[A] Silvermoon <hulkomania> fresh guild looking to get AOTC!

Hulkomania is a fresh semi-hardcore guild more on the casual side looking for their fellow brothers to join us in raiding and M+ started by experienced raiders. We fear no man, no beast or evil, brother.

Our goals are AOTC, and getting / helping everyone get at least KSM this season. We’re N 8/8 and H 4/8 with pugs by now.

Raid Schedule:

  • Wednesday 8PM-10PM Server Time
  • Sunday 8PM-10PM Server Time

If you are interested in raiding and would rather skip pugging and join a comically fun environment, feel free to contact us on battlenet (or find me ingame):

  • mephlaren#2566

Looking for both melee and ranged DPS, and Healers at the moment

What we’re looking for

  • Beginners and veterans alike
  • It’s just a game, so a chill environment
  • Decent behavior, no hate allowed
  • At the least, basic understanding of the English language
  • Hulk Hogan quotes because I’m starting to run out of them, but the guild name sounded good.

What do we offer though?

  • Fun environment, banter is more than encouraged
  • Help with improvement if asked for, including looking through and supporting wlogs / recording VODs or just general advices
  • An inclusive guild where everyone is welcome
  • Hopefully, an insane amount of loot
  • Everything needed for successful raids and mythic runs

We are currently looking for more ranged dps and healers.

Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Heya, can you add me on Discord? Holy pally here. :stuck_out_tongue: Dominique#3637

Yes, we’re still looking for healers & dps players!