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I’m having the same issues, opened a ticket and got the same reply.
I’ve tried to wait 12 hours but it didn’t work for me so i submitted a bug report. I’m a relatively a new player and i wouldn’t know how to cheat the game even if i wanted to… very frustrating :frowning:

Edit: New official response dropped see post below; Account restricted - #17 by Yryadorne

I would also say delete your cache folder, just in case.

Many people across SOD/Era/HC are being effected by being unable to trade, mail or use the auction house. When attempting to do so they are receiving the error ‘This action is currently restricted’.

Tickets are receiving varied results:

From being told it is the users fault for breaking TOS:

To being told that this is an error and logging out for 12 hours should fix it:

To being told that this is a new system and we should be able to do these things after 30 days of gametime.

Personally I have tried logging out for over 12 hours, along with clearing Interface/WTF/Cache folders to no avail. At this time I (and many others) have submitted bug reports with no official update from Blizzard (aside from the multiple different responses) . Please can we get some insight as to what is happening as currently we’re being told multiple things with no sign of resolution.

For those of you that are still experiencing this issue, please continue to raise bug reports by using the ‘?’ in game and submitting a bug report, along with commenting on this thread so that it can be highlighted to Blizz.

Thank you

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I have a similar problem. 3 days.
The answers of the support service are upsetting. It’s like we have to figure out the solution to the problem ourselves…

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Hey all, and sorry for the confusion.

We currently have a restriction on new accounts playing Season of Discovery, similar to the purchase of WoW tokens.

This means that if this is your first time adding game time on your WoW account (and if the game time was added recently), you will not be able to trade with other players, use the auction house or in-game mails.

Once this period of 30 days has ended, the restrictions will be lifted automatically. If you’re still seeing restrictions after that however, you will need to log out of your account for at least 12 hours.

Hope this clear things up. :pray:

Edit: Thank you to the players who reported seeing the restrictions after following the above instructions. This has been forwarded to our developers.


Hey Yryadorne,

do you mean you just put the restrictions up since I was able to trade with others and the AH just a few days ago. I started playing WoW 2 weeks ago. It is my first time ever playing this game and I am so frustrated about the current situation. Neither I do understand how a billion dollar game cant manage to fix things neither answer to support tickets normally… How is this a thing in 2024?


im paid account 2 weeks ago, I could trade without problems, and after an overnight restart in the morning everything broke


24 Feb 2024 World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month|€12.99 Complete Order #EU744906057
28 Mar 2024 World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month €12.99 Complete Order #EU752109775
I am a new account?? 30+ days playing with AH, trade, mail and suddenly all restricted.
I’m not going to renew


How do you you want people to enjoy playing MMORPG WITHOUT social interactions? Are you kidding?


So it’s 25 euro to be able to buy bags from AH on a new account?


and this will not help you, my account was paid for 7 days ago :slight_smile:

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You paid for 1 month sub, now you have to play that sub ( without trading / mailing / AH ) then buy another sub to be allowed to use those functions ( hence 25 euro to use MMORPG features )


I can understand the WoW Token thing but restricting accounts that have been paid for to unlock all features is not on. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Imagine buying game time for full price to get demo version of the game to then pay another month of game time for full price to finally play the game!


I’ve got 2 months sub already and still restricted. Not my first month. I’ve been waiting in logout for 20+h and still my actions restricted. What to do next? Maybe blizz fix it asap?


wait 30 days, if it dosent work send a bug report

Actually isnt it against the law? You bought the game, and only after purchasing and playing for few days you now can’t do any economy which is obviously big part of the game for a full month


Its clear that the people making these decisions/breaking such fundamental parts of the game are so out of touch with the game…(or dont have new joining friends they want to play with or dont even play at all) that this is bound to backfire… Time to grab some tea and enjoy the clown fiesta unfold!


Looks like a perfect move to stop involving new players into the game, nicely done :rofl: