Absolute disaster of 10.1.5 demo rework

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Devs, you are on straight path to absolute demolish, ruin and make players abandon demo warlock in PvP. Congrats, one of very few caster specs which are working in shuffle games is about to get beheaded.

Shuffle games are already melee fiesta chimping any caster they can spot and its about to get 10 x worse.

You are not able to cast a single spell in regular arena game due to short cd interupts, stuns and all of that and due to fact that most of the shuffle players are melee - and you want make us hard cast shadowbolts into hard cast hand of guldans ?

Is this what became of this company ? Absolute garbage truck spitting out trash like this from time to time and call it pvp changes to keep pvp fresh? Because you are unable to release any pvp content?

Worst decision I seen since making ret paladins silverback chimp with AK47 back in 10.0.5

Rework your rework for pvp or demo is done


Very few caster specs ? You gotta be trolling here dude


Every caster is way more busted than any meele except for godtier rog.

Destro op as hell.
Sp becomes op w 4 set.
Boomy op as hell.
Mage is atleast s tier.
Ele is very very good 2.

So what did u smoke?

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pve spec gone from pvp? how is that bad? good riddance is what i say

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SP has to cast alot as well and is doing perfectly fine. Demo will stay at high tiers

Fantastic news. NPC simulator specs have no right to be good in PvP.

Enjoy learning a spec where you actually play your character yourself.


Didn’t you achieve 2.4 for a first time on demo after bring a hardstuck rival for 5 year hypocrite lil bozo? :skull:

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Demonology wasn’t an NPC simulator in Legion the same way it has been since BFA. You actually had to kill people yourself with big Thal’Keils Consumptions.

Of course, I wouldn’t expect a guy that’s played for years and has achieved…checks notes…1750 in 2v2 to know anything about that.

Funny thing is, I got to a rating you’ve never seen on Demonology AND Affliction as a ‘hardstuck rival’, rerolled to a different class, and then got higher than you’ve ever been or ever will be on a THIRD spec.

The envy and the rage you must feel :skull:

you are literally cringest player on these forums and the bar is set insanely high. Congrats


Ty and you’re still garbage at one of if not the easiest class in the entire game. Equally cringeworthy.

ofc you got to answer everything, does that make you feel more secure? Give you a feeling like you are ‘in control’ ? Making you feel you are winning your hardcore arguments on video game internet forum ?

Get a grip dude

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Nice rating tank from 1800 as Destro buddy. Another 500 rounds and you might get to rival II (which I got on the first day). No wonder you and lichborne are so obsessed with me :skull:

yeah dude we are obsessed. Anything that makes you happy i guess, window licker XD

Ofc you are. Imagine playing more solo shuffle rounds in 1 week on the best caster in the game than I have in my life and still being unbelievably worse :skull:

I’d be furious too dw.

yeah i see you are furious, also deeply tilted and insecure. gotta work on this man!

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Why dont you 2 go outside together and play with a ball or something


i dont wanna play with him, hes weird af XD

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I say thay because I think you 2 are acting like kids. Come on be a bit respectful to another. Try to have a decent argument instead of flaming eachother. Maybe if you’d give some tips and listen a topic could actually hold some value. Like this is just another thread going in the bin

Yah unfortunately Ftpete and Lichborne are huge fans of mine you see

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