About making mage tower hidden artifact transmogs accessible again

I am aware that these transmogs are given as a reward to players who have played the legion expansion pack and those who managed to complete those challenges in time. I also understand why players who got them on time would object to their re-acquisition. Maybe they want it not for everyone and feel special.

But for players like me who’ve never played legion expansion, wouldn’t it at least be fair to re-color these transmogs? I managed to complete the Timewalking mage tower in 7 difficulties and get the mount. I wish we had a chance to get different colors of those hidden weapon transmogs. Especially Demon Hunter warglavies look very nice. Even if they don’t put it back on the mage tower, I’d love for them to at least be added to the trading post. Re-color looks are fair to everyone. There are many people around me who want to get those transmogs. I hope a gesture is made about this.

What do you guys think?


The best advice I can offer you is to stop looking at Rewards from the past, but to start looking at the Rewards that are available today, and available in the upcoming content.

Compete in and complete those challenges, and earn those rewards and over the years of your WoW career you’ll see the collection you have built up over time. It becomes quite satisfying.


Those transmogs are unique. People say legion mage tower is easier than now. Why can’t people who complete the Timewalking mage tower get those transmogs? Is this fair? Thanks for the advice, but it doesn’t make any sense. You probably got them on time and you want others not to. No one wants them without effort, let them come back again and be taken with effort.


I think it is reasonable that when seeing cool desirable items in the game that you get confused and frustrated upon realizing that they are no longer available.
They’re there for those who have them, but not for those who don’t. For them they’re just objects of envy and disappointment. And who wants to be envious and disappointed when playing a video game?!

I think it’s reasonable to give Blizzard the feedback that you want those items to be available again, in some form or another, through some venue or another.

And eventually in time, hopefully, if Blizzard are reasonable, they will listen to that feedback and make those items available again.

Because that would be reasonable.


I think they shouldn’t have removed them in the first place. I got the holy priest mage tower mog, I got the feral druid, I got the mage fire mage, I got the retri, I got the assassination rogue but I still think they shouldn’t have removed them.


The devs built the trading post to bring back cosmetics people missed and asked what people wanted and proceeded to say no to what we asked.

No, you won’t get those skins just like i won’t get the corrupted Ashbringer from naxx. I also didn’t have a chance to get it.

Reason why will not please. They want people to feel special about it. Even though that leads them into a contradiction which is why not remove all cosmetics from the game to make them special rewards for those that acquired them when they were current? It’s illogical.

No one cares in truth. I got the legion mage tower skins and don’t care if others get them on the trading post. I have got them for years. I don’t care anymore. I don’t have a fragile ego to say i want them to be mine “alone” forever cause this game will eventually close and all will be lost. So why deny people the joy of having a cosmetic while there is still time? I don’t get it. :person_shrugging:

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Until the day where all that is deleted like in China :frowning:

In any case since we have this thread again, it is a good time to point out that people look back towards rewards of the past because Blizzard CBA to match and surpass their past models with their present ones.
A car from 1920 is rare and unique now but most people do not aspire to own one compared to a modern car of the same category.

I don’t object.

Neh that’s extremely petty.
All transmog for everyone! That’s how I feel.


We know from blizzard that they are not gonna bring back those tmogs.

But if you are asking for recolors/remakes of those one, then 100% up for it.

Just like they did with tier 3 and nax in WotLK, they should add recolors/remakes that give all players new rewards, and keeping the prestige of the old ones.

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You do know T3 is on BMAH right?


According to your armory you haven’t. I do agree they should bring back the mage tower weps though and thats coming from someone who has a good portion of them.

Yea, if Blizzard had been consistent on these things, we would not be having these discussions.

Most of these decisions are made by Blizzard based on how they feel that year. I suspect that between 2012 and 2018 they felt particularly foul towards the players. Especially the players who moved on from WoW or took large breaks.

Meanwhile between 2018 and the advent of the Trading post… they just felt lazy/unmotivated.

Right now between the trading post and the upcoming tier sets, they seem to be trying to get to work again

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you must be so sad to gatekeep old content. anywayss.
yes, they should be obtainable and not just them everything from the past should be available via new challenges, that’s also a way to revive the dead zones of older expansions. they should invest more into timewalking and add challenges that can give us the locked rewards from the past because most of the people who obtained corrupted ashbringer(for example) don’t even play the game anymore. i think the titles and achievements should be the way of showing that you were there, not the cosmetics.

Yeah but T3 is still removed from the game, like multiple other things in the BMAH including the brutosaur, ZG mounts and so on…

Removed from the game most of the time excludes BMAH since it is not really a feasible way for people to obtain something (high gold cost and RNG factor).

But still obtainable…

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Trading post??? Wtf absolutely no.

Just add a score on Mage Tower. If you hit SS+ Score, there you go you can have your hidden artifact appearence skin. Being a person who played back then and took the hidden artifact for my druid and other classes, i dont want to be so easy to get for future people and it doesnt have to do with elitism. It is something unique for us who struggled to get it back then.

You have answered your own question:

It’s a different challenge.

And let’s be honest the rewards today are better.

I don’t have them, I didn’t play Legion.

But I remember the advertising trying to sell Legion which says “Earn these rewards before they go away for ever”.

So putting them back would fall under false advertisement.

Funnily enough I heard a streamer use a similar comparison.

Imagine you have a One of One Classic Car and you’re a member of a Car club. And you roll up to that Car club in that car. How good does that feel?

That’s still not a reason to bring back old rewards. There is more than enough left in the game, which just a few things put aside.

The rewards are implemented to encourage Participation in the current content.

So if I put all the hard work into earning the KSM mount. Which was a driving goal for me when I got into pushing M+ in SL S1. And then that mount was available 2 years later for half of the original challenge. What would be the point in pushing any goal in the game anymore? There wouldn’t be, might as well wait.

Instead we have a reason to participate and a game that I enjoy and I’m going to be playing anyway.

The value is nowhere near close. One will exist as long as one maintains it and the other will be gone as soon Blizzard pulls the plug. The car can also change owners, for a price.
That was not what I was talking about though. I said that the cars evolve and get better, but the gear design does not.

Sure thing. But I wish they tried harder when making “permanent” weapons and armor.

My point is that both are Hobbies.

Ofcourse. And it is something they actually.

It’s just that these rewards look better because they’re unique and not just recolours.