed on her hands and face.

“Yes, Livie! They’re finally ready,” she says.

The Druid jumps up from his desk and walks quickly over. “Then come on, Chef! Let’s deal with those muffins.”

“Hurray!” exclaims Muffin Lady, as they exit the room and head toward the common area.


Silverain snorts as she tries to hold back her laugh when Aleister takes a dive out of the window, and grabs a horrified Rhey by the arms and pulls her towards the door. She shoves a small coin purse into one of Rheys hands.

“Ok, you go and buy some wine, cheese, flowers… whatever you can get your hands on to soften things up when darling Gerby arrives, I will fix the floor.”

She pushes Rhey the last step out and slams the door behind her. Silverain turns around, closes her eyes and with a muffled growl she shape-shifts into a huge bear. Ignoring everyone else in the hall she falls down on her belly with a soft “thump”, places her paws on the side and starts pushing herself around the floor with her hind legs, scooping up wet muffins with her tongue and wiping up sticky frosting with her fur. Silver shifts and turns on the floor and tries to slide underneath Nevis legs, but the dwarf ends up sitting on top of her like a helpless rider instead as she speeds around the guild hall floor, trying her best to clean up the mess while carefully avoiding the broken glass.


Row’s grin gets even wider when he sees what the druidess is up to. He drops the cooking pods in a corner and runs towards the exit. Halfway there he grabs Rani and drags him along, finally pushing him gently through the doorway out onto the street.

“Come on, she can do her cleaning magic and…” he takes a peek around the corner into the alley, where the broken windows was leading to, and looks back with a suddenly worried face at the gnome “…in the meantime we try to calm down your friend. Any advice or idea?”


Arthara had raised an eyebrow at Nevi as he charged her wolf, but seeing the dwarf riding around on the big bear she couldn’t help but laugh. Reaching into a pouch, Arthara took out a slab of raw mutton and tossed it out the window, her wolf jumping after it.
She then scoops up a piece of the gooey mess and sits down on the windowsill.

“It’s a bit too sweet for my taste, but the furball sure seems to like it”


Thalei has rushed into the kitchen at Row’s suggestion, trying to whip up a batch of cupcake batter like a madwoman. She is obviously not very skilled at baking, tossing in flour, milk, eggs and butter at completely random quantities, hoping it will somehow form into a good batter. Mixing it all together at an insane speed and pouring the ‘batter’ into an empty muffin tray which she found and shoving it into the oven

“right, those are baking… Now the frosting. How does one make frosting?!”
She grabs a bag of sugar and another few eggs, some cream, and begins to whisk those together


Calath walks in - with all the air of someone being afraid of the unaccustomed stone walls around him to collapse at his slightest misstep. He stops, cocks his head and frowns at the commotion in the kitchen. ‘Surely that’s not a way for an Elf to behave in front of the other races,’ he seems to think. And the tiniest twitch in his facial muscles might betray a thought like ‘Probably a warrioress or even - a huntress’… though of course he would emphatically (well, in as much as he can be said to do or say anything in that way) deny this. He clears his throat and says: “For my part I’ve never considered frosting to be all that necessary. How about some herbs?” He rummages in his bag, littering little twigs and leafs around him.


Thalei jumps, spilling half of her ‘frosting’ over the counter

“BY ELUNE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!” she almost screeches at the stranger suddenly standing next to her in the kitchen. She stares incredulously at Calath as he litters the ground with herbs falling from his bag


He seems to be even more startled than her and stammers: ‘Ehrm… - outside?’ His bushy white eyebrows can hardly conceal the up and down scanning he seems to instinctively perform of every person in front of him. ‘My apologies’, he says with a rather slight bow of his head, ‘I did not mean to startle you.’ He then follows her stare and notices the herb stains around him. ‘Oh dear. Again?’ He stoops down with a sigh and begins to gather up the twigs and leaves. Very meticously, and obviously very oblivious of the person standing in front of him.


Meanwhile, outside at the guildhall’s corner wich leads into the side alley, Row just gave Rani a nudge.

“Hey, don’t freeze on me now. After all that guy is YOUR friend! Just LOOK at him!”

Row shoves Rani around the corner and points at Aleister.

“Is that behavior normal for a Gnome?”


“No, it ain’t! Leis is just terrified of germs an’ stuff. An’ throwing 'im in the canal won’t improve the situation either! Ah guess we 'ave ta take ‘im back inside, through the chaos an’ give 'im a scrub, unless ye 'ave a better i-…” Rani stops midsentence, as if caught offguard by a thought: “Doesn’t the park 'ave a moonwell?”


“No! No! Nonono! Well, yes, but… no. Seriously, NO!”

The gnome’s suggestion is in contradiction with every fiber of Row’s elven mindset. But suddenly he also looks like he is lost in a thought and mumbles “…actually, why the satyr not?”

He kneels down and turns Rani around she has to look him right into the eye. “If you think about it, this is even perfect. He will have the best ablution of his entire life. See, that water is cleansing in multiple ways.”

…and here comes the ‘but’ part: “BUT…!”

Row’s ever present grin is completely wiped away as if he tries to underline the seriousness of the matter to her.

“The druids. The sentinels. Every single elf will be upon us if we don’t manage to get them out of the park first! Here is the plan: I will carry your friend, but you… YOU… you need to cause a distraction first! Get them all out of there, no matter how.”

Row pulls a small leathern Blackjack out of one of his pockets.

“And I hope your friend won’t mind a little bump on the head. I won’t drag him there in that furious state he is currently in. Now go! I meet you in the park!”


Aleister is too occupied with his own misery to notice the pale night elf approach, too occupied to notice the elf sneak behind him and too occupied to notice the elf raising his arm.

Then there was nothing to notice anymore, or -for that matter- to freak out about as blissful unconsciousness took him.


Silverains speedy cleaning has slowed down as she’s nearly eaten all the wet, soggy muffins on the floor. She stands up on her hind legs, causing Nevi to fall to the ground, and with a big wheeze she shape-shifts back to her elven form.

“Oof… uh… that was more muffins than I thought…”

Silverain pats her belly and rocks back and forth for a moment, looking rather unwell.

“I think I need to lie down just for one minute…”

She wallows towards a corner to lie down, one hand following the wall, the other still protecting her belly. She passes Arthara sitting on the windowsill and nearly pushes the poor huntress out of the window in her sugar-infused haze.

“Sorry, sorry!”

Silverain whispers then kneels down onto the floor, curls up into a tiny ball completely oblivious to the fact that her clothes are drenched in frosting, and falls asleep right away on the spot. She snores loudly, accompanied by a tiny burp now and then.

The floor, while almost empty of muffins, is now just a big, sticky mess with frosting and bear-paw marks all over.


During her assignment to patrol the border of Goldshire in Elwynn Forest, the young Paladin Leanora ran into a strange Night Elf woman with an even stranger request. Silver in hand, the woman stopped Leanora in her tracks and offered her the coins if she were to follow her, and proclaim praise towards the Night Elf Goddess Elune. Although hesitant, Leanora ensured that she would help those in need, and that payment wouldn’t be necessary. Reluctant and wary, she followed the Night Elf into the woods, towards Mirror Lake.

A sizable band of individuals awaited the arrival of the two, and Leanora was greeted with friendly smiles. But it wasn’t long before the smiles all turned to silent stares. All eyes fixed on Leanora, she turns to the Night Elf woman. The woman nudges Leanora and whispers in a low voice “Do. It. Now. Praise Elune.”
Soft laughter emerged from the crowd. Heads were shaking, muttering. The woman pokes her again, “Now!” she whispers pressingly.

Almost sounding like it is a question, Leanora turns to the crowd and prudently speaks: “Elune be praised” A notable sign of relief appears on the Night Elf woman’s face. The band of individuals look at each other and then they started cheering and clapping. “Bravo! Well done!” The Night Elf woman offers Leanora her silver coins once more, but Leanora, again, refuses. As a Paladin her duty is to selflessly help those in need after all.

The Night Elf walks over to the group and she seems to be welcomed into it. Leanora thought she could make out the words “Welcome into the Silverbrand Cohort”. Content with her actions, Leanora bids the band of individuals good day. Sometimes it is good to be reluctant, but other times you just have to roll with whatever crosses your path. Who knows, you might even be able to help someone in need.

And with that knowledge, Leanora is off to resume her patrol.


Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city, Row leans against the wall of one of the corner buildings which form the entrance to the Park, a former leisure district which became a refuge for visiting night elves. Now it was the only place in the Eastern Kingdoms where you could find druid trainers. And also Stormwind’s one and only proper Moonwell.

The still unconscious Aleister under his arm mumbles some incoherent words and is dripping with brown mud. Of course the gnome had to collapse right into the biggest puddle of the whole side street. And soon he would start to wake up again.

Row sighs. “Looks like today there are no half-way measures”

Suddenly from between two other houses Rani emerges, whistling in a very suspiciously unsuspicious way, sniffing innocently at some flowers and making her way slowly over towards the well’s platform. Halfway there, she suddenly stops in her tracks, throws her arms up in the air, produces a sound like a dying turkey, dramatically presses her hands against her chest and collapses. Once down in the grass, her limbs start moving like if she would have been hit by a lightning bolt.

One after the other, the druids start to take notice and finally run towards her, one of them yelling at the Sentinels to fetch “that gnomish physician from Fizzle Street”. Soon, a cluster of pointy ears is forming around Rani who is doing the acting performance of her life, playing out the slowest, longest and most gruesome death a gnome had ever to enudre. When the youngest of the druids eventually tries to help in a more practical way and reaches out his fingers towards Rani’s thorax, her mouth suddenly bursts with dark purple sludge. It was just a handful of well chewed Ravenberries she still had found some minutes ago in her pocket, but the success speaks for itself. The collection of elven heads in her field of view suddenly move back at least two feet.

Row’s grin nearly goes from one ear to the other. The Sentinels were gone, the druids occupied. Now would be the perfect time. Running counter-clockwise along the houses which surrounded the Park he is able to get to the backside of the Moonwell without any of the other persons in the vicinity noticing him.

He grips Aleister firmly with both hands, heaves him over the fringe of the basin and plunges him deep into the surprisingly cold water.

This is the moment Aleister finally is waking up.

It is cold. It is wet. He wants to breathe but his mind is telling him not to. He opens his eyes and all he can see are two gigantic blue hands holding him in some kind of bathtub and a blurry face grinning at him.

From one moment to the next, the formerly relaxed gnome in Row’s hands literally kicks into action and the waters below his face start to explode into small angry feet sending holy liquid into every direction.

“Just a few more seconds! You will thank me afterwards! …I am sure. … in about a decade or two.”

The sound of wild splashing is suddenly cut by a scream, followed by a high pitched voice:
"He is trying to drown that little child!!!"

Row looks up and sees a human couple in rather expensive looking clothes pointing at him. He smiles back as if he already had waited for them. “Perfect!”

The elven druids who had gathered around the slowly but surely dying Rani stop discussing the details of gnomen anatomy and turn their heads, look at the screaming humans, then at the Moonwell and finally spot the tall rogue and the wildly splashing gnome. Their faces drop in horror, and after a second of shock they start to rush back to the holy waters.

While Row’s left arm finally pulls Aleister back out of the pool, his right hand reaches for a small sack which is attached to his belt, ripping it off and throwing it onto the floor. The Flash Powder explodes into a thick cloud of grey nothingness, shrouding the elf and the dripping wet gnome, who is about to open his mouth for presumingly a tirade of gnomen swearwords.

“… my head, my po… WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU TO…”

The angry words of the gnome suddenly stop as swift as they had started. A gust of wind divides the smoke into multiple smaller wisps, and Row and Aleister had vanished.

At roughly the same time, Rani stops the cramping and choking and opens one eye, carefully peeking around. The druids seemed to have gathered again around the Moonwell, Row and her friend are nowhere to be seen. Instead the air is filled with shouts and starting discussions about if and how the waters need to be cleansed again. One of the elves is holding up one of Aleister’s boots with two fingers, still dripping brown dirt into the pool beneath it.

Suddenly she hears a whispered “Run!!” from the shadows of a bush next to her. That’s something nobody needs to tell her twice right now. Especially because at the other end of the Park the Sentinels return with an elderly gnome who seems to carry two big toolboxes.

A short time later, Rani and Row enter the guild hall again. The still sleeping Aleister is rolled up in one of Row’s capes, carried by the elf like a baby. He looks much dryer now, but at two spots of his skull some obvious bumps are about to emerge.

“Ah can’t belief dat worked! Ah thought we couldn’t get dem away widdout ‘avin’ sum sort of dragon distractin’ dem!”

Row smiles widely at Rani. “Well. Who needs a dragon when you have a gnome?” He carefully places Aleister in one of the chairs and looks around the hall.

While raising an eyebrow he asks “And what have you all done while we were gone?”



Elenna see’s the announcement pinned to the noticeboard.

She skims over it, and then reads it again, this time taking more care.

Her mind works, mulling over various possibilities.

Up until now, her search has proved fruitless, it is only now that she understands how close she had come to despair.

The message on the noticeboard is a cryptic thing, only surface promising a kind of playful mischief - misfits and troublemakers? Troublemakers for who?

The message-within-the-message is apparent to one who has spent her life in study.

People who are prepared to break rules, and might be persuaded to help - given the right incentives, or cause?

There is only one way to find out.

Elenna carefully notes the name, ‘Livius’, and takes a seat deep within the recesses of the inn. There are few other patrons at this early hour, and she is undisturbed.

She puts pen to parchment, hesitates for a moment, trying to frame her thoughts, contemplating the best method of getting the information across… then she begins to write…

She will drop the message into the post box soon, though doing so will require a form of bravery and confidence that she does not feel…


Thalei wanders out of the kitchen, covered in stains of her baking attempts and some unpleasant smell coming from the ‘cupcakes’ that are baking in the oven. Still somewhat bewildered she looks over her shoulder at Calath, amazed that he was able to come through the guildhall and into the kitchen without anybody noticing. Who was supposed to be on guard duty again?

The guildhall itself is… Well… Less of a mess than she had anticipated actually. Sure, there’s a huge, sticky stain on the floor. And Silverain is equally sticky and soundly asleep on the floor. But all things considered, it could’ve been worse!
Aleister at first glance seems to also be sleeping, but when looking closer his clothes are suspiciously damp and there seems to be some bruises developing on his poor head, with Rani and Row looking suspiciously innocent.
"I’ve been baking a replacing batch of cupcakes, at record speed I might add! " Thalei answers Row, placing her hands proudly on her hips, ignoring the acrid smell that’s wafting from the kitchen.


Rheyana walks quickly trough the streets. She holds a bottle of wine and some wildflowers in one hand, a parcel of cheese in the other. The parcel has a very pungent odor, and she tries to stretch her arm out as far as she can to keep the smell away. When she told Ben Trias that she wanted the best cheese they had, he handed her the package explaining that “The more it smells, the better it tastes!”. She had her doubts, but at least no one could say she lacked effort. She quickened her pace when she reached the canals and could see the guild hall up ahead. A group of schoolchildren wailed as she passed them and they pointed at the parcel while pretending to gag. Rhey gave the children an apologetic look as they ran off shouting and laughing.

“Finally”, she whispered to herself as she opened the door to the guild hall. She stepped in and was left gawking. Her eyes quickly went from the sticky floor with the bear paws to a drenched Silverain sleeping in the corner, and she slowly connected the dots. She glanced at Thalei just as a new odor started to blend in with the cheese, and Rhey furrowed her brows.

“Interesting… smell. Did someone cook?”

She walked over to Row, shoved the wine, flowers and cheese into his arms and swiftly ran over to Silverain on the floor. She looked at her sleeping friend with loving eyes. Silver was a total mess. There was frosting in her hair, her clothes, under her fingernails… everywhere. She had muffin crumbles around her mouth, and her normally lean, trimmed figure now displayed a tiny belly-bump. Rheyana tried to stifle a laugh and instead grabbed the sleeping druidess’ legs. She pulled her over the floor, making a trail as she went, and into the kitchen for a wash.

Rheyana dropped Silverains feet and looked around. The kitchen was, if possible, in a more sorry state than the hall itself. There was flour, milk and egg stains everywhere, the counter was filled with what appeared to be an attempt at making frosting, and the walls that was previously a darker color were now white with flour. Rhey rubbed her hands against her temples for a short moment, the feeling of despair slowly coming back. All of a sudden she noticed the oven, and her face went pale.

“Thalei!!”, she screamed. “Something is burning in here! HELP!”

Rhey opened up the oven door in a panic, flames erupting from the inside. She managed to grab a few cupcakes that were close enough without burning her hands too much and threw them onto the counter. She stared helplessly at the rest being engulfed in flames, wrapping her arms around herself while rocking back and forth. The fire started moving up the wall.