Achievements no longer respect players time

I have been big achievement hunter pretty much until MoP and even after that i was still doing them when i though its worth of my time. But overtime i as Blizz added more and more achievements for even most stupidest objectives lot of achievements simply stoped respecting players time.

As example i was in Drustvar and there is achievement Better, Faster, Stronger where you have to obtain 4 buffs from bottles what are all compeltly random last only 5 minutes and some bottles can even debuff you instead of giving you buff. So i was like ok lets see whats up with that and after 45 minutes flying around trying to get proper 4 buff combo i gived up. And i look at other achievements and huge amounth of them are desinged same way where you are completly depended on rng. Now it would be fine if there would be some greater reward but as nothing but common 10 points achievement this is completly unacceptable to have this kind of achievemnts what rewards absolutly nothing and are soo time consuming and completly rng depended.

In past it wasnt such problem becouse achievements were new and there wasnt many of them but after more than 15y there is just too many of them and you cant simply afford such waste of time for 1 single achievement.

Would be really nice if Bllizard could stop making so many pointless achievements and only give us meaingfull ones or atlest do not desing them around rng. Game have so much content so many activies and spent 45 minutes on single achievement and not even get it becouse of bad rng is no go for me.

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Actually that achievement is quite very easy to do. You just need to go on wowhead, search in comments the coordinates for each plant, copy them in the Paste addon (also you need TomTom addon) and it will show you all the exact location. By using these two addons, you can complete it in less than 5 min.
The only issue with it, is that the best time to do it is at night-morning time ( let’s say between 03:00 AM and 10:00 AM), because if you try to do it during regular play times (afternoon-evening), you might have competition (other players trying to do it) and those plants have 5-10 min respawn cd.

The game evolved. In the past, the Ragnaros kill took 150+ days. Nowadays it took 40 min after raid release. What i mean with this that is that the past difficulties, back then where too hard to achieve, but nowadays they are too easy…so they needed to add some sort of difficulty.
So obviously with evolving the game, they needed to add more content and difficulty and rng is one of the best ways to increase difficulty.
Beside that, it’s called “achievement” for a reason: you do a task that is hard or annoying, to get it. Get it? :slight_smile:

Wait till you get start doing Khan and similar achivement like that.

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