[A] [RP] The Silverbrand Cohort


There she was again. The elven priestess that had saved them barely a week ago. Alvourels eyes followed Rheyana as she rushed past them. He smiled to himself and looked down on Nin, his traveling companion. The old gnome sat next to him, eating her lunch with a blissful expression on her face, too busy chewing on a piece of bread to notice anyone else around her. They were settled on a nice little dock along the canals, to get some well earned rest before they moved on. What a fortune.

They had decided to find new adventures and wanted to travel the perilous road from Darkshore to visit the city of men, Stormwind, but on the way there they had to cross the Wetlands, a damp and dangerous place for unseasoned adventures like them. The gnome had done the run before, many years ago when she was still a young mage, but old age had gotten to her and she was unable to get them safely trough on her own. They waited at the Inn for hours, hoping that a kind soul would stop by and offer them safe passage. Eventually Nin grabbed her walking cane, tired of the wait and weary of travel, and they set off on their own. Alv with sword and shield in hand and the old gnome safely perched on his back, their normal routine when they had to walk far distances. The pair had barely left the harbor when a soft voice spoke behind them. “Would you two like an escort trough these dangerous lands?” It was her. The priestess. All radiant and beautiful, purple hair cascading down her back and caressing her face, sitting on top of a magnificent sabercat. Her gentle eyes upon him, awaiting his answer. Alv had been gobsmacked, and at first he could barely get a word out. Nin had smacked him in the head with her cane and smiled at the priestess. “We would love it, my Dear!” He just nodded, eyes fixated on her glowing eyes. They made it trough Wetlands without a scratch, and she even offered Nin a ride on her sabercat to give him some relief from his “duties as a mount”. It had been months since he had seen his old friend THAT happy.

And now she was here. Alv jumped to his feet, not entirely sure what to do with himself. He looked down on Nin again and said “I’m just going to get us something to drink, my friend. I will be back shortly!”. The old gnome just nodded and closed her eyes, already settled in for a nap. “Go get her, tiger.” Alvourel snorted and silently ran after the priestess, trying his best not to be seen or heard.

He stopped outside the big doors he saw her enter a moment ago. Alv looked bewildered for a moment, realising that this probably was where her guild resided. He lifted his arm, about to knock on the door, but hesitated for a moment. He took a step back and noticed the recruitment note pinned to a message board next to the entrance. His eyes skimmed trough it, then he read it once more with increased interest. He noted the names and what was required of new recruits. Alv looked upon the door once more, nodded to himself and walked back towards the docks where Nin was waiting.


Elenna briefly opens her eyes, blinks twice to clear them, and peers around the hall.

Seeing nothing that immediately demands her attention, she closes them again, and soon falls back to sleep.

Strangely she dreams of a flying murloc, piloted by an angry Topper McNabb.

(Príncess) #43

Wow! I was with the Silberbrand for a little while back in the day. Awesome to see the guild coming back, best of luck!


Ethelie walked in and almost said hello before wrinkling her nose. Running towards the back of the guildhall, she could be heard to mutter “not in my kitchen”.

Opening the back door, she then darted to the flaming cupcakes and grabbed the entire oven shelf, using some flame resistant gauntlets. The sounds of sizzling could be heard as the entire mass disappeared into the horse trough. Except for one lone flaming cup cake which tumbled off and sat on the ground, until Ethelie stomped on it.

She turned back to the kitchen and took in the mess with a trembling lower lip, before pulling herself together with a scowl and getting down to business.