[A-Social Guild] <The Silver Order>

Hello Peeps :slight_smile:

The Silver Order was founded by a group of people from Vanilla Argent Dawn. Mostly people from relatively prominent raid guilds and teams.

The core idea is to bring us together in a place where we can enjoy the nostalgia of Classic and progress through the game in a relaxed and relatively mature fashion.

What are our goals?

The short-term goal is to be a fun environment for guild members to level up in, and help each-other in various ways. The intent is to get people up to level 60 and have a guild where finding people to run end-game dungeons shouldn’t be too hard. Once we have enough people who have progressed to beyond dungeons, we may look into the feasibility of dipping our toes into the raids. It is important to understand, though, that we are not planning to become an outright raiding guild with multiple scheduled raids per week, simply due to the fact that a lot of us have real life commitments outside of the game. Within the guild, we have multiple people who are used to leading raid teams and have experience from the Vanilla raids. So we will not be struggling in that sense when we get to that point.

So if you are interested in joining us on our adventures feel free to poke Innu, Creek, Ath or Garzafoss for a invite or just add my batteltag Creek#2258

We are seeking more players to join us for dungeons and just have fun with us ,we will be looking into community raiding soon :slight_smile:

The Silver Order sounds like it has great potential! Will definitely consider you guys once I solo hit 60 and get all my Shinydin gear :slight_smile: Moreso, this reply is a mainly a shoutout to one of the peeps in your guild who re-logged to his 60 toon to assist my lowly vl 25 get past a tricky quest in Redridge. Returning to WoW after 10 years, the Rp servers still have the best people. Kudos

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Hi the silver order , im gm in geratric ward , and sense launch we having low pace of recruiting and are now thinking of merge with another guild with similar goals. We have a recruitment post on forum if you like to know who we are : A <Geriatric Ward> recruiting. Make a new friend!

You can contact me personally bnet : Snéek#2326 or my officer Galtavok#2521

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I remember the Silver Order… would be nice to see you guys back :slight_smile: