Ability that lets you heal while in Iceblock?

I saw this in arena a few times enemy mage on low hp goes into IB and heals up to almost full.

Is it a covenant skill that I am not aware of?

It’s an endurance conduit (Cryo-Freeze).
At 200il it heals for 77% of max Hp over 10 sec.

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Nice, thanks for that!

you would think it would be a baseline effect by now since it has appeared in just about every single different broken system they have introduced…

I could day the same about having amz as a DPS.

Every class has a strong defensive utility/partial or total immunity of some sort. Get used to it, learn to play around it.

Agreed, make it baseline or add something new…
Also I could add Cauterizing Blink, but they ditched it this exp and made Flow of Time instead, so we can farm it to get Shimmer’s unnerfed version. Yay

Wow it’s just a Conduit, I thought it was a Legendary effect, that’s pretty strong for just a Conduit.

Not really, it just appears that way because the healing occurs in a short period on a long cooldown, rather than being spread out.

Cryo Freeze (ilvl 200) heals for 77% hp over 10 seconds on a 4 minute cooldown.

So whilst it does heal for 7.7% hp per second over its duration, when you take into account its healing against its cooldown it’s around 0.32% hp/second.

Compare it to something like Rogue’s Recuperator endurance conduit - 25.2% HP over 36 seconds at ilvl 200. That’s 0.7% hp/second or 168% hp over 4 minutes, more than twice the output of Cryo Freeze.

Yeah maybe, I don’t know about the rogue one, sounds like it’s pretty strong also, but being almost dead, going into an immunity and come back out with full hp seems pretty strong to me for just a Conduit, I really thought it was a legendary effect.

Compare that to mine for example, as monk - Fortifying Brew grants you a shield equal to 12.0% of your maximum health for 15 sec, thats ilvl 145, I think it’s around 16% maybe for ilvl 200, and a 3 minute cd, for like a 5 maybe 6k shield, that’s looks pretty unimpressive if you compare that with the ice block Conduit :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering the base heals many classes get without having to waste a conduit, not super amazing, in fact only sort of self heals mages get are from conduits atm, which is fairly pathetic compared to just about every other class in the game atm.

I mean, you might not have actual heals, but mages have barriers, and with the legendary you even get all 3 of them which is amazing, not just for the barriers absorbs, but also the effects for all 3 of them, plus more buffs so ur combust wont be purged or dispelled easily, and I dunno if it’s a conduit or legendary but I think i saw something that also heals you for like 40% of the damage the barriers take? I might be wrong tho,
and then ofc alter time which is amazing, and the ice block heal, all in all, mage is one of the, if not the tankiest dps class right now, and in bg’s or arena you can see their healing done is always super high, one of the highest for dps, (I’m gonne ignore Ret healing, that’s way overtuned} because it counts absorbs and stuff.

Honestly seeing how about half of the current meta (every other 3v3 comp will have either a warrior or some spec of priest in it) can remove iceblock I don’t think this conduit is impressive outside of maybe duels and rogue-mage 2s. The healing won’t do much if you cannot sit in the block for its entire duration.


The fact we have to use both to even get anywhere near survivable in pvp is laughable compared to all the other classes having it as a default.

And they are nerfing the barriers with reset btw.

And alter time is extremely situational, it does sweet fa if you are already burst down.

Sorry but, I dont think there’s anything that’s better at surviving then a mage atm, and the nerf to barrier legendary you’ll hardly notice and it was needed, and I think it will be nerfed again after this tbh.

It will be noticeable, especially for Arcane and Frost.

They are, effectively, halving the power of the legendary, taking the bonus shield from 95% to 50%, which hardly seems worthy of being called ‘‘legendary’’.

Also, by decreasing the barriers to 50% it has the knock-on effect of nerfing other talents, abilities and conduits: -

  • Blazing Soul, Glacial Insulation and Cold Snap + Ice Barrier will only give a 50% shield instead of 65% (it still seems insane that picking a legendary nerfs 2 talents and an ability).
  • Diverted Energy conduit healing output decreased due to smaller barriers.

Nerfing it any further will mean it will never see use.

I understand what you mean and as a mage player it must be annoying it being nerfed, but it really needed it, the barriers are as they are now, just way too strong, I’m not sure how much it absorbs but it’s atleast half a mage’s health, every what, 30 sec?
and its not the just the absorb that makes it strong, it’s the effects that come with it, like the slow, the decreased CC and i forgot what fire shield does, and it being extra buffs it’s harder to purge/dispel combust, all in all it’s just really strong, and I think the nerf was needed, and I think it will still be way too strong, it will still be BiS for PvP after the nerf, I don’t see anyone switching, 150% barrier is still amazing, but it’s not just the actual absorb that makes it strong.

So just to be clear you personally wont be happy till mages have zero defence and are free kills again?

Seems like, I’ve given up trying to reason with him through logic and math, it’s like talking to a trump supporter.

Not at all, but I’d like them to take some damage atleast, have you seen some arena games, where it’s 2 fire mages for example and after like 5 minutes they still have full hp, ur a pure dps class, not a healer tank or hybrid, yet mage is the tankiest class by far, and they already have so many ways to avoid damage, there is a reason the legendary was nerfed, and it will still be too strong after the nerf, I’m pretty sure it’ll get another adjustment.

Don’t be bias because u main a mage, I’m pretty sure every main mage can see they’re too strong right now in every content, not just damage wise, but also survivability (Fire Mage).

Its funny that you seem to think mage is that indestructible.

Calling them tanky compared to many other setups in arena is just laugh worthy.

Plenty of class’s and specs atm that overheal a lot more than barrier and iceblock heal and have their own version of shielding, you act like mages just cant die atm and that’s completely misleading.

Please don’t pretend you talk for anyone other than yourself btw. And don’t tell others to not be bias when your clearly bias in the other direction.

p.s. just pointing at random bg or arena match’s where class X does this or class X does that, doesn’t prove anything other than that the other players were bad or under geared to allow that sort of play.

I’ve been in match’s where the other team melt, I’ve also been in match’s where my team melts, demanding changes based on that sort of play is silly.