[A] Tank/Healer/DPS looking for guild - Will transfer


Very experienced heroic/mythic raider here (476 blood/unholy dk and 470 Restodruid) looking for a guild.

I would like to introduce myself in more detail, however this is what I can offer.

  • I can 99% attend raids that start 22:00+.

  • I can attend raids that are 20:00+ on Wednesday and Fridays

The rest of the times/days are 50/50 if I can join however they are never guranteed. If the wife wants to do something, she has prio.

But most important is that I am looking for a guild that has a non toxic enviroment, I like to have fun while I raid/progress no matter the amount of wipes.

I am willing to server transfer to any other alliance guild on any realm if it is a good match, but I am currently on Silvermoon.

If the recruitment is purely for Shadowlands (then current progress does not matter) I can play any class/role that is needed. I have all classes 120+.

Hope to hear from you guys



Add me at chillzorsky#2482 - we are on outland [A] and building something new and exciting for SL… trying to bring back a semi-serious guild community of active players! :smiley:

Hi Grumpy

add me on Bnet or Discord, My guild is on Silvermoon and raids at 22:00 Server

Bnet: Shocksqt1983#2653
Discord: Pitythefoole#9885

Hey there, Please add me on discord for a chat.


Hi Grumpymuppet,
We’re AnV on Silvermoon and looking for a resto druid! Been raiding since 2007 (previously on Frostmane), and would like more likeminded people for our roster going into Shadowlands, having gotten 7/12M in Nya’lotha.
We raid 3 nights/week - Mon/Weds/Thurs between 22.00 - 0.00 server time.

If we seem of interest or would like more info add my battletag:

Hi Grumpymuppet

LEGION is on the Silvermoon server. We’re currently building towards SL. Our emphasis is on enjoying the game together while progressing. Non-toxic is non-negotiable. I have to state that we have no aspirations to be a hardcore raiding guild as most of us have jobs and families that take priority.

I hope you find the right fit and even better if it’s with us.