[A] [RP] The Silverbrand Cohort

Elenna briefly opens her eyes, blinks twice to clear them, and peers around the hall.

Seeing nothing that immediately demands her attention, she closes them again, and soon falls back to sleep.

Strangely she dreams of a flying murloc, piloted by an angry Topper McNabb.

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Wow! I was with the Silberbrand for a little while back in the day. Awesome to see the guild coming back, best of luck!


Ethelie walked in and almost said hello before wrinkling her nose. Running towards the back of the guildhall, she could be heard to mutter “not in my kitchen”.

Opening the back door, she then darted to the flaming cupcakes and grabbed the entire oven shelf, using some flame resistant gauntlets. The sounds of sizzling could be heard as the entire mass disappeared into the horse trough. Except for one lone flaming cup cake which tumbled off and sat on the ground, until Ethelie stomped on it.

She turned back to the kitchen and took in the mess with a trembling lower lip, before pulling herself together with a scowl and getting down to business.

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The Silverbrand Cohort will have its next recurring guild meeting on Sunday, 15 DEC 2019 and it’s open to the public. The event will be “Jungle Cliff Diving”. Meet up at the entrance to Booty Bay at 20:00, if you’re interested. Feel free to bring attire that is appropriate to the activity. Feel free to bring booze, too … the more potent, the better.

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Elenna stretches and swivels in her bunk, her legs meet the floor with a solid thud. She yawns and absently wipes her eyes with the back on her hand in an attempt to remove the detritus of long sleep. Eventually she stands, muttering to herself in regard to the strange inversion that has succeeded in disrupting her sleep cycle.

Being active in the daylight hours, and sleeping during the usual hours of activity under the pleasant starlight is not a normal state of affairs! Hunting under a bright sun is starting to feel familiar; that surely cannot be a good thing?

Moving from the sleeping area, still feeling only half awake, she experiences the brief sensation of her hip brushing against something irregular, followed by a tinkling sound of breakage.

Looking down, the shards of the broken trophy are all-too apparent. A shallow indentation remains visible upon the wooden shelf where the trophy had stood for who-knows-how many years?

Livius is not going to be pleased…

The Silverbrand Cohort’s next regular meeting is WED, 04 MAR 2020 at 20:30. Guests are welcome.

Theme: A Rogue’s Tale

Meeting Point: the Cheese Shoppe, Trade District, Stormwind

Row, one of our sneaky rogues, will teach you how to use facilities in Stormwind to get ahead. You’ll learn … useful things … such as:

…the best place to fence contraband.

…how to drag a head through the streets at night without arousing the guards.

…which taverns sell the best booze and ask the least questions.

Dress Code (mandatory for guild members, optional for you all): a face-mask, hat, hoodie or similar.