(A) Silvermoon - LF Guild

Me and a mate recently migrated to Silvermoon (Alliance) as our realms was dead, and it would be nice to start fresh.

Looking for a good raiding guild, we are 3/4M and 4/8M. with experience beyond that.

Both playing since BC.

I have personally been healing since BC, but i am rerolling a warrior for next patch and expansion. Currently gearing. will be playing prot/fury and both specs will be kept to highest standards

My mate is on a rogue atm, but is considering rerolling as well.

Can provide logs mythic raids logs from mains, but of course not from the new toons.

So if anyone are looking two recruit two good lads with plenty of experience, send me a PM here or ingame Kruazir#1812

Hey there! I run a newly formed called Red Panda on Silvermoon. We are currently recruiting for raid teams! We don’t have much progress under our belts but we would love for you and your friend to join us. If you’d like to have a chat then please message me on bnet - ackersass#2322

Thank you and good luck!

Thanks for the interest,

we would be looking for something a bit more established, but thanks again

I do wish you all the best.


Hiya Kruazir, we have been an active raiding guild on Silvermoon since 2007 if you are looking for an established guild. We currently run 2 raiding teams for different purposes (A Casual HC and a Mythic progression team) and our Mythic progression team is just coming back from a short back so I am filling it back out again in the end of tier lull, would like a chat if this sounds like more your thing. Asta#2730

Hello friend, our guild is currently recruiting and is looking into moving in a high pop server (Silvermoon or Ravencrest) we are 5/8M EP and are looking for a couple of good souls to fill up our ranks. If and your friend would like to know more, please feel free to add me on bnet: Stranger#2218 or Discord Stranger Mysst#9122


Quantum MK II is looking to add up capable people to the roster, from all specs and classes. The main dish being AotC with a few Mythic downs here and there. We’re currently sitting at 8/8Hc & 3/8M. If you’re interested, please check out our recruitment post right here.

All contact information is listed in on the post. My own info is updated a bit down in the comments section (EvilDonutMan/TexMexCowBoy) on the media’s. I’m available almost 24/7 via discord, so don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you’d like to chat to know more.

Looking forward to it

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