Access to Metamorphosis and other fraudulent advertising strategies

I’ll try to keep it short. As many other players, I found in SoD an opportunity to have (or so I thought) a fresh WoW experience. I like tanking, I like warlock, so a warlock tank looked perfect. After watching blizzcon announcements and interviews with team members, I was hyped.
And then it released.
I scoured Elwyn for the rune, and when I was level 10, though I still didn’t have Meta, I had the other tank rune (I forgot the name), so I was still excited, thinking surely soon I’d get it.
Westfall had no sign of it though I did look it from top to bottom. Now I’m level 20 (could be tanking Deadmines) and it’s still nowhere to be found. Like, anywhere.
So once I reached 20 I spent the whole day looking for clues, scouring every appropriate level zone (and going through some zones above the level cap) to try to get it. There were some clues about Darkshore and Redridge, got both items, but nowhere to go to to procees from there. I have literally run through every single friendly warlock in the game that I can access at this level, and none has anything to say about these items that I got. No drops from mobs, no glinting objects to interact with to make the process go forward. I spent more time at this level than almost the whole 19 levela that came before it, and definitely more time just walking around.
Info on other important runes (like Divine Storm, which seems to have a similar path to a warlock rune), says that you’ll only be able to access them at high-max level, and that is, honestly, both demotivating and infuriating.
Why advertise a tank warlock when you can’t tank until level 25? There are people killing lvl 29-30 mobs to get runes, and something as game-changing as a rune that allows warlocks to tank should most definitely not be at that level. All the levelling goes to waste while being, still, a dps warlock. The fresh experience is turning out to be old, boring and repetitive. And no Haunt or Chaos Bolt can make up for that fact.


even tho i am not a warlock i am sure its probably meant to be found between lvl 10-20 around those range of lvl zones aswell. it just has not been discovered yet. maybe people are looking too hard they overlook things. for example i still have to check normal classic but for me as a mage on season of discovery there is a new empty bookshelf in the mage tower in SW wich i could swore is not there in vanilla or normal classic

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Even if that is the case, I think it’s done terribly wrong, since it’s a key rune for the whole concept of a tank warlock. (and afaik, the tank rogue rune hasn’t been found yet either, making rogue still unviable as tank).
I would 1M% prefer having the Chaos Bolt rune to be that extremely evasive rune that you have to find in the details, rather than a rune that is the entire core of a “spec”. And considering Warlock had no previous roles other than dps, not having the one thing that allows us to fill a different role makes us the same thing we were before this SoD.


To some people wow is literally a way of life and it has nothing to do with one being nolifer.

To some people gaming is a job,to some passion,to some hobby,to some one of many games they enter daily to kill few minutes of their time.

Also there are people with disability,who cant do nothing else.

Your reply said everything one needs to know about you,and conclusion is saddening.

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Hmm ok, so you are saying.
Something is about to happen 100% in the near future but I will decide to be angry and mad about it till it happens because I can.
Your argument is dumb and is not even an argument.


Astonishing post. “Fraudulent advertising” seriously.

Three days and the game isn’t solved yet, and you see this as a bad thing why?

Would you have preferred it to be “Two hours of discovery”? Why does everything have to be now? Why can you not cope with waiting and being part of the discovery-surely that’s the whole point.


Warlock here playing only SoD for meta. Feels like terrible marketing. I can’t understand why they did communicate so much on something they do not want players to access and later than lvl 15 (after the first dungeons).

Meta seem aldready established (war / paladins / feral) and locks did not get the chance to tank / learn the spec while leveling or take a place in the meta.

Also the lvl 29-30 mobs thing is total BS when the cap is at 25


The issue is that Warlock shouldn’t have to wait 2 days while Shaman gets their tanking rune by lvl 13. It’s just bad design to not give Warlock the new role they were promised while everyone else gets it.

Secrets and discovery are cool. But they locked an entire role behind that rune. They could’ve hidden Chaos Bolt instead.


With that we could just have got the runes right?

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You just posted without reading. If you had indeed read, you would have noticed my issue is not with runes not being available easily, it’s with one specific rune. Like I said, if this was Chaos Bolt or any dps spell, for that matter, I would not be posting here. It’s the fact that it is one specific rune than unlocks access to one specific role, all by itself.
Imagine any class that could never fill a certain role for all of WoW history, and then one rune in SoD would allow that class to do so, but then you can’t do it before max level.
LSS: it’s not because of a rune. It’s because of this specific one.

As of right now, not a single warlock has found that rune.

In fact, it’s the only rune nobody has found yet.

Some of those, like the rogue tank rune, are gated behind 5 gold and grinding lv.28 elite dark iron dwarves in wetlands for hours.

Meta is about being demon. I suggest checking Ashenvale, top right and bottom right if I remember correctly have demons with some cool stuff, maybe it’s related with that.

Oh no I have to work for something and unlock it :slight_smile:


Its just bad that horde have to travel to ally areas to get incinerate and metamorphosis
where as ally come across them naturally leveling
total BS

There are two tank runes. Gated behind this type of content. The one is the enabling rune (5g after reputation grind) and the other one is just another addition to the tank spec. (Needs high lvl elites and 1time use ingi items)

While thats all totally fine, I understand him and think the same.
I picked the rogue to tank the low inis, that always lack of tanks and heals… Would have been nice to tank.

Maybe how about you git gud and stop demanding that everything will be given to you on a silver platter for free? If you want that you can go to retail and get your participation award. Runes should require effort, and coolest runes demand even more effort which makes perfect sense.
Blizz shouldn’t have given out any runes on first levels because then people like op will think they need to get everything with no reward.


Well , go check wowhead it says how to get it.
However from what i saw it has some things to be done , it’s simple but time consuming.
And you have to do dungeons as well, so better get your friends help you.
Also warcrafttavern states you need level 25 to get the quest.

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Hey i feel the same way.
Made a warlock mostly for the reason to tank, I played a lot.
Now im pretty much full pre-raid BIS, spammed all the dungeons numerous times but still cant tank.
At this point there is no reason for me to go through the ordeal to get the rune anymore as i have already finished 90% of the content.

i remember they said something along the lines of “there will be no tank shortage because we gave so many classes the ability to tank”
Meanwhile everyone just spaming “LF TANK LAST SPOT” and lost of people who want to tank got baited.


Fantastic reply right there and bang on the nose, however if you cannot find the rune yet could always just lvl another aid chara til it’s discovered :wink: that way you might even see it in general chat hop on over to your lock and go get it.

Even though sod is new you can bet your bottom dollar ppl will be making alts :grinning:.

Yes as you say Gethix. There are those to who the game is indeed life and death,hobbies and what not but absolutly nobody should be told go away and do stuff irl for a few days til ppl find it.

By all accounts the original poster for the thread has actually been online working their assets off to find it, that says to me they’re passionate enough about their class enough to at least try for the new role.

As for me I given up cos I cba with a “new” wow rn I’ve too much going on with wrath and swtor, cudos to anyone who stays the course ill come back at some point but for now I’m done.

Sums up my opinion about these whining babies.

Why do you have to level up to get talent points, waaaah i want my talent tree filled from level 1.

Why do i need to be level 20 for cat form, i want it at level 1 waaaaaaaaaaaah.

Why do i need to play the game to unlock things, waaaaah.

waaah i want to buy a boost.

I don’t want to discover things waaah i want it NOW

(And Metamorphosis has now been found, go earn it you slob)