Absolutely no point playing random Battlegrounds because every game is 99% premades now

Literally a 10 man premade in random BG from the guild Sitting AFK

Blizzard are trolls and want everybody to quit PVP


Yeah, current situation is out of control without a doubt. Random bgs are bunch of loser’s playground now.

Also these army of evils harass good players when they see someone as threat to themselves. Imagine, you do some random bgs for chilling and some sneaky losers target calling you continuously every single bg to make you unplayable.

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Or you have a party of them reporting you at the same time and all of a sudden you’re back in a city with a 15min debuff. GG Blizz


Funny thing is, I never see any of them in Blitz games. Simply because they know they are gonna get an absolute @sswhooping without all their custom selected specs to back them up. That is how confident they are in their own skills and abilities, that they dare not leave their pack for fear of humiliation in the form of losses to random nobodies. Gotta just ROFL at these weak af people :rofl:

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Seems they mostly do it to farm honour lvls… I looked up one of those premade leaders and basically had honour lvl 1200 but pretty much zero everything else… It’s just not funny anymore to queue for randoms as you’re only getting farmed. out of 10 randoms 8 of those are against the same frikkin premade wankers. On my ret it just sucks because barely win but on my disc it makes the game almost unplayable as im constant on focus and in perfect coordinated cc chains… Wich shouldn’t be the case in randoms imo as it just kills the entire pvp exp for new players or players that want to try out bg’s or maybe a new class in bg whatever. People just stop playing if they’re only getting farmed by sad cringelords at an obvious disandvantage. It also results in the randoms on one side gearing much faster than the randoms on the other side resulting in an even more one sided pile of garbage. I mean we are at the point where at the start of an epic bg players see the name of horde premade leader and half the group insta leaves…and the other half starts to pvp in chat against eachother lol…

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This is one of the biggest downfalls to all the premades, it’s almost impossible for any new player or just a player learning a new spec, to actually get a chance to learn it cos they’re too busy being wiped out by the cringe army.

The constant ‘well just go play Blitz then’ thing does absolutely nothing for new players either as you’re generally expected to have gear and have half a clue what you’re doing in those games. Randoms should always be where the new players have a chance of learning and a chance to actually think PVP is worth bothering with.

But still we get all these pretend pro players who can somehow muster up a team to get enough ratings to obtain gear but then somehow can’t muster up a team to continue playing rated, all so they can get easy kills, easy wins, easy honour versus players they know can’t really fight back, pure cringe.


Good point. I am trying to focus blitz more because of this, but its fancy mechanics and fast-paced game style make me feel overwhelmed after few games so i return to random bgs involuntarily. I hope it switches to rated mode soon, so i feel more motivated to play it.

Can’t happen to you when you pay attention. Larkus’ premade always spam reports me the second I get out of combat. Make sure you get into combat before 2 min are over and you are fine.

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Could be but the weird part was that I made a comment in chat against the premade leader and next thing im in SW lol felt a lot faster than 2mins…

End of the season and rat kids without much to do, it is a perfect combination for those who make premades.

As I said in a different thread:


But still, these pricks are not only abusing the queue system but the report system as well. So yeah, how about this crap gets removed?


Sure, I’ve said many times I would like to abolish queue syncing. 5 players max should mean at most 5 players, not 20. This would be the end of groups who do this, such as Larkus’.

The situation in 10 / 15 random bgs is not as bad as many here claim though.

The 10-15 randoms have always had premades in them but you’re not running into them as often. Every once in a while Ill be up against a russian farm group but these epic bg’s are like from 8 in the morning they start premades and goes on the entire fkn day havent had a single epic bg today that wasnt a zado fkn premade.

I wouldn’t mind if I encounter them occasionally, but these last days it has been premade after premade, zado, the alfredo guy etc…


I mean it gotten worse, i need to leave like 80% of bgs atm becouse only premades.

Atleast i can swap char and try my luck for next bg and hope no premade.

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Had the day off figured spam some epics for fun. only zado premades for hours in a row now. I’m done. Getting harder and harder to justify paying monthly sub for this garbage when blizzard obv doesn’t care at all about their players. I hate arenas couldn’t care less about them 'but I love battlegrounds and I love epic bg’s but this is pure garbage atm. Would love to do more rated bg’s on ret palli or maybe disc even, but very rarely I find a group that wants to form a steady climbing team. most just want to pug and don’t even use voice… Wich usually results in waiting over an hour to fill up group only to have everyone leave after loss lol.
I just got back to WoW halfway last season so maybe I’m missing out on some ways to find groups faster I dunno I tried the community stuff but most just lf arenas or im the only one on xD


Yea i got vs zadoo today alot i just leave and swap char, but it’s what blizz wants sit in que morning 20 que for epic bg just to leave instant or get facerolled vs premade, nothing here.

I mean i wish blizz did take action but instead they sleeping and letting sub drop.


Premades are frequent on both sides. And that means the chances of you running into premades are the same as when you get a premade on your own team. If premades exist or not the average pleb player will still have the same win ratio.

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Randoms is pretty much all I do. Almost all day I’m up against the same horde premade leaders. In the period of the last few weeks that im up against those same people I have ended up in a premade on my side a grand total of 4 times. and off those 4 times only one was succesfull as it’s not a fully synced group but mostly just a small group spamming /rw. Thats Epic bg’s. For normal randoms I agree that chances are more equal. And no, if a group of people are farming epic bg’s literally every day for almost the entire day then the average pleb player will not have the same win ratio… I’m playing on a disc thats only a few weeks old and i geared full conquest in a day by sending the account boxes from paladin to priest and my win ratio in epics is pretty much non existent… It also means no quests no achievements anymore. It will also mean that eventually the average pleb player will stop joining. Game needs average players, thats how all great players started…

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