Access to Metamorphosis and other fraudulent advertising strategies

Using waaah waah truly brings out the argumentative side of anything you say…


Tbh one problem that i have come to realize is that Bliz shouldn’t have revealed any runes or information about them as it leads to people creating their own expectations and then being let down instead of being over the moon when suddenly they have a rune they never heard about.

Let’s be honest here, the argument that you need time to “learn” the spec holds no water, this is classic wow at level 25. this isn’t chess, this isn’t even checkers, this is tic-tac-toe in terms of complexity.

I can’t agree enough here!
Role defining runes should at least be attained solo or maybe a dungeon at the most. Constructing raid groups to get it is just down right silly imho. It’s great to explore and I’ve been doing so with a new friend that I’ve met and we are having so much fun leveling up, though we have a few chrs now from 10-15. I love tanking and warlocks to and learning that I won’t be doing that without a large army behind me is a little sad tbh. They suggested it was geared towards fun and I can’t think of anything less fun than being ability blocked by Blizzard. Sure, make things had to get through tough content or intelligence but level 30+ mobs when you can only get to 25 is just down right silly and only supports larger groups and alienates self supporting small communities. I wanted to be my small groups tank in dungeons but it looks like we will have to wait for the next phase now and miss the lower dungeons (unless I roll a different tank, which avoids what I was looking forward to).

I can keep it short for you.

Waaah, I have to work to get something.


There’s a difference between get everything with no effort, and locking the core sales pitch/the entire role of a class behind doing, 3 max level quest chains and the raid.

It was a terrible terrible choice, it would have been better for them to not mention warlock tank, but they did it to hype up the game and get a massive uptick in subs at the cost of the longevity of the game… O wait that’s what they’ve been doing for the past 10 years, how were we surprised by this.

Warlock metamorph should have been the level 2 free rune, but then make it runes to change the other spells into melee abilities for said tank spec and hide them around the world that way the actual core of the class is there and you have the discovery aspect for the perks, what they did would be the equivalent of selling you a car that “upgrades your driving experience as you drive” Then making it so the steering and brakes just dont work at all until you’ve done 100k miles in it.


I understand you’d want to be able to tank RFC and Deadmines when it’s still at your level range. But level 25 isn’t the final max level. They could have withheld the rune all the way to the level 40 band. Instead, it is accessible after about a weekend’s worth of gameplay.

For what it’s worth, Metamorphosis was introduced in Warcraft III as the Demon Hunter’s ultimate ability. You had to level your hero up to 60% of the maximum level before being able to use it. Lorewise it is a very rare and powerful ability. Now you’re getting it at 25 instead of at 60.

Besides, Shaman may be an unfair comparison as they have always traditionally been semi-viable tanks, having a shield and mail armor, as well as talents from level 10 that assist in tanking.

I wouldn’t be against making it accessible at say level 15, but I’m not sure it’s worth beign this dour about.

It sounds like you’re most of the way there to unlocking the ability. Just press on, unlock it and go have fun with tanking runs in SFK and BFD.

If I advertised to you a brand new type of burger, then when you turned up and paid I gave you a bland run of the mill Mc Donalds cheese burger and told you, yeah you only get to get the brand new burger after coming here everyday for a week, you’d probably be rather annoyed at the way it was sold to you. There’s is nothing technically wrong or illegal with what blizz did it, then again neither is farting in a lift, you just don’t do it.


There are runes they’ve done that for. They also had the good grace to not advertise their season based on them or preview them already.

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Did they say you could get it without doing raids? No. Your example is nowhere near the same.

Most of the good things in most versions of the game are locked behind raids.

Except for Howling Blast, lol. Where are my dark Paladins at?

Agreed, would have been better to hide info from runes as a whole completely. Would have gotten less people likely but for sure less disappointed people. Plus side is if there are less people then there would have been a smoother launch :+1: also maybe more retention since there is less people angry (speculation).

Excuse me what?

No game is a job. Content creator can be classed as a job or streamer at a stretch. But gaming? Nah. You’ve got a faulty view on how life works, if you see gaming as a job.

Yea something as cool and unique as warlock tank deserves a lot of effort to be put into. Not “haha I killed a level 1 mob now I’m a tank!” No, you are wrong and you should feel bad about that.
Retail is this way, there you can play what you want at level 1

You are probably the densest person posting here, only shaman and warlock got a rune behind raid content. No other class need a raid to get their rune.

They did advertise warlock tank, same as shaman and rog. They also advertised mage as healer. The only difference is that they can get to these runes without the aid of a raid.

I bet you play a hunter and got your gamebreaking rune for free at level 2 and are now angry at everyone else because it got fixed.


Main selling point of SoD for me personally was being able to tank with the warlock. I was at first truly anticipating that most certainly a qeust chain for it to be provided at lvl 10, just before our first dungeon RFC, to then move on to tanking WC and finally SFK. But instead we get to skip this entire experience. No problem, there is always next phase for that I guess.
But i do think it could have been handled better. This reminds me alot of back in 2005 where so many warriors did not even have defensive stance even until lvl 60… and i don’t mean some of them, but almost ALL of them when the game was quite new, with the influx of so many ‘‘noobs’’, myself included. And that qeust chain came straight from the class trainer, go figure. This specific warlock tanking spec has much more secrecy behind it…
They could have chosen any other rune for that, but i have this feeling, to maximise subscriptions for phase 2, they purposefully limited a role defining playstyle, something that was knowingly advertised.
As Dayul said, technically Blizzard did nothing wrong or illegal, but most certainly could have been handled better, since for many of us this specific advertised role defining tank playstyle was the main selling point for SoD.

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Using elitism as an argument doesn’t work since Retail is NOT more accesible if thats what you think. Classic is much more accesible and casual friendly, and thats precisely why many felt dissapointed that we had not the chance to tank the first few dungeons such as RFC, WC and SFK within their levels.

Loved the idea of classic+ like they did with oldschool runescape but SoD has been a letdown so far, the rune system is a chore rather than adding fun for me.

I’m hoping they plan to add changes to the game to make it less of a slog and not just throw us a few abilities and call it a different experience, so far it’s slow running simulator.

I think the later runes will be behind a raid for other classes, we got ours first.

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I don’t think so. The backlash on the meta rune is pretty big. Some players are quitting over this.

But if they want the same focus for Classic as they have in retail (aka content rewards for the top sweaters) this is the way to go. But pop will go down a lot. That was maybe the reason why they have so few servers. They do not want pvpers / soloers / casuals to get SoD content. Fair enough. But then they should advertise this as Retail - rather than Classic+

They baited the classic dads but wanted the 1%ers.

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