A Word on World of Warcraft

A Word on World of Warcraft

Join Executive Producer Holly Longdale as we look at what lies ahead for World of Warcraft in the upcoming content updates.

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So TWW launch is before the anniversary event. We’ve got a rough release window then.

I think this is a terrible idea. Based on the 10.2.5 launch with the Azerothian Archives I’m very worried about the quality 10.2.6 will launch with without any PTR testing.

Add to that the community rumblings about a world wide simultaneous release, something I very much do not want (let content release in the morning for the EU not at night), there’s really not any good news I read in this post.

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  • “Listen to your feedback and keep improving.”

You say this every year, yet hundreds of class feedback fall on flat water, completely ignored.


So lets put this into real talk and not shareholder meeting speak!

  • #1. Continue to evolve the living world for all players.

    • Build on our learnings from 2023 to deliver content regularly for Dragonflight and Classic.
    • Update and modernize your experience and quality of life in all flavors of WoW.
    • Listen to your feedback and keep improving.
  • #2. Deliver the first installment of our most ambitious story with The War Within.

    • World of Warcraft: The War Within is preparing to invite players for testing in the coming months, and we are working hard to deliver on the epic journey of our Worldsoul Saga.
  • #3. Try new things and take risks to bring you new experiences.

    • Our development team is trying new approaches. Invention and creativity are critical to this ever-evolving world of Azeroth we craft for—and with—all of you.

#1 We won’t be doing anything new, so deal with it!

#2 Going to give you a little taste, so we can make you pay for the preorder and then say “zomg TWW is the biggest selling WoW expansion since the creation of sliced bread!”

#3 - We will be using Chat GPT to create ideas for us. This is due to our creativity as individuals has been stripped from us. We can not create without the risk of offending some wet noodle somewhere in the Interwebs!


“I am rock, nerf paper, scissors are fine” is not really feedback. :sweat_smile:


Continue to evolve the living world for all players

Urgh ripped right from GW2 just like Dragonriding.

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I see a lot of negativity in the comments so I just wanted to say I am REALLY enjoying dragonflight, while there were some bumps on the way I have to say I enjoyed vast majority of the content we got so far and it gives me hype for the future of WOW.

Sending all the love to the developers and thank you for making me enjoy wow again :heart::heart:


So many salty people here and pirates haven’t even appeared yet.
Seriously liking the expansion lots of good things here, is it perfect no however when people look back comes the next expansion or 2 i think it will remembered fondly.
Not putting stuff on the PTR is great nothing worse than having a new feature and already everyone knows what’s what and are already meta gaming it. The game should be about discovery wonder and adventure like the first time I stepped into this amazing world. Keep up the good work.


Forum is made for rant.

But i agree DF isnt bad at all. Not the best one but its playable.

Im not sure is pirates focused: maybe they used the Jolly Roger just to cover the suprise.
We’ll see. Im curious about it

I really like the direction that DF has taken removing the ‘make you play’ metrics. It has made the game a lot more fun to actually play.

I’m glad going forward with TWW that the approach is going to be more account wide.

Made a thread, but would like some further QoL towards the TWW feature to be able to unlock transmogs regardless of Class with the War Bands…


e.g. - Acid-Tipped Stinger daggers strictly only drop for Rogue Assassins and Subs, not even Outlaws get it. Priests can use it, but they’ll never see it drop…

It’s honestly daft that you’re forced to use an alt at a low drop chance for them to unlock a mog for your main, where it won’t drop AT ALL for said main.

im curious to know if now i can dress in Scarlet Crusade mog. The tabard dropped for me for a clothie and i was unable to dress the mog when i went in darkmoon fairie to turn in.

You’re still left to your armor type, you can’t mog plate onto cloth. Just unlock transmogs for your account so your other characters can use it.

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As always. Blizzard could do the most wonderful thing ever and there would still be people moaning about it. Some people just want to hate. :roll_eyes:

I’m very interested in seeing how this is going to work out. Keeping it secret sounds awesome to me.

I do have my doubts, but more about whether I’m going to enjoy whatever they’re cooking up. It could be something great, but it might just not be for me.
That’s the biggest worry I have.

Sounds like a big surprise is coming for Dragonflight when they choose to keep it a secret, can’t wait!

Retail andy’s are really something else. Complain about everything.

I’m really glad to see that they are learning from the amazing experience that is Season of Discovery and implementing some if it’s success into retail (like… discovering stuff without ptr)

One of the worst things about retail is the min maxing and metafication and game-solving that happens before content even launches. Going in head-first without knowing what’s up and figuring it out as you go is a really fun time and I hope that blizzard will continue going down this path!

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It is. It [edit: i.e. having no PTR] is also a great way to relese a buggy, unbalanced product. And this can take all the fun away.

I am all in favor of keeping the patch a surprise… But it better be a banger then<.<…

Don’t hype me up for a surprise box where all i do is following a senile tree and his caretaker around. And planting flowers for a patch after all the hype and anticipation this will make.

Sorry for being Toxic skullfox. But also not sorry.

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let’s be honest, even with intensive ptr testing, how many blizzard releases have not had bugs and balance issues that they had to iron out in the weeks after launches anyways?

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