Actions Taken Against Unfair Gameplay

Alliance finally winning more AVs and still Alliance player finds a way to make these useless cr*p posts :roll_eyes:

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Finally I hope you really do something about it. I not pay 13 Euro a month to compete with bots.

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good. now make these sort of banwaves monthly or even weekly occurrence.
hell, i might even start pvping again if you can manage to punish the honor farmer bots.
and while you are at it, ban the gold farm bots too, i come across at least one of these at least once every 1-2 days. on my server righteous orbs have plummeted in price down to 15 gold (down from 24+ gold) all because there are a group of bots farming the place day in and day out. you’d think the orbs would go up in price with the new weapons coming along with BWL, but its the opposite.


Here come another bunch of topics “I’ve been banned for no reason”


No one says it is botting. But a single person controlling 5 avies the same time (using 3rd party software to do so), does give an unfair advantage compared o someone who does not.

Not that something will be done against it, because it nets 5 x account payment. But ignoring that its a form of cheating is just being ignorant or stubborn the least.


You need to look on precedents when reading rules and laws.

nice to see that every botter is STILL active on my server even after 100+ reports

It won’t get touched since it’s stemmed from pure business point

Actions speaks out loud, its really horrific when you just remember that they released the token in China.


The reporting system have the complete inability not be reliable for positive use but only as an abusive method of disconnecting players with enough fast successive reports (doesn’t even matter if they are the same category).

Having human being behind the system to correct its automized behavior is a must but hey they sacked 800 people.

nothing about multiboxing is automated, so no.

When are you going to ban strat bots?

Righteous orb going down to 15g, ffs

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lol, we was complaining about china farmers at pservers but atleast they didnt farm strat for orbs or multibox farm all maps…

ACTIONS TAKEN AGAINST UNFAIR GAMEPLAY . what about multi boxers in winterspring ruin the whole eko farm ? and they ruin the market with it.!
and a whole area is unplayable !

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Although I appreciate how Blizz is trying to keep AV somewhat clear/clean of AFK(bots) I’d much more prefer to see the groupingfunctionality in AV be reverted to what it actually was during vanilla.

That meaning that you had to form your own group/raid for the AV (people used “auto-invite”-addons most of the time though).

Non-contributing players were just weeded out/kicked from the raid and gained close to 0 honor. Hence the incentive to AFK in BGs were non-existant.

Who farms Orbs in 2020 anyway.

Gold sellers, obviously. As a result noone else have to.

You quote a line, but only to pick a single part of that quote to make your point, while it obviously state three things. One is indeed automating. The other is activities that give unfair advantage, and the other exploting bugs.

While multiboxing is not exploiting or automating, it does give you an unfair advantage. But since “unfair” is relative, Blizard can ignore that and get the extra income from multibot accounts without having to act on them.


“We have drawn a line. You’re talking about automated behavior. Multiboxing is not automated. There is no automation. There is no great advantage, there is no illicit behavior, there is no overwhelming benefit, there is no automation.”

Belfaire, Blizzard Poster

Yeah, like I said, Blizard can ignore it due to “unfair” being relative so they can keep cashing from those multibox accounts.

Saying a multiboxer has no overwhelming benefit, that’s being ignorant.